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Win money at online casino

Can you win money at an online casino? This is probably a question that many ask themselves, who plan to play at an online casino. It must be said clearly: Yes, you can win at online play money, yet you have to be aware that the casino does not guarantee that money away & the house edge is always at the bank. About this fact must simply be clear once. But that does not mean you can win money through online games. The proper play behavior & a comprehensive knowledge of the rules & strategies contribute significantly to winning in online casino money. Dominate your game! Would you like the online play win money, it succeeds in most cases not at first. Sure, there are moreover lucky to crack after the first five minutes in a huge jackpot at the casino online slot, yet it is rather the exception. Do you want to really try to win money while playing, you should closely look into your game. This includes the study of the rules & the various strategies, including the Game. Have you read anything, you should moreover not obtain started right then. Play free online casino first. Even this is in most cases. Then play for play money. Then have the first experience gained, it can go off. Play for fun! Online games = win money – that sounds like a tremendous rule. Unfortunately, this is so in most cases, no. Although the casinos have different games or the specific payment rates, yet that does not last long, so the payout schedule, for example, an online slots, just hits you. Therefore, you should understand that you play for fun! You play because you prepare the game fun, because you like it, with other players or the dealer to come in contact. They love the thrill & joy of an unexpected profit. These feelings are what should prevail. Notice frustration when playing, because the online play of the desired profits have not yet been set, or you often lose, you should stop! They play for pleasant & not because you want to experience frustration. Divide your money into! Who wants to win at online play money, should first make sure that he played in as little money as possible loses. This is done by setting a fixed budget is that you do not exceed. Decide on how much money you want to donate in, you break this amount down to months, days & hours & you have a fixed amount you may lose an hour without you right heart bleeds or your existence jeopardize. Play online & win money is required only when you have money available, you can use the. If you notice that your money is not enough & you always exceed your budget, you probably should obtain help. For themselves no longer able to Discipline can be dangerous, this is true for alcohol as well as for the gambling.

209 Responses to Win money at online casino

  • Moore, Ron says:

    I really like the game casino war. I think I am going to try to play online. I found rushmore casino but wasn’t sure how safe it was and if they will always send you your money. has anybody ever played at that online casino? have you played online casino war as well?

  • Arminator says:

    Hi I am looking for a online casino who offers a starting bonus without deposit .I would appreciate any help.

  • Matthew S says:

    I’m looking for an online casino where I can play Casino War that I might recognize and doesn’t take over a month for a cash out. Initial deposit bonuses are a plus.

  • Bryan J says:

    Can I get banned from an online casino if I keep winning using different strategies? I did not see anywhere in the agreement that is is not legal to use strategies when betting.

  • toast says:

    Hello there,

    I have been playing on online casinos for the past two weeks and have had mixed results. I am in profit but nowhere near where I would have liked to have been.

    Does anyone have any ways to win on the casinos or any tips. I use 888 casino as that is the best!! 😉

    Looking forward to your replies.

  • Hayden says:

    I know you all are supposed to have civil rights and such, but if we can’t tax and regulate online casino gambling AND if the religious right people I need to win the Iowa Caucus in 2008 request it, then your S.O.L.! Sorry Charlie!

  • Benihana says:

    How much is the maximum money a person can win from online casinos?is it possible to win more than 50,000 USD a month/day?not from slots machine…anyone knows?please answer me…and what casino website is the best and safest?

  • Hayden says:

    Can anyone recommend a system website that offers legit ways to make cash with online casinos?

  • Arminator says:

    Exist very much online casinos with “bonus after first deposit” I DON’T WANT IT! I have start with any money ($1 or $2 or $100…)

    The “Rome Casino” (online) is one. Do you know others?

    THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a nice day!

  • zaclo says:

    I was wondering what online poker sites will give me free money to start, and if I need to give them a credit card right off the bat?

    I really want to go online and play poker, but I want to know the best site to win money without having to really put any money up.

  • xiM Clutch says:

    I do not own a visa or master card so I asked someone if I could use there card to put 200$ on my online casino account and pay them 200$ cash. The only thing is if I win and want to withdraw can I set up an account and get the winnings transferred to my account? Or would it automatically be sent to the original card?

  • xiM Clutch says:

    im looking for some advise on some good online casinos open to the USA. I uses to play on a couple a while back but they no longer accept my bets. any suggestions?

  • heavenly sword says:

    I have just lost some money on the casino. I know its bad and the odds are really stacked against me but I keep depositing money and winning some, losing some and then losing some more.

    I was wondering whether if there are an applications that just blocks casino software. There are only a few major vendors of casino software so I can’t imagine that it would be too hard to make one.

  • whites are not the only racists says:

    I am going to Las Vegas in a few weeks and I am a beginner at the table games. I want to try out craps after playing the free online casinos. Where are the best places for a beginner to go that has good odds and cheaper minimum bets? I prefer to go to places on the Strip or downtown.


  • MentallyCryppled says:

    I just wonder, in online casinos there would be a lot of strategies you could use to guarantee profits or “winnings”. For example in the rulette game, betting only on red and black, dubbeling your money everytime you loose, would make you a steady 98% success rate and is guaranteed to work.

    Are these strategies illegal to use, for example in an online casino? in such case, would it be detected? and then of course, would it be considered as cheating?

  • Ray D says:

    I have read that playing online is the correct place to start. I have only read books, watched poker on tv but have not played.

  • Scorch Delta-62 says:

    Is there a website where i could win money by winning the game? NO SCAMS OR GAMEVANCE. Or a website that says you have a CHANCE to win.

  • Tyler H says:

    How do I play online casino for real money in USA. How do I withdraw cash if I win? A list of reliable Casinos from personal experience would be appreciated from US players who have played and won. NO Affiliate Links please !!!!
    Don’t tell me not to gamble !!

  • Larry R says:

    so ive been to Atlanitc city a lot n been there with my frineds playin roulette but ive never played it there. only online n i have a way to win money so i wanna do it for real. so like, when i go there, where/how do i get chips? i know how to cash them in. n can i just quit whenever i want?

  • slipknot0129 says:

    Im thinking about getting into online casinos, But there are literally hundreds of them.
    Can anyone recommend just a few legit and good sites.

    Oh, Aside from the obvious addiction of online gambling that a lot of people face, Are there any serous factors to consider before dumping money into this.

    Thanks for your time.

  • D3ZZY says:

    I’m wondering if anyone out there knows of an online casino where the roulette wheel is a European roulette wheel (single zero) with a one dollar starting bet minimum and a table limit of at least $100.
    In response to one of the answers…all I can do is sigh. No, not the martingale system. That system is mathematically certain to fail. The best you can do on a roulette table is even the odds and that’s the very best and it’s very difficult to do. This is for fun and recreation, not making my fortune.

  • Denali says:

    I know that you cannot win at online or regular casino using martingale system if you try to use big money. Also real life casinos its deadly to use this system. But as far as I know online casinos let you win the first 5 to 10 minutes you play. Then you start loosing as hell!!!! Could you use those couple of minutes to win small amounts from 10 to 20 dollars a day, and stop at that time? Because that’s where most people loose when they go for the long play and big money.

  • The Beatles says:

    I played at online casino and realized the games are rigged because as long as the bets are small, about $5, there are chances of winning sometimes, about 50 percent, but when bets are big, more than $50 the chances of losing increase dramatically, up to 90 percent. Of course, the casino will never admit this and claim fairness. If someone helps me recover my money I could share a percentage of the recovered money. I live in Mexico.

  • Bryant B says:

    Someone asked earlier and got a reply, why would you want that? Because that’s the only way you’ll know you’re not being cheated. If you start to win at an online casino suddenly every turn of the card or roll of the dice goes against you.
    Please give an actual web site of the casino not just some casino review site–you can’t find them on there. A real casino link(s) please.

  • heavenly sword says:

    How much do you know about online casinos? gambling?

    How does that effect on teenage students gambler?

    Do you agree that online poker playing is a serious problem? why or why not?

    Do colleges have any responsiblity to address students gambling? if so, what actions might they take?

    Do you agree that online casinos should take more responsiblity for screening users? why or why not?

  • Hannah says:

    I have been playing on online casinos for nearly a year now and quite a majority of well known ones. I seem to win on my first deposit on average £80.00 from each one after my first win on my forst deposit with these online casinos i never win and it seems too be that i am just paying back my winnings with each deposit i put in. I’m just wondering if this is the risk these companies take to lure people into gambling.

  • Roar me R says:

    I have noticed a lot of online casinos are offering some tempting free play offers. Is it best to try as many diffrent games as you can during the free play countdown (like they suggest) or will I be better sticking to one game.

  • floydian8717 says:

    I know that the software looks the same, but are the odds the same? I won $73k in a fun money account at an online casino. Is the probability of winning the same amount in a real money account at the same online casino identical?

  • thexbox360player says:

    So, awhile ago, i went to casino Niagara, and i know at some tables you can bet on the people that are playing blackjack to win money, instead of actually playing the game, anyone know where i can find this information?

  • Elijah luv says:

    can they cheat you or you actually can win good amount of money?and what the best websites?

  • Bryant B says:

    I use to play casino on net until it was removed from the US. Thanks for your answers.

  • Sonny says:

    Hi. I need to know the various ways through which i can make money online. I wrote some stories and essays as e books. Is there any website to which i can give it and get money credited in my paypal account. Please i don’t want any ptc or survey refferal links…

  • Elijah luv says:

    Is it possible to make money from online casino? I would like to see real working scheme, not bet doubling bullshit.

  • ericmreitz says:

    i have won 20K in the last week playing an online casino/sportsbook. I have been withdrawling the money money thousands at a time. could you get in trouble for winning toomuch money online and can the feds sieze yur funds??
    how would they know where the money came from?? DEUTSCHE BANK TRUST CO AMERICA is wiring it to my chase account.


    Im 18 and want to start playing a little poker online nothing big but how much could i win before i have to pay taxes? or any money i win taxable?

  • Keaton says:

    I want to start playing in an online casino and im underage so i want to go unnoticed how do i do this?
    some people say if i win to much money they will investigate me. and that i should keep my bets to a minimal amount.
    SO how much is too much money to win?
    how little should my bets be?
    and whats the maximum amount i should win per day???

  • _marky_mark_ says:

    A lot of the online casinos are offering diffrent amouints of free play as the site below suggests and I was just wondering if anyone out there has actually managed to win money from them without actually paying to play or is there some catch?

  • thexbox360player says:

    Is there any non download free poker website that you don’t need to pay and you win money.

  • Jon P says:

    I don’t want to play a bunch of lame games. I want to play some realistic casino games online and win some cash!

  • Disrae says:

    Online casinos offer free stuff for new players, right? I mean, how could I like, trust them, if I can’t try them out first?

  • Courtney says:

    I have been playing online casino for a long time, but I never really got the hang of crap. All my friends play this and they enjoy a lot too. I am not at all confident and that is why I want to know how I can play crap with more confidence.

  • Sir fliesalot says:

    How do I play online casino for real money in USA. How do I withdraw cash if I win? A list of reliable Casinos from personal experience would be appreciated from US players who have played and won

  • skychi99 says:

    I am going to win some money online today, and I’m looking for an online casino with quick payouts of winnings! I guess the games should be fair as well.

  • kamikami says:

    I’ve heard it’s the Money Wheel. You know, the one that Rainman plays… I’ve also heard that Sic-Bo is relatively bad, but fun because of the potential for a big win. Is there a single bet that should never be made on a table game? (Please do not just answer: “Any losing bet is a bad bet.” I’ve already thought of that answer!) I’m new to gambling and don’t want to lose too quickly when I get to the casino tomorrow. I probably should have saved this for another question, but are the table game payouts at online casinos identical to a place like the MGM?

  • Derek says:

    I used to be a licensed casino dealer. I love gambling. I usually don’t gamble because I can’t afford it, and usually I am responsible with my money. Due to misfortune, I am now living in a state with no casinos, and have been out of work for a year and 4 months. I broke down and went to an online casino, convinced that I could get over on the casino with roulette, as I was a roulette dealer and have seen people who know how to use the outside bets. I lost $200. I would get close to winning my money back, but every time I lost it again. I kept going up and down for several hours, always hovering around a $200 loss. I am broke now, and very resentful. I am so depressed that I hate myself. How can I get my money back? Should I write a letter to Oprah, play the lottery, hang myself, etc???

  • jdubdoubleu7704 says:

    I am going to win some money online today, and I’m looking for an online casino with quick payouts of winnings! I guess the games should be fair as well.

  • rashest_hippo says:

    If you despoit money into your poker account and win money but the poker team accuse you of cheating. Who can you contact to deal with this issue if the poker site does not want to open your account and return the money that you despoit and won??? Plus they are a internet base company?
    Well i read reviews on sporting odds and it was very good indeed. They are accusing me of chip dumping. I’ve already contacted them and they said that i’m banned from playing poker on there site.
    Is it possible to take illegal action. They also requested my passport, driving, and a statement. Now i’m scared they might commit fraud using my deletes. If you lot have any suggestion it would be most helpful cause i’ve never experienced this before.

  • Keegan says:

    I downloaded one of those online casinos and have been playing alot of blackjack, but with fake money, and i have been making a minimum of $50 every session.

    I’m just wondering if once i play for real money, will the difficulty be set higher?


  • Boo Cookie says:

    I am a new player from US. I want to play slot machines for free. Where can i get such no deposit slot machines so that i can win some real money?

  • Caltel T says:

    I’m really looking for a good place to play blackjack online. I need more information and would like to play blackjack for fun before I actually make a deposit at an online casino.

  • evangldbrg says:

    I am a newbie in online casino gaming and want to try maximum casino and gambling games.Can you please let me know some sites(mainly us based) where I can enjoy and make some money while gambling.

  • Cole says:

    Anyone know of any ways to make money online by playing games? Or perhaps even win money on free tournament slots/online casinos? Or great get paid to websites? Any or all help is appreciated!

  • Big Banger says:

    Which is the best online casino that is safe for usa residents that doens’t rip you off.

  • supernerd567 says:

    I’m looking for good, trustworthy online casino to play some Roulette for real money.

    I’m only interested in roulette.

    Also if you know any good online casino with Roulette, could you list the link to that site please?

  • supernerd567 says:

    I heard that some dude won over $400k a few months ago at an online casino.

  • ericmreitz says:

    I want to gamble online at an online casino, but I do not want to put my money down to play some lame games. Who has the best casino games online?

  • Matt says:

    Im looking to play roulette online. I need a legitimate reputable online casino that isnt banned for USA players. (many are)

    I would prefer a casino with a live webcam dealer, but electronic works too

    I dont want somebody to just do some googling and find some casinos to list me. I want knowledge from someone who ACTUALLY PLAYS AND HAS USED the online casino personally.

    Thank you

  • TommyKay says:

    If so whom are you with and what you like about them. I want a safe reputable online casino with fast payouts.

  • JackReynolds says:

    I’m looking for good, trustworthy online casino to play some Roulette for real money.

    I’m only interested in roulette.

    Also if you know any good online casino with Roulette, could you list the link to that site please?

  • ouch says:

    I want to play black jack online. I want to play for real money, but I am skeptical about pretty much every online gambling site out there. Does anyone know a website that is legitimate and won’t rip you off in any way? I’m in california, is it legal and safe? Any tips of suggestions would help.

  • jdfan says:

    I’ve been using play money at an online casino but to use real money at this casino you can’t live in the US. I was wondering if there is any way around this?

  • morbiusdog says:

    I want free online casino chips and I do not want to buy anything today. I do deposit at casinos sometimes, but I’d just rather spend my money on something else today!

  • Sonny says:

    I have gambled online many times but my aunt wants to try it now and I don’t have the time to walk her through the process of signing up and playing. Is there a site I can refer her to that will explain the process of depositing and playing for the first time?

  • Goe122 says:

    Has anyone living and operating in California ever been convicted of a crime for their involvement in online casino promotion?

  • apleaforbrandon says:

    I would like to know the website for trusted online casino with live games. Anyone care to suggest?

  • TommyKay says:

    I am on the committee for planning our holilday party this year and just discovered that Casino parites are obvisouly popular. If you have ever been to one, please give me ideas on decorations, activites, music etc. I would have no idea where to start!!!

  • crzyinluv says:

    When I play at Harrah’s casino, they give me cash back for my slot machine and video poker play. Do online casinos offer similar loyalty programs?

  • Jack Bauer says:

    I’m looking for good, trustworthy online casino to play some Roulette for real money.

    I’m only interested in roulette.

    Also if you know any good online casino with Roulette, could you list the link to that site please?

  • skychi99 says:

    I am looking for money to play at online casinos. I just love the slots and blackjack!

  • Peter says:

    I want to know the online casino websites that allow someone living in Australia to play real money poker i.e. to transfer real money to play poker. Please give me the names of poker websites that allow one to play real money poker in Australia. Thanx in advance.

  • Cole says:

    I just want to know because I really want to play online casino but I’m still 17 so I’m worried that something bad is gonna happen. I’m thinking stuff, like I might get caught or something.

  • Ryan Dunn says:

    Which is the best online casino that is safe for usa residents that doens’t rip you off.

  • xLittle21Yaox says:

    I’m looking for an online casino where I can play Casino War that I might recognize and doesn’t take over a month for a cash out. Initial deposit bonuses are a plus.

  • Scorch Delta-62 says:

    I heard that some schmuck won over $400k a few months ago at an online casino.
    OK there are a couple of good answers I am torn between so I will let everyone vote on this one.

  • nasty1 says:

    Malaysia’s issued credit cards just won’t pass online casino’s transaction. Neteller, firepay and other online casino affiliate credit processors just don’t accept Malaysia. Thus, can anyone suggest a way for Malaysians able to play online casino?
    I can’t access, maybe its server down.

    As for I’m actually more interested in roulette.

    Anyway these are processors I have tried to sign up but they don’t accept registration from Malaysia: Neteller, Click2pay, Firepay, paysafecard, instacash

  • friendly 4 says:

    I am interested in starting an online casino this year. I have spoken with some people and I already have chosen a software provider to work with that provides the software only and no monthly fees. But I want this casino to be legal and become very popular, so I to know what else I need and how can I get what I need ?

  • mr flibble says:

    I’m looking for an online casino where I can play Casino War that I might recognize and doesn’t take over a month for a cash out. Initial deposit bonuses are a plus.

  • liza says:

    i’ve tried many like PokerStars and FullTiltPoker and such, and different online casinos, but none of them allow florida residents to play.
    why? I dunno..
    but if anybody knows legitimate sites where florida residents can play, please let me know. comments are welcome.
    Thanks in advance!

  • Xbox Gamer says:

    I want free online casino chips and I do not want to buy anything today. I do deposit at casinos sometimes, but I’d just rather spend my money on something else today!

  • steve says:

    how do i start an online casino or poker in canada ?

  • zigg3ns says:

    Im looking for an online casino that accepts US players and will let you spin without betting. i dont mean play money, i mean not having to place any bets at all.

    Golden Casino & Rushmore grays out the spin button when there are no bets.

  • Xbox Gamer says:

    best online casinos with the best video poker games on the internet?

  • fattiemanny says:

    I am looking for an online casino. I want to be able to play for “Fun” not real money, and I want it to have multiplayer tables. I want to be able to play with other players on the same table like in a casino.

  • DuckieM10 says:

    I am looking for free money to play at online casinos. I just love the slots and blackjack!

  • Boo Cookie says:

    I know a bit of python and just started java.

    Need to make an online casino that allows users to play roulette or blackjack and saves there details to a database.

    What would be the best choice or language and game engine?


  • Christopher J says:

    I’m looking for good, trustworthy online casino to play some Roulette for real money.

    I’m only interested in roulette.

    Also if you know any good online casino with Roulette, could you list the link to that site please?

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    Does anyone have any suggestions on how online Casino define random on their systems to generate numbers?

  • lucasg615 says:

    my friend told me that she works on an online casino and she is getting paid to chat with people there $3 an hour. can you please tell me if there is such job that is home based and what other jobs these online casino offer? please give me the link and name of the online casino. thanks !

  • Jack Bauer says:

    Looking for a really good online casino that knows how to treat video poker players right and has a good selection of video poker games.

  • morbiusdog says:

    I’m looking for good, trustworthy online casino to play some Roulette for real money.

    I’m only interested in roulette.

    Also if you know any good online casino with Roulette, could you list the link to that site please?

  • baldy eire says:

    I am planning on playing in some online casinos, what is better though? Gambling in person or gambling online?

  • Franklin Bluth says:

    Has there been any studies conducted on the effects of online casinos? Are they taking away business from land based casinos? Are they increasing business?
    Thanks for the answers so far!

  • crzyinluv says:

    I was thinking of starting an online casino, what kind of money should I have to back myself?
    I’m asking on a public forum because I’m hoping to speak with someone with experience

  • Jonny says:

    Which is the best online casino that is safe for usa residents that doens’t rip you off.

  • Moore, Ron says:

    I’m looking for an online casino where I can play Casino War that I might recognize and doesn’t take over a month for a cash out. Initial deposit bonuses are a plus.

  • Scott Bull says:

    I would like a realistic opinion on how profitable the average online casino is. Is there money to be made, or are there so many online casinos around that competition has stifled any chance of real profit?

  • Xbox Gamer says:

    They sent me a promotion saying you could play $300 on the house without depositing any money. If this is just a scam, do you know of any other legitimate websites where you can play for free and win real money, similar to the centsports website where you can place bets risk free and win real money.

  • Gabriel Kenney says:

    Really interested in downloading the software and trying gambling online.


    there are so many that claim u get free money no deposit required but i have only found one! its frustrating.

  • JDOGG1122 says:

    A co-worker of mine told me that they have the best online casino software. She plays a lot of 5 reel slots. Do they have the best software? If so, where can I play their games?

  • Superman says:

    I used to play real game in casino, and I hear someone said online casinos were as good as real casinos. Are they good ? How many kind of bonuses do online casino offer ?

  • Rassling Fundamentals says:

    I want to play in online casino which offer a strating money no deposit. I don’t want to buy anything. Could you give me some sites ?

  • The Inc says:

    The slot machine Dream Time is one of my favorite slots. I am looking for an online casino with this video slot by Aristocrat.

  • jdfan says:

    Also, what limits do most casinos usually have as their lowest?
    What are some tips to winning?

  • Jonathan says:

    I want know what I would have to do in order to set up an online casino. Could I just pay some programmer to build a cool looking gambling website site and then just worry about marketing the site then afterwords just kick back and watch the dollars roll in? How money would it take?

  • SteveO says:

    Ive noticed in poker stars that everytime i win (fake) money in poker stars i lose it by losing on better hands all the time? Who thinks poker stars is programmed to get all the fake money back by making your hand good, but then having it lose to a horrible hand? And who has managed to win and keep their money?

  • Rishi says:

    I was interested in playing on an online casino (with only small money) and just wanted to hear some opinions on which online casino has the best payouts for wins. Thanks.

  • Sophia C says:

    I am not a very good player, but I want to practice, get better, and win some money in the process. Who has players that stink at Texas Hold’em?

  • gail C says:

    I’m looking for an online casino where I can play Casino War that I might recognize and doesn’t take over a month for a cash out. Initial deposit bonuses are a plus.

  • Benihana says:

    Poker is about 80% luck, 20% skill. Add in rake, and nobody wins long term and that includes rakeback. If you disagree with me, show me proof of winning players from websites that track it.

  • Flash Funk says:

    I live in NY, and i gamble online for money and fun. Lets say i win $1000, will i have to report it to the IRS and how much will it go to the IRS?

  • apleaforbrandon says:

    I have three free months at home. I feel boring, and don’t know what I can do now. I would like to ask you if you could give me some sites for casino games.

    Thank you so much.

  • Duke says:

    I would like to play it online, but I don’t know if they are as well as real casino. Could I win real money ? Where could I trust in ? I don’t have more money, so I would like to play it for free or a little money.

    Please give me your recommendation or any advices.

  • dubmecrazy3 says:

    I’ve played microgaming once and it was real loose every game I played was hitting, I did quite well. but since then it’s been very tight, every game I played never hit again? I was hoping to find a group or blog or something who alerted others when an online casino is hitting.

  • crzyinluv says:

    I usually play blackjack in a casino, but the casino is far from my house, so I would like to play it online. I heard that it’s not easy to win money from online blackjack. Is it true ?

  • Joe T says:

    I guess that could be a forum dedicated to online casinos…
    Might be a place like this one:

  • sethburger says:

    An online casino approved an amount of USD$8000 using instant check. All the money was lost and my friend went to the bank and closed the account before the money could be withdrawn. What will the online casino do or can do about it? Will my friend go to jail or what are the possible consequences?

    The gambling site is in UK and my friend is in USA.

  • nasty1 says:

    I’m looking for good, trustworthy online casino to play some Roulette for real money.
    I’m only interested in roulette.

    Also if you know any good online casino with Roulette, could you list the link to that site please?

    thank you
    I’m only interested in roulette.

    If you know any good online casino with Roulette, could you list the link to that site please?

    Or do you know anything about wildjack casino?

    Also when you win the money, what’s the best way to receive the money?

    thank you

  • JimT says:

    I’ve seen people playing roulette on online casinos and they usually have a very good estimate of what comes next. What is their secret?

  • Lachlan says:

    What I really mean is that I have a account with some online casino and prepare to make some extra money through their program by hosting online gambling web site. Is this possible, guys please let me know.

  • PIE BOY says:

    I am new to online gambling games.. What are thing I should consider before starting the online casino games?..

  • Echo says:

    In the Gold is a fun slot I played in Las Vegas. Any online casinos have it?

  • Matt says:

    I recently went to Las Vegas and found that I liked black jack very much, I would like to play at home on my computer here and there with real money and the chance of winning real money. What is the best site and way to do this?

  • slipknot0129 says:

    I want to try a new online casino. The ones I’m with right now are not offering generous enough bonuses to keep me there.

  • Noe R says:

    I’ve played fun mode on european roulette, and I want to start with real money. But I was just wondering, is it easier to win on fun mode on an online casino, compared with playing with real money?

  • Lucas H says:

    There’s a chart players use to tell them whether to hit, double down, stand or surrender. In online casinos would I see the dealer’s cards and would the chart help me?
    I got the chart from the book “Casino conquest”

  • Echo says:


    888 Online Casino offers a deposit free bonus of £88 for new members. However the maximum amount that can be ‘won’ is £20, despite actually winning more. This isn’t a problem of course, I knew this, and if it were any more then they’d probably lose out significantly from this offer.

    Now obviously they’re reluctant to part with their money due to me not depositing, rather taking advantage from their bonuses, however as far as I can tell it should be completely possible to get this money. My query is how do I do that? There seems to be very little info on the internet, or maybe the website has got a deal going with google to prevent this, however any info would be great! Thanks :)

  • kiltakblog says:

    Hi everyone! I would like to try playing online. But are the online casinos safe enough, will I not simply lose my money for nothing?

  • blarg blarg says:

    if i where to win an amount of money from on online casino, what exactly happens in the process of a direct bank transfer?

  • Superman says:

    I know that progressives and land-based slot games are rigged to payout lower for lower denominations. How about online casinos? Should you play all lines and bet the maximum to get the best payout?

  • Matthew says:

    I am looking for online casinos that will give me a max limit of $500 playing for real money on roulette tables.
    I also need the minimum bet to be no more than $1

  • Stevalicious says:

    How to invest money in online casinos before playing?

  • Jonny says:

    When I play at Harrah’s casino, they give me cash back for my slot machine and video poker play. Do online casinos offer similar loyalty programs?

  • Chester says:

    Adonis pokies or Flames of Olympus pokies. They are both the same game. Any online casinos have them?

  • musicistabest says:

    What do you mean by the gamble feature slot in online casinos?

  • Patrick says:

    Or are they setup to ensure players always lose?

  • Jack Bauer says:

    has anyone ever been paid by a online casino and so which one i need to get to the one that isnt scamming ..possibility they all do but if i get lucky someone may knw which one they got money from after winning…

  • PIE BOY says:

    I am looking for an online casino that offers the best bonuses with an equally good gameplay for slot machines and roulette. Please suggest.

  • David says:

    I wanted to ask if anyone has won from an online casino and how do you take your money once you’ve won? Im currently thinking about playing in and paying with visa electron.

  • stephen m says:

    My cousin is telling me how much she keeps making gambling online and she wants me to try too…I am not a gambler type I go spend 20 bucks and leave but I am curious if anyone has played online casino’s, specifically in canada and actually received their winnings. Also how much did you spend approximately and how much did you win? I am wondering if it’s worth it to plop down 20 bucks and give it a shot, if I lose well lesson learned but if I win….I want to know I will actually recieve those winnings.

  • Jeanelle the Retard says:

    besides poker

  • Dana G says:

    Obviously people play online and win money, therefore there MUST be a safe online casino for small online gambling, like roulette.. Can anyone please give me at LEAST 1 casino? I know most of them are scams but there must be at least 1 legit one. Thanks.
    Obviously people play online and win money, therefore there MUST be a safe online casino for small online gambling, like roulette.. Can anyone please give me at LEAST 1 casino? I know most of them are scams but there must be at least 1 legit one. Thanks.
    P.S. I am thinking of playing ONLY roulette, nothing else.
    P.S. I am thinking of playing ONLY roulette, nothing else.

  • Matthew says:

    I see a lot of evangelizing in favor of online games in answers here, suggesting a person ‘can’ win. I see other answers by self-proclaimed experts claiming poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, etc, online or realtime, can be beaten or [at least] offer the best odds for winning.

    Universally it’s agreed the lousiest odds of winning in gambling are found in lottery bets and buying lottery tickets. Gamblers who prefer other games and methods of play are often strongly opposed to lotteries and proclaim those who buy tickets to be stupid, to be losers, to be lacking in judgement.

    My question is, does the average player or participant lose more money on lottery tickets as compared to how much the average player loses playing poker, blackjack, roulette, craps, or sports betting?

    What form of gambling offers the real-life percentage of players ruining their lives attempting to win against them?

    Are the odds against losing the groceries and half the rent higher with other forms of gambling, or are they higher buying lottery tickets?

    Do more people become pathetic ‘career’ or ‘professional’ lottery players, or is there a greater chance if they participate at all of them becoming pathetic ‘career’ or ‘professional’ poker or blackjack players?

    Over the average lifetime of participants which type of gambling offers the highest odds of losing the least money?
    FAH: Thanks for the reply, though it doesn’t answer the question, which seems to me to be a worthy one and worth pondering for a person such as yourself [as opposed to obfuscating].
    Good answer Maquis. I expect it approaches the truth, though it doesn’t mention the subgroup “Professional gambler – self-delusional” comprising a huge percentage of self proclaimed professional gamblers [personal observation – mine] who either lie or delude themselves they’re winners while manifesting overwhelming outward appearances of losing big long-term.

  • David says:

    do they often aprove you withdrawing or find any reason to refuse you

  • skychi99 says:

    I like play game, just wonder if I can make little money there

  • Sahil says:

    Recently, I fired an employee off mine when I caught her on line gambling at her work station computer Now she is threatening to sue my company claiming on-line gambling is her legal right., regardless of company policy. (she was on her break at the time). My H R generalist told me about 7 or 8 years ago Pres Bush signed a law outlawing ALL on-line computer casinos for USA users. I sthis true? is so, how can she find an on-line casino that allows her to get into it’ site in New York?.

  • Alina Elliott says:

    is it possible?have you?

  • ericmreitz says:

    What are the best online casinos for playing blackjack ?

  • Michael says:

    I know some people win large jackpot amounts which is expected, but what if you win small amounts (£10 to £30 per day) consistently over a long period of time.
    It has worked for card counters in Vegas who have been arrested/beaten up/banned for life, etc. Casinos don’t like it when the odds are not in their favour – hence my question

    @ pdq – I know the risks, but as a mathematician/physicst who was out of a job for a it I spent some time thinking statistically how to improve the odds of playing roulette. I know I will not win every time and not every day, which you need to accept. You just need to win more times than you lose. You cant argue with statistics, the maths doesn’t change. Part of why people lose is that they lack discipline or chase their losses.

    Over the last month I have won at least £10 a day when I played (except for a few days I had some losses) but all in all I’m up £250 in the last month (over double my initial pot so only playing with winnings now). I’m £63 up in the last 3 days, and so the trend will continue – hence my question – which you have not answered!

    ps. I’m not advertising or selling anything, I just see it
    Bet £10 on 1st Dozen and £10 on 2nd Dozen and you win the house pays back £30 so even though 1 bet was wrong you still win £10 overall. This bet cover 66% of the board (minus 1:37 probability for the zero) so you will win approx. 66% of the time and lose 33% of the time. Simple maths. So yeah you can win more times than you lose just betting this way but for a large string of losses you will need a large pot. But after 1000 spins i’ll be up approx £300.
    The chance of a Red or a Black on any one throw is 50% however the chance of a sequence of 3 Reds is 0.5×0.5×0.5=0.125=12.5% and 4 Reds = 6.25%, etc This is not a strategy in itself, just a logical starting point which I have developed from.
    Always play on a live wheel, not a computer generated random number wheel. There are 3 casinos I know with them.

  • thinkthought says:

    If not, what other games?

    Would playing only with $100 compared to $500 hurt or help your blackjack success?

    Ive heard the longer you play the more likely you’ll lose

  • ttocs says:

    I’ve looked for online no deposit casinos and theres always either a catch or you just never win. Any casinos that are worth the time?

  • Keaton says:

    Hi everyone !

    after just played in total about one hour of roulette I wonder if ayone has actually won any money on roulette on an online caisno ?

    last night I deposited £10 and lost it within 20 minutes and I now should’nt have but I deposited another £10 today and got down to having my balance at zero (!!!) and having a £6 win then my balance slowly creeped upto £20.50 with about 20 outside bets…

    At least I have not lost anything (and gained 50p) but I realised how I could have lost the £20 easily (although not alot of money anyway)

    …So the question is how much is the most youve lost in a session playing roulette and what have you won ?


  • arronwrath says:

    im jus tryin not2 get screwed

  • Courtney says:

    depsoited 100 got 100 bonus using golden palace casino minimum mount of winning i need till i can with draw is 10 000 anyway
    here’s my main predicament I’M 17 i’ve already won 2000 on roulette they accepted my money nd everything how likely are tehy to find out i’m under 18

  • Michael C says:

    I can’t remember the name it was years ago, I dunno if they shut it down or someone else bought it. It used was really popular for a few years.. It was free and it’s had this slot machine where people could play to win real prizes, like would say Jack Hamilton from NY, NY won $10,000, etc.. had winner updates and listings, had where you could play online card games and chat with people, and they had their own search engines too. IT was really big and popular at the time, but I forgot the
    name of it. Anyone know what I am talking about?

  • Paul M says:

    I have been playing for “play money” on Lucky Red casino using a betting system, and realized I can win as long as I quit while I’m ahead (when I hit $3000-$4000). If I play for real money and win this amount using a betting system and they suspect me of doing so, will they ban me and/or refuse to pay my winnings? I’m new to online gambling. Thanks!
    I’m not trying to “get rich quick” as one of you said, or I wouldn’t be quitting at $3,000! That isn’t rich (at least not to me!). And I know the house has the edge, I’m not an idiot! I’ve been playing around with it and thought it would be fun to see if I could win a few extra bucks with my little “system” (which only works up to a certain amount, as I stated), I just don’t want to get banned and lose my deposit IF I win-that was my question . And in reference to “experts”, I have checked with several about whether my odds change when playing for real money on this particular site-they assure me that it is their personal experience that they don’t, and assured me that sites that do this are on their blacklists. I’ve done my homework in this regard. Thanks for the responses!

  • callofduty5123412 says:

    I’m about to deposit some money on an online casino and I want to play the best strategy possible I figure blackjack is just about 50/50 and I know slots are not the way to go I also know a lot of people do the roulette strategy where they bet 5 on red or black and double their bet each time they lose with the hopes that it doesnt roll the same color 7 or 8 times in a row(but I have seen that) But that strategy is about 50/50 is this the best strategy to bet 2 of the first second or third 12 b/c ur odds to win there is roughly 66% and if u do lose one spin u double ur bet just like with the red or black strategy now I know what risk I’m running by gambling so I don’t want to hear the best strategy is to not gamble just want to know what the best strategy and at what game this 66% chance is the highest I know of

  • Roar me R says:

    Every medium sized city includes hundreds of weekly poker games going on inside it. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights countless husbands make poker widows of their wives and gather somewhere to play for several hours. There’s no background noise of slot machines, no rake, no self-proclamations about anyone being a poker professional, and no fanfare.

    But there is frequently plenty of money on the table. And every player can see the same cards the same shuffle the faces and the hand and eye movements of all the other players.

    The question nagging me is why the people who play online and see themselves as poker experts and profess their professionalism as gamblers here are doing it online, where it’s about memorizing or owning statistical software instead of out there where the rubber meets the road?

    What brings a person to put money on an imaginary table online and trust an environment he/she would repudiate and laugh off at the hint or suggestion if the same environment was offered at a brick and mortar casino?
    Maquis: Thanks for the insightful answer involving your own circumstances and why. My question was actually intended for a slightly different type of answerer: The cadre of shout-it-from-the-rooftops ‘professionals’ here.

    And the intended emphasis was home-private games versus casino and online games. I probably was to vague in my wording.


  • borabora5524 says:

    Who actually wins with online roulette? You always read stories on the internet about people winning at online roulette. I myself usually lose. My question is: does anyone know a reliable story of someone having won at online roulette consistently over a longer period of time? Or are all the stories simple casino commercials?

  • Joey 01 says:

    Are there any no deposit online casinos that pay you with a check?

  • addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior says:

    If you deposited money into an online casino and lost and then went to your bank and disputed the charges (I could careless about the ethics arguement) what kind of grounds could the casino use to justify stopping the charge back? I’ve heard both arguments and I can’t see how a casino would win unless the echeck or credit charge had there name on it. I mean you can sign whatever saying you agree to whatever with them but they can’t show that as proof because it would show it was a gambling site. All the charges they make are through some smoke and mirrors company to get the money anyway. Any agreement you make is with the sportsbook not the 3rd party transfer. Thats why I think after you deposit money it unsually says that “so and so” is going to appear as the charge. They do that because they don’t want you to dispute it because they know they can’t win the argument. For example if you bought something from Bestbuy and the charge on your card is someone other than Bestbuy you can dispute that and Bestbuy would have no grounds to defend. When you make a payment to anything you agreed to pay that party, if that party uses a 3rd party then they risk charge-backs. Anyway looking for people’s thought on this topic.

  • fattiemanny says:

    i live in ontario Canada and I’m wondering how online casino works has anyone ever tried it? how do i deposit the money i play with and how do i get paid when i win

  • ConfusionnaJob says:

    how much money the casinos earn?

  • sarah w says:

    I understand that online gambling is illegal in the US under the Federal Wire Act – which was expanded a few years back to cover internet technology. In addition, President Bush passed another act to enforce online gambling law against banks.

    Anyways, I still think online casinos are the next big thing, and it’s going to be legal in the USA soon. Is it legal to just start my own ‘play for free’ casino and let people play for rare prizes (100% free). Like if you play for a month or two you might get lucky and win a giant stuffed bear. Just an idea I had.
    It will be for free for now, but when the law changes we will change our corporate structure, relocate to the legal region(s) or do whatever is necessary to change our business model.

  • musicistabest says:

    Do you think it’s safe ? What is the probability of being victim of dangerous websites ( for example, a site which cheats to make players lose their money…)

    How much can we really win ?

    Which site is the most honest and easiest to get money?

    What is your advice?

  • che-che says:

    Which is the best online casino that doens’t rip you off.

  • The Dark Knight says:

    I’ve been all over their site and cannot find anytihng! I thought they had an online casino!

  • timq3dimensionscom says:

    I have played online with my partners on and off for the past 10 years. sometimes theres 3 or 4 of us in the same game.I would never play straight up.And i have played for a living since 91 in LA.
    i did not say i cheat for a living but sometimes me and my friends go online and cheat for fun in the 10-20 omaha games. In 1997 me and a good friend made good money cheating idiots on .paradise poker. i play live for a living not online.I am stating I would never attempt to play seriously online becuase it is so easy to cheat.I play live games at commerce,hawain gardens,bike,hollywood park,hustler. and play online by myself no higher then small tournies for fun.sorry but its true,it is amazing that people believe most online games are above board

  • Melanie says:

    What online 3 card poker casinos are the best for win real money?

  • Brendan O says:

    These online casinos are cheats, I am a hacker and tested their software, the odds are teally against you and are all for the casino, that’s why they give you a signup bonus that u can’t even take out.

  • sam N says:

    I wanna start playing some blackjack online for real money but I wanna know how they give you the money you spend so you can spend it?

  • balinderk2000 says:

    is anybody using any online casinos to make money ?? because if any one is then i know for a fact that some are not a scam

    also are they easy to use i heard somewere you can find step by step guides telling you exactly what to do and what colours to pick and to use different casinos when you reach £115 or so is this true ??

    and what is the maximum amount you can win per day if your lucky ?

    fanks for your time !

  • norrin_shadowwolf says:

    yesterday in the first three casinos opened a deposit of $ 100 and took in $ 200, tell me who played with them?
    whether to cooperate for a long time?
    whether to entrust a large sum?
    list the first 3 positions, thank you!
    list here:

  • llb443 says:

    who thinks its time online casinos are sued for fraud as they send emails saying 400 dollars free for signing up then they say for each deposit we give you some its time to take action and have them sent broke through there fradulent activity who agrees

  • Rkmc says:

    What are the top online casinos to play for real money ?

  • Kevin says:

    I’m 17 .Can someone give me tips on getting started at casinos. How do comp points work.If you have any advice please tell me. Thanks!

  • maskills24 says:

    Does anybody know any good online casinos (not golden casino) that actually pay out and do not charge you for anything other than what you deposit?( Husband played at golden casino and won 3k and they would never pay out but charged our account for 1k when he only deposited 200.00!!I )only want people who have actually went to the sites and played to answer please. Thanks

  • Lia-lu-li says:

    If you do, what do you attribute as reasons for more success at one than the other?

  • PillowMan1234 says:

    what are some recommendations for online casinos that you’ve dealt with for a while, are legit, and never had issues with timely payouts and such? personal experiences are best answers.

  • Rkmc says:

    I’m curious as to how a person can win a lot of money on an online casino and not getted banned from the casino because of winning too much ? Has anyone won so much that they got kicked off an online casino ? If you’re an online casino player, how much have you been able to win so far or in the past without getting banned from the online casino ? I like to play roulette and casinos have told me that I can win as much as I like but I’m not real sure on how truthful they are about that. I’m afraid that if I play roulette and win so much then they are very likely to ban me from their casino. I just need some advice on how to handle casinos when winning. Should I lose some of the time and not win all the time ? Any advice will be helpful ! Thanks to anyone who can help me.

  • Lucas H says:

    Do you think the odds of winning are pretty much the same online that it is in a live casino? I played on but i only try to bet on basketball games since i think its more fair. I just have these thoughts that if i play online it’s easier to spot that i’m winning and easier to loose in the end (if i play slots for ex.).. is this true or does it not matter?

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    Does anyone have a recommendation for any online Casino i can play with the free money they offer me? If no , what is the minimum account i can register with to win the free money they offer me? Can i cashout anytime i want? Any advise ?
    Which is the best website to play blackjack online ?
    Yes i know i have to make deposits, and Yes i know they want to take my money, I am a Gambler,its my proffession, I won more than 100k on William Hills playing blackjack.
    If you are ready for a risk, You will make it.
    Thanks for your advise though

  • Death Knight says:

    Are they same as land-based casinos or they are different ?

  • jordenkotor says:

    Is safe? I just saw an advert on TV for it saying everyone can have 10 free spins. But when i went to play it, i had to install something called FlashAX. Just wandering if all this is safe, thanks

  • mendhak says:

    Which is the best online casino to play blackjack

  • Willie says:

    I want to sign up to one but i’ve heard mixed reviews, i’ve used my friends Bet365 account and i thought it was good but then i found a lot of reviews saying they rip you off and such. So what is the best, most trusted/ safest online casino that I should sign up to? I dont trust “computerised games” such as slots, im mainly looking to play games with live dealers and cards, like blackjack or maybe poker.

  • Marlon P says:

    I heard awhile back that some legislation was passed and signed by Bush when he was in office regarding the legality of wagering at online casinos. However, I have done some of my own research which contradicts this, i.e. it is IS legal to wager at online casinos. If you know the exact story and wager at online casinos please relate it to me. I want to do it, but don’t want to get into any trouble, of course. If you have any informational websites please list the link, too. Thank you very much.

  • Gage says:

    There is a plenty of roulette “systems” that involve waiting 5 or 7 turns, if number in field (3:1) doesn’t come up, bet 1, if again 2, and so on. You only gonna loose if it doesn’t come up for 15-17 consecutive turns, and that will be 200-300 dollars. Some guides even claim that a number must always come up in 16 turns due to the randomizing algorithm. Definitely a lie. I believe it would be tough even if it works.

    Has anyone had any expirience with that?

    P.S. Just if you didn’t know the’s no mathematical way to confidently win in roulette at all (including phycical), thanks to house advantage. Einstein said that the only way to win is to steal money from roulette table.

  • Dr Hank says:

    If so which one and was it more then you spent playing?

  • PolishPokeyPimp says:

    Are online casinoes as fair and random as the real thing or are they/can they be rigged in the casinoes favour after each bet is set – say in blackjack,poker, roulette ??

    Many thanks in advance for any answers.


  • Mike says:

    Have tried with debit card and paypal with no success, yet there’s nothing wrong with either of them. Is this specific to the casino?
    If my bank does not allow it, what can i do about that?

  • DuckieM10 says:

    If so, this would make card-counting just about impossible, correct?

  • nyyankees1123 says:

    Are Online casinos real? How many people have actually won something using one and got it deposited into their checking account? Which one is best to win money on (loosest slots).

  • Zanto says:

    I was looking for a legit online casino for players in usa … id like personal input over random websites that might have connections to the sites they offer … id especially like to know from someone who has played and received money from one of these online casinos .. thanks in advance for any help
    to potsi I didnt ask any question at all last week let alone this one weirdo and when I searched for similar questions people often refer to sites that list other casino sites im looking for personal experience

  • Goe122 says:

    Hi and thanks for checking out my question! I have never used online gambling before and am considering signing up at a site or two but would like some recommendations first. I would like any information and tips you could provide from first-hand experience and am particularly interested in security features, hassle-free payout, etc. . . thanks again!

  • baldy eire says:

    I want to find out more about gambling at an online casino.

  • dealy says:

    Where can I find full review about Cirrus online casino? casino accepting players from US?

  • Disrae says:

    Ok, i’m a newbie and i don’t really know the answer to my question.

    When you gamble online casino, they do tax you at the end of the year with a form send to you right? or is there a limit before you hit that they don’t tax you? it is the same as inside a casino?

    Do you print out the email they send you after they confirm the amount that you withdraw as an receipt? what if they don’t email you and you do bank wire, then print the bank statement?

  • Jonny says:

    Hi, I am 18 years old, live in southern California, i just want to know is it legal for me to play online casinos . I could go to Morongo, but that’s 30 mins away. And are online casino fair like they say they are???


  • shahrukh says:


    I have a question about something thats been bothering me forever!

    Do Online Casinos hold banking licenses?

    If they accept deposits into accounts from various users surely that classifies them as a bank under banking regulation?

    How does a deposit work with an online bank?

    When I transfer funds does the money go into their bank account/merchant account or is it held “Virtually” until its used?

    Just curious as to where my money goes when it leaves my account and before it used online….
    hmmmm, well in that case its the payment processor im trying to understand 😛 any ideas there? (system architecture,etc)

  • Stevalicious says:

    I’ve downloaded some online casinos only to find out that the online casino I downloaded did not have 3 card poker! Imagine that… an online casino without 3 card poker! Go figure.

  • Xbox Gamer says:

    I have a MacBook Air and would like to know, What online casinos are compatible with macs? The casino I was gambling at on my PC does not have mac compatible software.

    Thankie <3

  • mendhak says:

    I would like to start playing roulette on online casino, but i want to play the offline roulette, not the live one, because live is too slow while in offline you can make huge alot of money very fast. The problem is, what if offline roulette is actually some kind of a scam ? For example that simply whatever you bet on, its always going to make you lose on purpose.. anyone experienced offline roulette and can say its 100% safe ? ( By safe i mean that you dont have to win, but you can )
    Casino iam playing on is swiss casino..

  • Rishabh Bajpai says:

    Yes, I’m over 18 and I live in France. I’ve got some cash in my paypal account but it’s not verified, and sending limit is 0 but withdraw limit is 500. Can I gamble in some online casino in this situation?

  • heavenly sword says:

    I have made big bucks playing blackjack online but it seems after you win they change thier software to make you lose everytime.

  • LN13 says:

    hi friens , i live in iran and as u know becouse of conditions of my country i cant purchase and cashout with any method with my name in iran , my brother lives at australia , how can i get help from him with cashout or purchase? can he make an account with his name and here in iran i use it and every time for cashout or purchase just he does that? or can i use his account with downloaded casino ? doese casinos block his account with dffrense ip that i used?

  • Zanto says:

    Do anyone consistently win money through any online roulette? and able to collect your money?
    I am looking for any trusted online roulette to play, where you can collect your money with no problem, and the number is truly random, my friend mentions that online casino can change the program to generate different code to make you lose when you win. Who know? we are not able to see the back-end system how they operate. Furthermore, is online casino illegal? who govern their operation and services?
    Casino is usually governed, and ensure you can collect your money. The hosting server for online casino may be on some island, no-one can ask any questions about their operations and services.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on any online casino?
    Thanks in advance for any suggestions

  • arronwrath says:

    Can someone play slots everyday for 8 hours, 7 days a week in Chicago casinos, Las Vegas casinos, and online casinos like Bovada without being banned? Is someone allowed to win $60.00 a day (365 days a year) without being banned from local casinos, Las Vegas, and Bovada?

  • Mark says:

    have you ever tried joining, please say your review, because i want to know if it is legit or not before i joint. if it is legit, i can sure that i can win with my method

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