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Skyrim fan trailer

A friend of mine was the cinematographer on this, pretty cool:

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285 Responses to Skyrim fan trailer

  • Mark M says:

    im planning to buy 10 games tomorrow for ps3… i just bought a slim last month so library is still small.
    here is what i have now;
    batman ac goty – great
    uncharted 123 – great but short
    fallout 3 – just starting plays okay
    skyrim – just starting plays great
    gt 5 xl – great
    mw3 – mediocre (note i like playing fps bf2, bia etc on pc)
    gta 4 complete ed – great
    dead space 2 – mediocre (im a fun of sh series up to 3)
    mass effect 2,3 – not starting to play yet
    soul calibur 5 – enjoyable online and multiplayer nice gameplayer story sucks
    nba2k11 – got this one for free, not much into video game sport unless its racing
    re 5 ge – sucks as im a fan of old school survival horror re

    here are the games i love playing
    war in the pacific a.e. – strategy pc
    silent hunter 3 – simulation pc
    fallout series, baldurs gate series – rpg pc
    monster hunter – action rpg psp wii
    final fantasy 9 and chrono cross – my favorite game of all time

    im planning to buy mgs4 or ffxiii ffxiii 2


  • Scott Bull says:

    War in the North is that new LOTR game coming out. My brother keeps insisting that it’ll be better and Skyrim will suck. Please give your opinions on this topic by answering the question. thank you.

  • timq3dimensionscom says:

    Gears of war 3’s beta was amazing. The 4 maps in the beta were well designed and fun to play. EPIC have retained the high skill level of Gears of war, all the while making the game a lot more accessible to new players. The game has improved so much over GOW2, and it is very balanced.

    Skyrim… Watch the gameplay trailer… nuff said.

    I guess we’ll have to see how good MW3 looks.

  • Duke says:

    I’m applying to a Media Production major at my school right now. Under “Representative Job Titles Related to this Major” it says, Director of Photography,… etc… I’d really like to go into directing though. Is it a big step from cinematographer to Director? Would I need a lot of additional education or is it more of a technicality? I’ve never heard of a DP becoming a Director, that’s why I’m asking.

  • MentallyCryppled says:

    I don’t know why, but I just don’t think it’s going to live up to the hype. The trailer claims it’s the most anticipated game of all time? Come on now, isn’t that a little ridiculous?

    Now don’t call me a Battlefield fan boy, because I got all the other CODs before MW3 and noticed a decline in my excitement for them (Black Ops killed pretty much killed my COD interest).

    MW2 was fun in my opinion, but got old QUICK. Noob tubes absolutely ruined the game for me, as well as quick scope obsession and the overpowered perks and guns.

    Well, as the title states, anyone else feel the way I do?

  • Erfan says:

    My live was disconnected for a while and its getting turned back on. Any ideas for a baddass gamer tag?

  • Rishabh Bajpai says:

    I was watching some trailers for some upcoming video games and all of them…yes I think about 85% of them had a comment “Skyrim is better!” “I prefer Skyrim!” “Skyrim!”

    They comment it even in a freaking FPS game.

    I love Skyrim but dang…it’s getting really annoying.

  • gail C says:

    i am a HUGE oblivion fan. i was scrolling through gamestop looking for a game like oblivion and i saw Elder scrolls 5. I literally almost pissed my pants. im soo excited but is it going to be as good as oblivion?
    i played new vegas and fallout 3 but i definately prefer oblivion over those

  • Sahil says:

    Just curious. Mine would have to be GTA 5 as im a big fan of GTA 4 and the GTA 5 trailer looks good.

  • Dana G says:

    I’ve been debating whether or not to spend my money on Skyrim or Tutle Beaches (x12’s to be exact). The only reason i want Skyrim is because my friends say it is good and the trailer looks pretty fun but i have never played any other elder scrolls game and i am not a big fan of playing by myself. i usually play first person shooters like mw3 and battlefield 3 so thats why i am worried i might not like it. But since i do play fps’s i thought x12’s might be good. but i can only get 1. so should i get skyrim or turtle beaches or none? plz help!

  • Balla says:

    Will the game be less crappy?
    Will there be more female power in game?
    Will the cost be lowered or stay the same as it is now ($60)
    Will racism subside along with sexism?
    Will the gamer finally rise up to the game company for better games?
    Do you think there will be more female gamer?
    Will relationship between your character and another be more meaningful then just sex?
    Will game be more open to same sex relationship?
    What are some things you recommend a game company should do to improve their games and keep you coming back for more?

  • heavenly sword says:

    My question is that I never wanted to waste money on buying kinect cuz it has got childish games but after announcement of Harry potter for kinect I think I must buy kinect because it is cool it is based on all 8 films, I have seen the trailer and I think this game is the best this question is only for those Who have got kinect and are big fans of Harry potter I already have Xbox 360 just want opinions that shall I buy kinect or not

  • callofduty5123412 says:

    Okay, so I saw the trailer to Dragon’s Dogma when watching Tosh.0. At first glance, I was astonished. My questions are: Can you buy a house? Can you buy random “junk” instead of just armor, weapons, upgrades, etc? Is it totally open world, with thousands of side-quests, areas to explore, and what not? How does it compare to Skyrim? Is it worth buying? And what is your overall opinion of the game? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

  • evil chevy says:

    I have been pondering this for the past few months. I have watched numerous trailers and have been disappointed by the graphics I see. I have been a big fan of Ocarina of time, Wind Waker, Phantom Hourglass, Twilight Princess…etc. and to see these graphics after Twilight Princess is really disappointing… somebody tell me its better than I think it is. Or Give me the honest opinion.

  • evil chevy says:

    All I want to get webcams for is so I can see and talk to my children in a different country. I’ve been told to sign up with Skype but I also see that gmail is offering some type of service like that. What is the best, and easiest service out there?
    Also what particular model webcam should I buy? I want something clear but on the other hand I am not a cinematographer (nor a rich man) that I should need fancy equipment.

  • Squall Leonhart says:

    I have finished the game with Daedric Set,now that it’s finished i want to wear the armour in the trailer (just a fan’s collection type of thing). Please answer to this post! :) I would really appreciate it! 😀

  • Rassling Fundamentals says:

    everyone and their mother has seen the trailer for looks pretty bad ass but is it worth getting? I’ve never played the past oblivion games..i have played fallout 3 ( same company that made thsi game) and absolutely loved skirims playstyle like fallout? Im considering buying it but i unno if its worth itwould do you guys say?

    rate it out of 10..?

  • Gage says:

    Hey guys, I am a huge fan of the Elder Scrolls series (Yeah, the Skyrim Trailer was stupendous) and Gothic series of Action RPGs..Please suggest me some other games of this genre..! I’d be very grateful..
    Thanks in advance.

    P.S. What do you think about Gothic 4, is it a good game?

    P.P.S. And does Assassin’s Creed count in the same genre??

  • johnkaiser 22 says:

    I heard there wont be a fallout 4 as we know 3 and new Vegas. But its going to be a mmorpg. I don’t think bethesda would do that as they know how much fallout 4 is wanted

  • Jonathan says:

    Here’s the list of overrated games from 2011
    10. L.A Noire: Big whoop, it’s a detectives game, This game is so dull and boring you rather play Sonic 06. It’s long, it’s stupid, what’s the big hype?
    9. Portal 2: I found this game very distasteful. I’m not a big fan of Valve, meaning I despise there games. Portal 2 is a shitload of fuck. This game tries to be funny, but in the end you would rather hear an unoriginal fan-fiction story.
    8. Skyrim: I used to like this game, until I took an arrow in the knee! I’m a huge Bethesda fan, I supported this game, I waited, I was bonified. It was a great game for the first few months, suddenly it got boring. It was too over-hyped, it was too overrated, jokes overused widely in the internet. It offers few great ideas, but in the end it will get boring in a meantime.
    7. Battlefield 3: WHOA! Look at the graphics! And that trailer looks so awesome! FUUUUUUUUU!
    6. Assassin’s Creed Revelations: Crap! They ruined the game series again with that bullshit future vision! I like the gameplay and stuff, but it fails to amuse me with the same gameplay from Brotherhood.
    5. Gears of War 3: Why the hell isn’t there a PS3 port? Why the hell is the character design is still stupid? And why the hell did you kill Don in the end? Epic Games met Epic FAIL!
    4. Bullet Storm: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO overrated! While the commercial marketing was successful, the game itself was a lie. It’s like playing a Micheal Bay movie.
    3. BioShock Infinite: I know the game wasn’t been release yet. I already know that game will fail so badly. So BioShnocks-fans, try not to b*tch on the comments.
    2. Duke Nukem Forever: Hah! 12 years on the making and look what happens. Even Sonic 06 is better than this piece of excrement! Forever fails to entertain the fans of the series, hell they let them down, it was not worth the wait. You just sold your soul for $49.99!
    1. We all knew this was coming, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3: Words cannot be express about how people feel about this game. Kids loves it, annoying Fish-fag*ots loves it, and “official” game reviewers loves it. Modern Warfare 3, is basically the same sh*t as the piece of sh*t MW2. This time there’s a World War 3, Ohhhhhh! With new guns, new killstreaks, and new rip-offs. Infinity Whores fails to deliver anything new ideas, the Fish fanboys killed the community too. TreyArch does a better job making Fish games. I can’t believe this isn’t a piece of sh*t, this is ET the Extraterrestrial sh*t. WORST GAME OF 2011!!!!!!! Switch to Fish: Black Ops! It’s a lot better game!

  • blarg blarg says:

    when will bethesda realese fallout 4?

  • rashest_hippo says:

    I am looking for a game like the Zelda Games, but with character customization. Yes, I am well aware that this games are so incredible, that they can’t be replaced or games that are totally alike, and to put it all in a nutshell, this is my favorite game of all times. But! I am looking for something, at least, a little bit similar, with some fantasy, and not so much bloody violence. Adventure like, and with an Open Fantasy world.

    To make it perfectly clear, I am not trying to “replace” Zelda Games, I am just trying to play something “alike” to keep me entertained. The problem is I like my video games to have character customization (Legend of Zelda is an exception) like, changing the hair, color of eyes, different type of cool items and weapons that you can use… I know this is a hard question, but could you guys at least mention games with character customization?

    And please do not mention Skyrim, I already have it, and still playing 100 hours into the game, so please do not mention this game, or the previously The Elder Scroll series, I have played them all since the first game came out too.

  • Echo says:

    In the 20 minute gameplay trailer what race did Todd choose?

  • Christopher J says:

    I put this in Play Station but then I realized nobody else has playstation lol.

    Does anybody know for a fact which company will be working on Fallout 4? Also, has anyone heard any rumors of a release date, teaser trailer release date, the setting of the game, or the storyline? Preferably from a reputable website.

  • Joe T says:

    I’ve had it since November – completed the Main Story and the DB, half way through the TG and haven’t done any of the CoW – yet I still find it boring. I also can’t get MODs as I’m on Xbox360 – I also have oblivion an I nearly started that but I find it interesting with a friend 2 mess around on it, but I don’t feel like that on Skyrim as I have CoD and stuff.
    All my friends think its boring and so do I so should I sell or keep the game?

  • Willie says:

    Does anybody know for a fact which company will be working on Fallout 4? Also, has anyone heard any rumors of a release date, teaser trailer release date, the setting of the game, or the storyline? Preferably from a reputable website.

  • Big Banger says:

    I need help on deciding what game to get first. I love halo, I do want halo anniversary, battlefield 3 and mw3. I also wanna get Alice return to wonderland for my partner cause from what he’s showed me, it’s a pretty fun game. I really like battlefield 3, played the demo and heard its really good now as well as mw3.
    And yes I am gay. Is that a problem? I like killIng and blowing stuff up just like every other person who plays shooters

  • Caltel T says:

    The trailer for this game and gameplay looks cool, but it’s an rpg, and I’ve never played an rpg before, I tried but it was boring and I thought rpg’s were for nerds. So, should I get this? The exploration part looks cool and weapons and stuff. Also would this be a good first rpg.

  • PolishPokeyPimp says:

    I’m a big fan of games like skyrim, but I’ve always wanted to see it reach the mmo level. I would just like to know when the patch comes out.

  • The Dark Knight says:

    I love games, that are original, you know… I love halo, I’m not a fan of Call of Duty, but I am a fan of NAZI ZOMBIES!! I love zombie killing games, I love free roaming games (such as saints row 3, GTA 4, Dead Rising) I also love old arcade games (duke nukem 3D, Genesis games.) Im already getting saints row 3, Halo CE: aneversary, and resident evil: operation raccon city… so whats another good game thats coming out? List your recommendation, a Link for a preview/game play/trailer, and your review of the game. I don’t want a game i will look at in 1 week saying, why did i buy this? Thanks for the help!

  • Noe R says:

    I would like to be able to shoot video on my Nikon D5000 while it’s tethered to my MacBook, so I can see the LiveView on my computer screen.
    I know that it IS possible, since there is software like ControlMyNikon and Cinematographer, but those only run on Windows computers.
    If anyone could help me out, that would be great!

  • johnkaiser 22 says:

    ok so ME3 comes out sometime around may 2012 (i think) and after playing ME2 i thought it was a really good game. But I think Bio Ware may struggle with the games being released between now and december 2012. Let’s thing about it.MW3.
    Battlefield 3.
    Halo CE Annviersary.
    Halo 4 (arrives December 2012 UK).
    So there’s the top contenders. Maybe ME3 stands a chance but i don’t know if it will be worth it.
    P.S I’m not a Skyrim Fan

  • Rishi says:

    I have to make my own costume for the school play, “City of Angels”. It takes place in the 1940’s. My part is a cinematographer. Any idea what a cinematographer looks like?

  • Krazy Bob says:

    ive heard that it will come out some time in june but im not entirely sure. also, will it take place in san francisco?

  • Stevalicious says:

    Over my 3 years of being a western gamer I noticed that with the announcements of dvd releases of Halo Legends and Mass Effect Paragon Lost that a lot of people tend to not be very pleased with anime versions of their favorite western games. In example, before The Paragon lost video was taken down from the Funimation youtube channel I noticed that the first trailer had about 52% dislikes. Then i came across a site called facepunch and before I quit I found that about 98% of the people there hate anime.

    Since then I always felt a bit insecure about being a western gamer/anime fan because I love both games and anime. But I want to be more open to my main community of gamers without getting my head bitten off for a preference in TV animation. So I want to ask for a third person’s personal experience, are most gamers in the west really hating on Japanese animation? Or is it all in my head?

    Also, if it is the truth and I’m not crazy, how can I accept said truth without quitting either anime or western games?

  • Blake says:

    I love fallout 3 and New Vegas and I can’t wait for 4 to come out. But it’s been years since the last game. I hope it comes out soon if it ever will.

  • Gamer959 says:

    Mainly how good was each game? Do they keep getting better and better? I have only played Oblivion (getting Skyrim) and hopefully will play Morrowind soon. I will not however play Arena or Daggerfall as i don’t know if i could handle how old they were haha. Well i would like to know just how good were they? Have they gotten better over the years? Also, why did they keep decreasing the size of each games area to explore? I heard Morrowind was way bigger than Oblivion and then i read Daggerfall was the size of Great Britain! then in Arena i read that you explored all of Tamriel in search of the staff!!! Why do they keep getting smaller?
    i can get past the graphics as long as they are xbox. You see games like mario for the super nintendo well that graphics “suck” today but honeslty to me it still looks amazing. It was what it was intended to look like you know? so if Morrowind is intended to look like it is then i’m completely fine with the graphics. i’m more concerned for gameplay.

  • ibjammin44 says:

    I heard good reviews about both games from friends. I played the first to Gears games and enjoyed them. How is Dead Island? it looks neat from what i seen on gameplay vids and the trailer.


    I just got a Playstation3 with Uncharted 3. I´ve also bought Metal Gear Solid 4 (best game I have ever played, I´m keen on the serie since the original MGS). I´ve got my eyes on Call of Duty, Assassin´s Creed, The Elder Scrolls, Mass Effect, Resident Evil, etc. Now, the question:

    Except those obvious games I should buy, is there any good game for my PS3? My friend said Fallout is awesome, but I´m not sure…

    Kind of games I like:

    Any FPS ( Call of Duty, Battlefield )
    Adventure ( something like Uncharted, Metal Gear )
    Basically any kind of Shooter ( Mass Effect, Resident Evil )
    RPGs ( Final Fantasy, as a kid I loved Pokémon x3 )
    Sandbox ( like GTA, Skyrim, I´m a big fan of Minecraft )
    Now I can´t rebember anything else.

    Games I DON´T LIKE:

    Sports. Anything Sports ( Gran Turismo, FIFA )
    Something too scary ( I rebember having to switch pants every 5 minutes while I played Silent Hill.jk.)
    Childish stuff ( there are so many movies adaptations for Nintendo it makes me sick)

    And that´s basically it. Any suggestions?
    Sweet, I´l check out:


  • Roflcopter says:

    I’m just a little curious if they get paid or not. But if they do get paid how much do they get get paid?

  • Sergeant Pickle says:

    When others talking I wonder how they can talk about a pity thing so abandoned and they really enjoy it. And I don’t know what I should say to anyone or any talking subject. I fell others are not interested in me, I’m just a shadow.

  • friendly 4 says:

    This year and that start of next year is promising to be one of the best for video games. I’m a casual gamer that plays Xbox 360. I play as often as I can. I love FPS, action, adventure and sports games. There is just a list of games coming out this year and early into next year that I can’t wait to play.

    F1 2011 – I’m a huge motor sport fan and I loved F1 2010. I played it for months and I can’t wait for the next one to come out in a couple of weeks.

    FIFA 2012 – THE BIG ONE. Fifa is the best sports game hands down and there have been a number of new features added to the game this year that promise to make the game ever better. I can’t wait for this one.

    MW3 – I was a big COD fan pre Modern Warfare. The Big Red One is my favourite COD. I’m not the biggest fan of the new series but I play them anyway. I am looking forward to this game because it’s going to be concluding the story of the MW series and I can’t wait to see what happens.

    BF2 – Probably the most anticipated game of the year. The trailer looks amazing and so does all of the game play that has been released. Could this kill COD? I’m not so sure I think COD will hold onto it’s title of FPS king, but this game is going to be epic!

    Other games: FarCry 3, GTA 5 (yes there a rumours floating around that there is going to be another GTA some time next year), Saints Row 3, PES 2012 and a new NFS. All these games are going to be great and I can’t wait until they are released. Oh, of course, the new Assassins Creed.

    What games are you looking forward to? Is this year the biggest year for Video Games so far?
    *BF2 is suppose to be BF3. Small typo there!

  • Joe M says:

    i dont want to see any fan made videos or here any false info.
    everyone tht cmmntd thnks if you no any real legit leaked info plz tell me

  • Andrew S says:

    I have been a fan of the Elder Scrolls series for some time now, and I will admit, when I first heard that it was making a leap into the world of modern MMO’s, I was somewhat excited. However, over the past few years (despite the overall increasing quality of Bethesda’s productions) I have found myself getting disillusioned by the trends they seem to be following.
    Specifically, they seem to be decreasing the complexity of the games in favor of making them simpler and more accessible to players with shorter attention spans. (I am speaking from my judgement of the trends in Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim.)

    Furthermore, after watching the trailer on the ‘basics’ of Elder Scrolls Online, I have been led closer to the conclusion that they are taking even more of what I consider ‘standard features’ of TES series. (For example, combat seems to be significantly less involved; I have seen no indication of 1st person perspective, and evidence that the bare mechanics of combat are less detailed.)

    I find myself wanting to be hopeful for ESO, but find it hard to do so. Can anyone tell me what will make it truly better and new, other than the fact that I’ll be able to explore Bethesda’s dumbed-down world with friends?

  • Scott W says:

    My friends and I are working together to build a movie database. I’m getting good enough at PHP that I can start putting it online so we can all contribute individually. Until now it has all been in a single table with fields for actor, director, cinematographer, etc., but I’ve been told that I should use several tables instead. How would you structure it?

  • callofduty5123412 says:

    Personally if I had to choose game of the year, I would hope for Battlefield 3. It’s very anticipated and almost all FPS gamers are looking forward to it. Skyrim I literally have only heard of within the last 2 months when my friend talked about it and showed me a trailer. At first glance, it looked like a lot of other medieval games. (Note: I saw the trailer, and had no idea of their past games, and knew nothing about the game, so that’s my first impression.) But then I saw a little gameplay, and learned more about the game. It’s definitely going to be a nominee for game of the year, but I think Battlefield will beat it. Skyrim with over 300 hours in gameplay, first of all, sounds very, very extreme for a game. Lucky enough I love long games and everyone would get there moneys worth. But if the game starts to become a lot of the same thing then it would get boring eventually. That’s a risk with such a big game, 100 hours in and you get bored, you’ve still got 200 hours left, and you don’t finish. The only thing why Battlefield 3 would be bad is maybe because of the storyline, not much is really given about the game. Again, personally I feel that Battlefield 3 is going to be better. Opinions anyone?

  • Gabriel Kenney says:

    I have a problem, i wanna buy 2 games this november. I definetley want to buy a FPS and a RPG i am going to buy SAINTS ROW THE THIRD and BF3 OR MW3 please give me your reasons why i should buy bf3/mw3 please help me. if you can, list the pros and cons of each, and provide me with some multiplayer trailers of each. i couldn’t find anything good so please help me. I am a big xbox 360 fan so please help! THANK YOU!!!!!

  • Orbit says:

    Hello. I am an aspiring writer/director. I soon want to make a short film, in about two years. The short film will be around 15-20 thousand in budget. The problem is, I don’t know where to meet people to help me make the film. I need a producer (hopefully an experienced one) then me and the producer need to find actors, cinematographer, editor, sound people, etc.. I plan on shooting it on super 16mm film. My influences include: Paul Thomas Anderson, Martin Scorseee, Stanley Kubrick, Ingmar Bergman, Werner Herzog, Andrei Tarkovsky etc. Any help would be appreciated greatly. By the way I am only 18. (Male) and do not plan on going to any kind of film school. I have never made anything before.
    Once the film is finished I plan on entering into a film festiva, hopefully a festival like Cannes.

  • Duke says:

    Is the job of the DP the same as a cinematographer? And if you know, are their salaries the same too?

  • jdubdoubleu7704 says:

    I’ve been waiting so long for some footage of Skyrim, Theres a new trailer on youtube if other fans wanna check it out!

    Can you check out my fan trailer using footage from the new trailer, don’t want subscribers, just leave feedback, cheers ; )

  • Marlon P says:

    I am NOT an armature photo/cinematographer in any capacity! I just like to take photos that come out looking better and thus have been looking into using lighting to try enhance my pics. Does the same technique and setup work for doing videos as well?

  • johnkaiser 22 says:

    I am a filmmaker and have been writing and directing short films locally and with next to no budget, and few actors, and even fewer crew members, which includes a cinematographer.

  • Echo says:

    Director of photography

  • Scott W says:

    i want to trade l.a. noire for one these games…..Dead space 2(played the singleplayer twice but not multiplayer MAYBE}…Rage(MAYBE)…. Mortal kombat(if i can find one thats between 20 and 30 dollars) ….. Dead Island….. And Bulletstorm ….. or should i just keep l.a. noire
    One Of Those Games! im on a limmit too under 55
    I Have already have mw3

  • whitesoxfan2347 says:

    I am a big fan of Ico and Shadow of the Colossus and after watching the trailer for The Last Guardian it made me want to get a PS3 and i was wondering if there are any other really good games for the PS3? I don’t care for FPS games or online play.

  • white man says:

    is it weird or uncommon for women to be cinematographers / directors of photography? I’m only in high school right now but I’m really really interested in doing that when I get older, but it seems that most of them are males so it may be very hard to make it in that part of the film industry.

  • crzyinluv says:

    I was under the impression a the director creates the shots, such as where to put them and etc., so if you have a director and a camera operator, what use is a cinematographer?

  • Patrick says:

    Hi, I am an aspiring writer/director. I am 18. Do not plan on goin to film school. The problem is I need to find people to work on a producy(particularly a short film) how can I meet a producer, to help me make a short film? I also need to find a cinematographer, actors, light and sound people, editor, how can I find these people? A film festival? How would I find them at a film festival? I plan on shooting all my films in literal film (meaning 16mm and 35mm) thanks for the advice!

  • Derek says:

    For those of you who are film-makers, I’d like your opinion on this. I’m interested in getting my movies to the big screen, but will probably be shooting most of my movies on digital video, since I believe most of them will probably be low-budget. With all this in mind, which cinematographer would you pick for a digital shoot? A cinematographer who has had more experience on 35mm film or a cinematographer whose experience is grounded on digital video? I’d be interested in your opinion and any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

  • apleaforbrandon says:

    I just became a werewolf in Skyrim? Does it affect the story?

  • Dr Hank says:

    I am 20 years old and am looking into going to film school in November. the school is very nice and could help me become a great cinematographer some day but it will cost me around 100,000 dollars and what i really want to do right now is videotape war ravaged country’s and show the public what our troops and other civilians are going through. i need to learn how to use a camera and how to get into the business without going into debt before i can legally drink. please help me

  • Phillip123 says:

    I am making a spreadsheet list of all of the movies I own. Organized by director, cinematographer, writer, editor, and so on. I want to be able to lock rows together so all of the information is properly lined up, but then able to be organized by each of the aforementioned categories in their respective columns. As of now, I can manually move them together, and I can reorganize the columns individually but it will only change that column, if the others don’t move with it, its pointless to try and reorganize.

    Please help.

  • rndmaktn says:

    My love for film (I am a cinematographer and editor) has put me on poverty (I can barely live) and I was thinking about becoming a nurse because they pay good and there is benefits.
    I am single, no kids and 41yo. After six years I can hold a new degree and then I will see the money. It will hurt me to live film though.
    Have you ever had this kind of situation in your life? If so, did you ever return to the film practice or you decided to stay with your new career?

  • Thomas A says:

    How do you reenact a scene from a film?
    You have seen them before on YouTube or elsewhere on the internet. People reenactment a scene for fun, credentials, comedy, or school. I have to do a 2-15 minute movie scene off top or reenact. So my question is, since I will be the actor, director, cinematographer, etc. Will I just do this 3 person scene and act out character and all his lines and the next and just piece them all together. Or do I have to change my clothes after each line. For instance the guy who did the “funny how” scene from Goodfellas on YouTube.

  • kass9191 says:

    Who is the best cinematographer of India?

  • ouch says:

    I am a videographer (HDV) and cinematographer (super 8mm) for weddings based in Los Angeles, CA. I would like to work with a wedding planner in order to increase my portfolio. What’s the deal when a videographer works with a wedding planner in terms of money and contracts?
    If you know about it please let me know.

  • Benihana says:

    Also does a cinematographer operate the camera used to film movies and television shows.What type of school do you have to go to to be a camera operator and to learn how to use the camera.

  • hank baseballs says:

    Can a director of a movie also be the actual cameraman and director of photography/cinematographer?
    Thanks! And yes, I’d love for an update!

    I’m a junior and thinking about college, I want to either major in photography, minor in directing, or major in directing and minor in photography and if I were to go into directing, I really would love to be both the director and the cinematographer and director of photography as well.

  • sakyue1993 says:

    I subscribed to American Cinematographer online yesterday and I’m wondering if they will send me the current issue first or wait until next months issue to start my subscription.

  • Random says:

    It seems that when storyboarding, the ways a camera is angled, moves, pans, zooms etc are taken care of. What then, is left for the cinematographer?

    I ask because I want to direct a film but also want to take care of the arty camerawork. Is this possible and is it common that directors and cinematographers easily fall into conflict?

  • maskills24 says:

    OK, i was just wandering around in Skyrim, he i happend to notice that my dragonbane sword is gone,along with all the other stuff i had stolen. Any ideas why this happened, and how i can get it back?

  • Nick says:

    How much does a noob cinematographer earn and how much do proffesionals earn? Please cite the lowest and highest possible earnings..

    Do cinematography bring you lotsa money? 😀

  • stephen m says:

    I’m from India. I like to become a cinematographer in hollywood. Which film school would be best (it should be cost effective and good)

  • Picean says:

    Please give me names of certain schools, and give info on how to find Work after school. I would like to learn how to become a busy cinematographer. I dont know how to find alot of work, in that field. PLEASE HELP.

  • Sophia C says:

    I was wondering for quite some time now how tough is it to become a filmmaker, and more specifically a director or cinematographer? I’m aware that creativity and vision are a must, but what else is needed? Also, it is a popular career choice amongst a lot of people, but is there any market for it and what are the chances for a person to become successful filmmaker in the future 10 years?
    My interest is mainly in answers related to the film-making in the USA, Canada, and Britain, but not limited to only those areas.

  • D3ZZY says:

    If I wanted to become a professional slow-motion cinematographer, what would I have to do that?

  • Echo says:

    I have had some experience as a cinematographer working with a film co-op, but I have recently been asked to film an event for a group of people. How much would be considered reasonable per hour in Cdn dollars?

  • The Beatles says:

    I’ve always wondered what they do and how they are different from a director.

    BQ- Who is your favorite cinematographer?
    BQ 2- In your opinion, what is the best cinematography in a film?

  • Michael K says:

    I’m 14 years old and really interested in Cinematography and would like to do some research and develop practical skills which would help me become a Cinematographer when I am older. Does anyone have any ideas on useful resources (Books?) I could use to help. Thanks

  • zaclo says:

    I’m a graphic designer, video designer (cinematographer vfx designer), music producer. Trying to find a quick way to earn a good amount of money. Any sites for these types of freelance designers?

  • Picean says:

    I am planning on going to The Los Angeles Film School, and I was wondering if anyone one knew exactly the starting salary of these positions and what needs to be done to make it to the top. In fact, if heard word that these jobs work in guilds, so I would also appreciate it if you can confirm that.

    These are the positions I speak of:
    Director, cinematographer, editor, producer, production designer, screenwriter, and sound designer.

    Thank you for your help!

  • nasty1 says:

    I need to know if a business degree would best or would a film/theater degree be best? I plan to go to fim school after i graduate college but i figure having a good degree to match would be good. Or if i want to be a cinematographer or director of photography if a photography degree would be better than a business degree?

  • altair says:

    He’s a cinematographer, so that category is kinda expensive. I’m 14 though so any inexpensive gift ideas? Thanks!

  • Praveen says:

    I would like to know where I can find a book or another source that educates you on the equipment and lights that cinematographers and their crew use. Also the different kinds of lights specific models that they use on sets today and so on.

  • The Beatles says:

    A cinematographer in any way you get it. What’s the first step?

  • simply complicated says:

    If there is such a thing as a school just for people seeking to become cinematographers, is it possible that anybody can give me the name of the school(s)? Thanks.

  • Sriram R says:

    I live in DC and am only a couple of hours from NYC, so both would be easy (DC obviously the most). Being a cinematographer has been my dream since I was a kid.

  • Elijah luv says:

    So I’ve been saving up for a while now, but I’ve been curious as to what would be a safe amount to get myself established in Texas? I’ve been looking at moving to San Antonio, and what are some pros and cons of that city? I make a living as a photographer/cinematographer here in New England, but I feel like opportunities in that would be more abundant in Texas. Would this be a good move?

  • andresumoza says:

    I want to be a cinematographer/DP and/or animator. Can anyone give me some advice/insight? I am 17 and I know this is what I want to do for the rest of my life. My whole life has been dedicated to the arts and the last five years have been dedicated to photography composition and watching great films. I am slightly poor but I have realized my passion and I know I need to pursue it before its too late.

  • krow147 says:

    doesn’t the director decide how a camera moves? lens? how much light there should be? after all, the look of the film should match the directors vision. so what is the point of the cinematographer?

  • Balla says:

    Would a communications degree be enough to get you into the movie making business as a cinematographer? You could also be making your own short films on the side and submitting them to film festivals and stuff.

  • lets roll says:

    Sometimes I read the forums of cinematography and videography on the net and I wonder if Nestor Almendros, or any other great cinematographer like him, could have been able to understand what the new generation is talking about and how he could have reacted after the new HD trend. What do you think?

  • Austin says:

    I’m 16 and love to shot videos, write scripts, and edit my videos. I really want to be a cinematographer but I would also like to know if its a good steady job.
    Please give me any facts you know about being/becoming a cinematographer. Especially if you are one or took some classes!

  • Yoshi says:

    I am an art student in San Fran. I want to start putting my art out there now, butI m not sure where to start! Is there a proficient way to go about getting my art recognized and maybe start in the arts…….

    my type of art:
    Painter, Illustrator, Cinematographer, Video Editor, Photographer, in school for a BA in Web Design.


  • dubmecrazy3 says:

    I need to know the film director, earlier work by him, scriptwriter, cinematographer, country and year of release, and list of members of the cast. And if you can, can you summarize the plot? thank you so much!

  • henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    Because I can never tell the difference between a Director and a Cinematographer.

  • evil chevy says:

    I know what a cinematographer is and does, i’m just wondering if anyone here knows since many people don’t know much about this proffesion and if you know, can you please share?

  • nasty1 says:

    I’m a TV director , Producer cum Cinematographer and I would like to move to the USA as my true love resides there. I feel livin without her is a punishment and would like to love to the USA asap. I have been to the USA before and have my paternal Aunt and her children (one of whom has served as a US MArine) living there for almost 15years (citizens for 10). My other aunty is a canadian citizen.
    I would also like start a business and am willing to invest but as per my reasearch The “$500,000/= Green Card” is outta my budget, plus in addition it required you to hire 10 americans full time for a period of 3 years. Please suggest a way or business can be established immediately and would grant me residing privileges immediately.
    Willl be indebted forever.Thank you.
    I am familiar with Beta/DVcam cameras and own and operate my own PD150.
    I can also edit flawlessly on Adobe Premiere 6.5 and DV Storm’s Storm EDIT.

  • Disrae says:

    The question is clear. But also what should I major in if I want to be a cinematographer?

    Obviously, I have an interest in working behind the camera..what’s the appropriate major?

  • cardskid22 says:

    – What year was To Kill A Mockingbird made?
    – What was happening in US history at the time the film was made?
    – What was happening in US history during the time depicted in the film?
    – Who wrote the novel? What do you know about the novelist?
    – What does it mean when a novel wins the Pulitzer Prize for literature?
    – Who wrote the screenplay? What is the difference in the novel and the screenplay?
    – How many Academy Awards did the film earn? For what did it win?
    – Who was the producer of the film? What does a producer do?
    – Who was the director of the film? What does a director do?
    – Who wrote the score or soundtrack? What is the role of the composer?
    – What role does music play in the film?
    – What is a cinematographer? Who was the cinematographer on TKAM?
    – Who was the art director; what is his/her role?
    – Is there a message, or more than one message, in this film? If so, what is it?
    – Does the movie stand the “test of time?”

  • lucasg615 says:

    I know that directors are the ones that make the visuals come to life. They tell the story of the project that they are working on. But I’m confused. I thought that filmmakers make the decisions on the “look” of the film. However, based on what I’ve heard it sounds like cinematographers/DP’s (Directors of Photography) choose the “look” of the film. So do directors have no power in this certain aspect when it comes to filmaking?

  • Mc L says:

    I want to pierce and stretch both my ears to 5mm maybe, but I want to be a cinematographer. I am on track accedemically, doing creative media btec and going to film school after. but will it affect my job chances in the film industry? Tattoos aswell, also for a video editor, will it make a difference? thanks !

  • Harriet W says:

    When a cinematographer used saturated colors, what sort effect is it supposed to have on the audience? Or, What is the purpose for using saturated colors?

  • mmminja says:

    I have a digital copy from steam of Skyrim. I decided to erase all its mods and erase the game completely. So I uninstalled it.

    I then proceeded to install Skyrim again, which took several hours.
    When it finally downloaded and was ready to play, I figured out all my mods were still there!
    How do I erase them?! I dont know which files are for the mods.
    Do I just simply erase my data folder or do I erase everythign and redownload it again? How many times can I redownload it on stream? HELPPPPP!

  • Le Pwner says:

    I have downloaded 5 mods via the skyrim webbshop and now i cant start the game. it goes to the bethesda logo and then it shuts down. Some help would be really apriciated.

  • nyyankees1123 says:

    I installed Skyrim on my external hard-drive due to a lack of space on my PC and it works just fine. However, I will soon be running out of space due to my huge number of save games (thanks to multiple characters) and I want to transfer the folder that it dumps all the saves in. I wasn’t given that option in the install menu so how can I change that? Is it too late? If not, how can I change this so that I can make it save the games to my hard-drive?

    Many thanks in advance!

  • Seth says:

    So I’ve been saving up for a while now, but I’ve been curious as to what would be a safe amount to get myself established in Texas? I’ve been looking at moving to Dallas, and what are some pros and cons of that city?

    I make a living as a photographer/cinematographer here in New England, but I feel like opportunities in that would be more abundant in Texas. Would this be a good move?

  • apleaforbrandon says:

    Okay so I have an Xbox, but left it at my dorm for the holidays. I got Skyrim for Christmas, and have been playing it on my brother’s Xbox, and I have gotten decently far, and don’t want to start over. Is there a way I can transfer the save from his Xbox to mine?

  • slipknot0129 says:

    If a child wants to be a director when they grow up, what other areas can they study to gain the skills necessary. I’m a bit stupid – I’m not sure what exactly a director has to be good at – is it photography or is that the job of the cinematograper? I know they need organisational/authority skills but speaking of the creative side…..what is it that the director does exactly in the creative process…..people say camera angles and lighting etc but then what does the cinematographer do?

  • Orbit says:

    The Producer, Writer, and I (The Director) were running auditions for our student film. The Cinematographer showed up claiming it was his job to be at auditions. I asked him to leave so we didn’t overwhelm the actors with bodies in a small room (the line readers were there as well), but he was adamant that he needed to run camera. I don’t know much about professional casting auditions, so was this the right call on my part? I personally feel like the casting and working with actors is something that shouldn’t be handled by cinematographers, but how is it done in Hollywood?

  • Myles says:

    I just put in 300 hours into skyrim and i LOVED it!!! I’m now interested in playing Oblivion. What are some differences between Oblivion and Skyrim besides graphics?

  • Lachlan says:

    I have only two mods installed in Skyrim and script dragon keeps giving me errors telling my my version is not supported. I wan’t to know if there is anyway to fix it without getting rid of my mods. If you know anything please help this is what it says exactly: You’r game version is NOT supported, supported patches: here it just goes on to say patches up to the one from December. Please help, thank you in advance.

  • diggn4richez says:

    I’m using fluorescent lamps and a DSLR and creating playing with different lighting patterns. I am trying to get the shadows around the eyes that cinematographer, Gordon Willis, used on Marlon Brando in the “Godfather”. I also have bounce cards, a shoe mount TTL flash, and black mounting boards to cut off light if necessary.

  • Krazy Bob says:

    What is skyrim like and what is it about I am new to all of this

  • everydayGuitarist says:

    I want to role play on skyrim, but can’t think of any ideas, can anyone help me? My that I want to play as are Imperial, Breton, and Nord, if that helps.

  • xiM Clutch says:

    I accidentally married someone in Skyrim and i want to marry someone else. I can’t kill my wife because she is a main character. Is there any other way to remarry?

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    Im playing skyrim on PC and my compass health and ther stuff isnt showing up on screen, how do i enable it?

  • Denali says:

    I keep seeing this book with pictures of dawnguard the dlc for skyrim, its like a guide boom or something. I guesing its like a book of information about the game that bethesda gives to all theyre employees or somthing, thats my best guess, any info on that, like is it accsessible to the public? Any info would be good?

  • blarg blarg says:

    I have two separate Skyrim characters, but their saves are all mixed into one thing. How do I change this?
    I am on PC, and the game is on steam.

  • henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    I got the download token with a bundle and I’ve been playing skyrim on Xbox for like a few weeks, and now I want to play online but I don’t want to buy a whole other download. Is there a way to transfer the download to PC or something?

  • forahobby says:

    Im buying Skyrim, but before i buy it, I need a question answered. How many hours of gameplay will be put into the game. Because I hope its not like fable, where after you complete the 4-10 hours of the story and beat the game, your stuck doing nothing, and sitting there like, “ok what now?” Skyrim wont be a short game, will it?

  • Larry R says:

    i have all three elder scrolls in skyrim:dawnguard. and i can store or sell the elder scrolls. and i have finished the dawnguard questline, and the elder scrolls weight 20 lbs each. how can i get rid of them?

  • Johnky J says:

    I would like to play Skyrim with my pc. One problem, the game isn’t running fluent at all. This is probably caused by my graphics card. My setup is:

    Operating System: Windows Ultimate 64bit
    Processor: AMD FX-8120 Eight-Core Processor. (3.10 GHz)
    Memory: 12,0GB
    Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6450

    What graphics card would allow me to run Skyrim without any lag or other issues?

    Thanks in advance!

  • have faith says:

    Hi, I’ve decided to build a decent computer, capable of running new games like skyrim, and have very little money to work with. I don’t know much about computers but I’m trying to learn. I’ll make this four questions: what is the least I might expect to pay, which parts should I look for, does newegg free shipping apply to uk and can someone send me a link to a site explaining hardware jargon, what it means physically and how it affects performance.

  • Xavier Hawthorne says:

    As I love Skyrim I wanted to explore The Elder Scrolls series a little more. I’ve read that Oblivion isn’t as good as Skyrim -it’s to be expected really, I’d be worried if it was better- but is the storyline different enough to make it worth it?

    Thank you (:
    Oh, okay (: I think I’ll get it then, thanks guys!

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    Because i don’t know much about the game, lore, or mechanics, its hard for me to become engaged in skyrim. What could i do to become more immersed and enjoy my first few levels?

  • happyha31 says:

    When I play skyrim, my tv cuts of the bottom of the screen so I cant see my health. It is a 2003 Magnavox tv and I’ve tried just about every option to get it to work.

  • colingrillo says:

    Does Skyrim teach a religion or belief system as a whole that applies to real life? How did your personal views of life or specifically religion change from the game? What are your new beliefs? I know everyone plays the game different and makes different choices that can change the whole theme of the game, but I would love to know what group you chose and if it personally changed you and how?

  • forahobby says:

    I have skyrim but i really dont want to install it on steam. Is there a way to get around it?

  • Balla says:

    i just bought skyrim dawnguard but i dont know how to access it. when i go into the add ons catagory it says dawnguard but i cant select it or anything.

  • Rishi says:

    So I bought skyrim on a dvd in the store and installed it on my computer, works great love the game. I now want to be able to install it on my brother’s laptop as well on his steam account. I can’t do this obviously cause I already used the install code on my computer. Is there another way to install it? Maybe bypass steam somehow? I would be very grateful for any help anyone can give me.

  • mr flibble says:

    I’ll be playing skyrim for an hour or so and then it will just crash to the desktop with no error or anything. Why is it doing this? I tried the sound fix to 44.1khz but that hasn’t helped. Does anyone have any suggestions to why this is happening or how to fix it?
    No. That’s not the problem. Nothing is popping up or affecting it like that.I have my firewall in game mode so nothing interferes with the game.

  • Erfan says:

    I want to get skyrim for Christmas because I’ve recently got assassins creed revelations. How much is it now? How much will it be then? Thanks

  • Milk84 says:

    I joined the thieves guild on skyrim and now have nighting gale armor. But now I want to join the dark brotherhood. Is it possible to keep the armor but leave the thieves guild?

  • krow147 says:

    I want to make a jack of all trades class in skyrim, but I want to know what would be the best race, starting skills and race abilities. Also if you can, what is the best major skills to invest and best minor skills to invest in?

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    I have been playing skyrim for a while now and the maneqiuns keep glitching. They fully turn invisible or just only their head or their torso. Will they come out with a patch soon, or is their a way to fix it?

  • Kevin says:

    Hello. I know there is a built in, record device used in the Skyrim creation kit. But, I am using other people for voice acting. And I can only use their voice for the NPC’s using sound files. How do I implement the dialogue of a NPC to use a sound file? Thanks!

  • Boo Cookie says:

    I’ve seen people doing main quests in skyrim on level 70, and they talk about being on normal or hard. I’ve completed the main story and stormcloak questlines if that helps.
    How do I change difficulty, on my current account, with out erasing my data

  • Tyler H says:

    Can you make a follower in skyrim (human or animal) immortal using a console command or cheat? If not, are there any mods that would do so?

  • Myles says:

    I loved Skyrim so much and right now I’m going to buy fallout nv this is my 1st time playing a fallout game

  • friendly 4 says:

    I am looking for which requirements you need to play skyrim. I am currently running a emachines E525 and it is so slow, anyone how to to fix that?

  • RichT says:

    I want to change that location to my external hard-drive. Are there any mods or programs that do that for the Skyrim PC version? I have Windows XP Professional and it automatically puts my saves in Skyrim My Games folder in Local Disc C.

    Many thanks in advance!

  • evangldbrg says:

    So I was in Skyrim (city) and accidentally killed a chicken. Then out of no where 3 people started attacking me and wont stop even though I’ve sheathed my weapons. How do I get them to stop attacking?
    Yea i could get arrested, but can i like wait it out?

  • Xavier Hawthorne says:

    Why can’t they accept when the identity of a hero (Dragonborn, Nerevarine, etc) is canonically revealed in the slightest? I know people really get immersed in the games and revealing the identity of a hero may make their efforts feel pointless, but no matter what they always refuse to accept it when it happens. You may be wondering, when has it happened? Well I’m glad you asked! The Nerevarine- In the Skyrim DLC Dragonborn Neloth refers to the Nerevarine as “He” thus confirming his gender as male. Fanboy Rebuttal- He was using proper english by referring to him as “He” as opposed to the ambiguous “They” which is plural. Problem With Argument- Neloth knew the Nerevarine personally. Thus if he refers to him as “He” he’s doing so because the Nerevarine WAS male. They also can’t accept that the Hero of Kvatch DID become Sheogorath, or that the pre-release trailers for Skyrim confirmed the Dragonborn IS a male Nord. So to clarify my question- Why can’t TES fans accept when at least part of the identity of a TES hero is absolutely, positively, beyond ANY reasonable doubt canonically confirmed they do nothing but deny it and then “back it up” with BS excuses?

  • Mr SoLo DoLo says:

    When I load up my Skyrim game, which I just got for the first time, I get this red and white screen image on the main menu. It still shows the standard main menu options, but I don’t know how to fix it, or what the problem is. When I click on New, it will load for a few seconds, and then crash. Please help?

  • Ray D says:

    So, ive had skyrim for a long time now, played 91 hours. I bought the game disc and installed it onto my steam. I recently started to get a little bored and started to look at mods, its easier to do them without the steam database stuff in the way. I cant find the disc. How do i take it off steam and make it its own thing without the disc?

  • skychi99 says:

    I’ve played both and I really hated Oblivion but then I play Skyrim and it was just awesome, yet they both seem so similar.
    Is it the graphics or the mechanics of the whole thing?
    In Oblivion, the bow and arrow was just a waste of my space but in Skyrim I’d have it out most of the time.
    Please someone help me figure it out.

  • toysruslover says:

    I have skyrim on the xbox 360 and I wanted to know if I can make my character taller. If I become a werewolf or vampire, does that make my character taller or how can I do change my height?

  • Agent 47 says:

    Ok so I have SKYRIM on Xbox 360 and I added a mod using Horizon software. The problem is that after I load the file, it works for a bit and then freezes. Is there any possible way to prevent it from freezing? Someone please help.

  • superdork says:

    I just reclaimed the province of skyrim, now what do I do with them? Should I just start working on trying to destroy alduin?

  • Random says:

    Hello, I want to be able to play one save file from Skyrim at a friend’s house. What I was thinking is that i could somehow save a file to the Cloud thing that Xbox live has, then I could just play off of the cloud system. Is there anyway of doing this or something like this? Also could i save a Skyrim save to a flash drive?

    I have Xbox Live.

  • PillowMan1234 says:

    I have problems with Skyrim crashing to the desktop whenever I try to enter certain cells. Some are interior cells, others are exterior cells. There used to be software available to test and clean up mods for Morrowind, because it was such a huge problem. Does anyone know of something similar for Skyrim?

  • Clayton Cottrell says:

    Is it because skyrim runs on a new engine possibly?
    Also i played new vegas on console not pc and alot of other people said the same thing.

  • Jason M says:

    I am looking on entering the museum to get some Dwemer metal to create Dwarven armour, however evertime i go into the museum the guard says that i have done bad things in Skyrim and gives me a bounty. After paying the bounty and going back, the same thing happens. I was just wondering if someone could please tell me a way to get in, do i have to do a quest etc.? Thanks.

  • Jenna says:

    I’m making a mod adding a glass sword but more powerful & Re textured but I can’t get to default textures of skyrim and change it, please help! I’ve followed ALL the videos on youtube about the matter but none seems to work! I have xp btw.
    So if you don’t know how to help, send a link with the picture in the right format.
    <3 Thanks.

  • rndmaktn says:

    What is the difference between what the two do? a cinematographer and a camera operator? Obviously the camera operator operates the camera but what does the cinematographer do that is different?

  • Taylor G says:

    Okay, so I have an ancient computer (flat screen but ancient) that has Windows XP pre-installed and still uses a LAN cable. I have a pretty decent graphics card that can run games such as Oblivion, Skyrim, Dragon Age: Origins, The Witcher 2, and LEGO Harry Potter. However, it plays the brand new Hobbit video game with terrible graphics and runs Skyrim with horrible lag, terrible FPS, and excruciatingly long loading screens. Thus, I want to update my computer with things like more RAM, Memory, Hard-Drive space (1 or 2 TB if possible) and Wi-Fi. However, I dunno how to do this and what things I should buy since I don’t know my internal computer specs before installing the graphics card and don’t have the computer with me yet. It’ll come here in about a month or so. At the moment, I have a budget of about 400 to 500 pounds but will save up more for it so I want to know the best buy for my money. Any advice, tips, and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance!!
    P.S. I also want the PC to be able to run games like Diablo III, Assassin’s Creed games, and more modern ones.

  • liza says:

    I’m am planning to buy skyrim online but some of the covers on the bottom say not final art and I wanna know the difference between final art and not final art copies of skyrim

  • lildevilgurl152004 says:

    I’m making a documentary, and I need a cinematographer. I know no one can give me a pin point answer, but what am I looking at per hour? Also do I have to pay during the editing process if I’m the only having the final say?

  • callofduty5123412 says:

    Can you buy armor in the game? Can you change your appearance? Can you use vehicles? Do you get a followe? What are the similarities of fallout and skyrim? Which one is newer fallout new vegas or fallout 3??? And which one is better? I want a good rpg game and i finiahed skyrim and its so boring now

  • PoohBearPenguin says:

    I want to major in filmmaking–to become a cinematographer and director. But I have to stay close to home to help the family and the closest university does not provide degrees for film. What can I take in correlation or collaborate with my filmmaking skills and passion?
    I have recently traveled to Japan and now have this burning passion to return, learn Japanese in the meantime and also relate my filmmaking work to Japan. Would you say something like international studies/relations could work with my filming passion in say like tourism or media?
    I’m not sure if I said this right but hope this helps.

  • Derek says:

    Ok. So. I have opened up multiple questions about this and they have all been tied. I have some money and I am going to buy an Xbox game. The trouble is, I don’t know what one of a couple games to get, skyrim, pre order CoD Ghousts, saints row the third, or wait for saints row 4. On the marketplace skyrim is cheaper, but I’m so-so on fantasy. I have also never played it. Saints row is a little more expensive and the fourth is coming out in August, but I’ve never played a saints row game so I don’t even know if I will like it, but my friends tell me it’s awesome and hilarious. I am also a big CoD fan and Ghoust looks like a game changer and cool. I don’t know if I should wait for sr4, get skyrim, get sr3, or per order cod.

  • Mark says:

    Ive been playing skyrim for a while now. My main character is Level 44 and Ive done the main quest, the dark brotherhood, the companions, the Thieves guild, the College of winterhold, Dawnguard, Dragonborn and stuff. As well as many various side quests. What more is there to do? Does anyone have any suggestions of quests?

  • PoohBearPenguin says:

    How can I install skyrim on my laptop? It would look like its installing but it would stop and say that “Cannot create a file.” and on the top it would say “simpact error”.How can I fix it.My laptop is Aspire one and it’s window 8.Please help.

  • Patrick says:

    Since the dawn of motion pictures, who could be voted or stated as the best cinematographer both in terms of styles and creativit

  • Rkmc says:

    I’m wondering what would be the best console to play Skyrim on in terms of like graphics and stuff? i have a PS3 and PC and would rather the game on PS3.

  • Andrew S says:

    I have to describe the style of director Tom Holland for a paper. Most of his films are horror/suspense/thrillers. All I can think to say is that they are all dimly-lit, have slow dialogue, and hide a lot form the audience in the beginning (ex: a murder happens, but you don’t see much of it or the killer at all).
    I feel like these are all the job of the cinematographer and writer though. How can I say it’s his style when it’s actually the work of the rest of the crew?

  • isk8at818 says:

    I’ve seen directors and cinematographers carry a viewing lens around their necks. They use it to frame up a shot or get an idea of what will be on camera before they film. What is that thing called? If I wanted to buy one, do I need to be concerned about whether or not it matches the camera I will use?

  • supernerd567 says:

    I really know what I want to do. I either want to be in film production or a cinematographer. I really don’t know which path to take in highschool to become that? I also want to go to a college that provides that major.

  • Victoria T says:

    I just downloaded Skyrim on my Toshiba Satellite L455 laptop and no matter how many times I change the resolution of the game it still lags. Does anybody know how i can fix that without redownloading it on another computer?

  • tefa_96 says:

    I know Skyrim:Dawngaurd was supposed to have a later release on the ps3 than X Box by 1 month, but that was 2 days ago. Is it even remotely possible that Dawngaurd won’t be released for ps3 at all?

  • Jon P says:

    I’m making a armour mod for Skyrim and I want to see how my new texture holds up without affecting the game by placing it in-game.

    Can Nifskope show Skyrim textures? And if it can how do I get it to load them?

  • Myles says:

    Alright, so I wish to start a new game in Skyrim (PC), and I want to move said files to a safe place, where I will not be able to save over them accidentally. Also, it would be great to know if it saved mod info from the Steam Workshop too. Thanks!

  • Xbox Gamer says:

    I live in the UK and I have just finished doing my GCSE’s I am very passionate about cinematography and would love to some day be a cinematographer which is why I wondered if anyone could answer my questions.
    I have already taken photography at GCSE and hope to do so at A-level along with media but is there any other course which could contribute to becoming a cinematographer?
    Once I finish a level which universities specialise in cinematography?( as I have had real trouble finding one )
    Is cinematography a hard job to get even if I if i am good at it ?
    Thank you for your help any extra information would be much appreciated !! :)

  • Chris R says:

    I think it would be cool if they made a Greek mythological themed game, I mean I like Medieval themed games but I think the Greeks are so much more awesome, just take a look at God of War…

    I know there’s a dark souls 2 coming out but the trailer didn’t seem to be any different, the only thing I noticed was that it was a different game and the sprint animation was more natural and seemed to be faster.

    Also, do you not think they should make an MMO type dark souls? This game is sorta overlooked by many gamers because its apparently “too hard” but to be honest once you get used to it, its easier than some games.. I mean you can summon people to help you take on bosses, you can get invaded for pvp and you can see people’s ghosts walking around, so just imagine a huge open world where you can see everyone else playing too alike in WoW but in Dark Souls style, then having bosses which require loads of people to take on at once like in WoW with the end level bosses. I think it would be a cool thing for them too do, but I think its unlikely for it to happen. :/

    Anyway do you guys think it would be a good idea? And what would you like to see?

  • Sir fliesalot says:

    I plan on trading my skyrim in for mlb2k12 how much would i get for it?

  • Gamer959 says:

    My birthday is coming up, and the only thing that I am asking for from my parents is the game Skyrim.My father seems to be worried about it being a “mature” game, but then, so is Halo and Lord of the Rings Online. He and I have played the former, and I and my younger brother have played the latter, so I don’t think he should be worrying about mature content. Even this conservative Christian site that my parents rely on had compliments for it.

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again says:

    My husband is trying to find River Betty and some other ingredients from Skyrim. He wants to find a map of the ingredients telling where exactly or approx. the ingredients spawn. Pre-thanks.

  • Disrae says:

    Is Skyrim still fun and addicting even if you finish the main story?? Are their a lot of stuff and quests to do?

  • PoohBearPenguin says:

    i have the receipt for skyrim and ive only had skyrim for a few days.

  • Mathew says:

    For making a short film, . The short will be around a 10-20 thousand dollar budget. Running around 20-30 minutes. I plan on shooting it fully on super 16mm celluloid film. Where can I get a cinematographer, producer, editor etc.

  • Scott Bull says:

    Ok I know void salts come from storm atronaches in skyrim. (Sorry might of spelled that wrong but hopefully you know what I mean) but I don’t really conjure alot of things and I don’t have enough magicka. Do you know where you can buy, steel, or find void salts in skyrim?

  • everythingisgonnabefine says:

    Hey guys! Just wondering if there are any good games like Skyrim out there, but with a little less violence. I’m a huge fan of all the open world stuff, but sometimes I feel like all I do in Skyim is hack and slash..I want a little more exploring and medieval feel to the game..action is still good, but just not to the extent of Skyrim. First person would also be nice, but third is fine..Any help??

  • Phillip123 says:

    I am being pressurized my parents to start looking or career options I would like to do. I am 14 and very confused.
    I was never interested in doing a 9-5 job and always have wanted I do something fun.
    I have always wanted to work in a film industry.
    And recently I came across the word cinematography.
    I was wondering who is a cinematographer and what is cinematograph?
    I would really appreciate if people can write it in their own words if I want I can read Wikipedia but I wanted a more clear public view on it.
    Also is it worth and will financially be a good job?
    Any other career options that will let me work in the film industry?

  • ericmreitz says:

    i have bin looking for a game to play online with my brother and my uncle in co-op

    i have a wii , ps3 , and xbox360
    my bro has the same as me
    and my uncle has a wii u and xbox 360

    my uncle dose not like games like borderlands or hallo or animal crossing
    but he loves monster hunter and skyrim

    we don’t like sport games
    racing games

    we were interested in phantasy star but unfortunately i learned it no longer exist online

    so i was wondering if there were any other games like phantasy star or any fun online co-op games we can play the 3 of us together

    what we are looking for

    is something with swords not guns in the style of phantasy star / skyrim / monster hunter
    something where we lvl up train our hero’s fight side by side

    i was thinking about diablo 3 coming out soon showed the trailer to my uncle and brother they were not into it

    i also played dc universe online on ps3 my brother hated it and uncle was not a fan

    pleas refer me games for all systems if necessary we will buy the system required as long as we can play games together like old times
    i forgot to mention castle crashers my brother and i allredy finished it last year
    hum dynasty warriors i played 1 years ago i did not know it was online co-op i will look into that
    a star wars game would be awesome my uncle is a giant star wars nerd but Lego games are a lil childish aren’t they ?

  • Arminator says:

    So I’m at that point in life where i have to decide what college i want to apply to. My biggest dream is to become a cinematographer in film, or just be a film director. I know that’s not the best and wisest choice but it seriously is my passion. The problem is I have no idea which college offers the best courses and with a not so expensive tuition costs. (Full Sail is $80,000!!)
    I’ve heard LA Film School in Hollywood sucks so that’s out of my options. If anyone can please list some great colleges that offer these courses near Los Angeles, I’d appreciate it so much.

  • musicistabest says:

    I already have a user account and can play skyrim since I bought it but my brother made a user profile on my computer and made a steam account in that profile. When he opened steam, it showed all the games I have in my steam but he needs to buy them. It’s the same computer so can I somehow make it work?

  • Picean says:

    I recently bought skyrim and became a werewolf on it. I’m planning on buying dawnguard, but I want to do the vampire quest line and get their powers. The only problem is that I want to be a werewolf and level up as one, because I downloaded a mod for the werewolf perk tree and I don’t want that wasted. If you know of any mods that can help, I’d really appreciate it.

  • floydian8717 says:

    I have a decent laptop. I can run skyrim at around 30-35fps on low settings. Now, i have tried many ENBs but they completely kill my performance and the only effect I actually want is volumetric sun rays such as the one in the picture. What I want to know is if there is any way to get said effect withought the use of an ENB? However, if it is not possible is there an ENB available that only gives the volumetric sun ray effects nothing more. Thanks in advance.

  • Seth says:

    I have been playing skyrim for about a year now and I just figured out you can Connect a ps3 to wifi so I connected it, but what is so different when connected?

  • ConfusionnaJob says:

    I’m finishing up my general ed classes and I’m about to transfer from a community college to a university soon, the problem is I don’t know which university is a best match for me.

    I’m looking for a university that has a good film program because that is my passion and dream of becoming a cinematographer, and I’m also looking for a good science department as well because that’s what my parents encourage me to study. And it’s also my back up plan in case film doesn’t work out, then I can get into forensic science or a veterenarian.

    Also, I prefer this univeristy to be outside of California. Anything but UCLA or UCSD.

  • Keegan says:

    How much can professional photographers/cinematographers make if they do sports photographers or work for mtv.

  • krow147 says:

    -looking for something similar to the sony VX 1000, or perhaps where to find a refurbished one.
    -skate nerds and pro cinematographers (or any other camcorder savvy folk), please, drop some knowledge on me!

  • PoohBearPenguin says:

    I know it’s not a cinematographers or filmographers, so what are they called?

  • kass9191 says:

    i absolutely LOVE fantasy rps that are free roam/ open world. games like skyrim, world of warcraft and runescape etc. but i need suggestions for xbox. i’ve already played skyrim, i played all the fables and wasnt a big fan of them. fable 2 was pretty good but not my favorite. Also, along with your suggestions, which is better. border lands 2 or dark souls? and pleas don’t mention multi player games. i hate multi player aside from WoW and RS. please make suggestions for games with magic and stuff. oh and ive already played all the fallouts and all the far crys and grandtheft autos and the prototype games. they don’t have to be fantasy, but those are preffered
    i’ve also played all the assasins creeds

  • Death Knight says:

    i wanted to read the best cinematographers interviews in getting some valuable knowledge.

  • Roar me R says:

    i know things like acting and being a model and stuff like that are really unlikely for people but would that be the same for a cinematographer? is it a really difficult job position to get to? If you dont know what that is here is a little blurb (just skim through the first paragraph)

    its pretty much directing all the camera angles, lighting, and making sure that the movie flows together smoothly

    is this a long shot?

    (ps im 15 so im just trying to figure out what i want to be and i do have an interest in the film industry)

  • soccermaster1 says:

    01. Vittorio Storraro

    02. Miroslav Ondricek

    03. Roger Pratt

    04. Amando Nannuzi

    05. John Alcott

    06. David Watkin

    07. Peter Suschitzky

    08. Henri Decae

    09. Geoffrey Unsworth

    10. Adam Holender

    What are yours but they have to be European?

  • PolishPokeyPimp says:

    I’ve been a hardcore Skyrim fan for a year now. I know, that doesn’t sound very long, but I have absolutely nothing to do all day, every day, and I’ve logged in over three-hundred hours. Anyway, I signed up for Elder Scrolls Beta BEFORE I saw the trailer, and I didn’t get in. I just watched the trailer, and now I want to get in early so badly that it aches. I would do almost anything for it. But I got my chance, and they didn’t pick me. So what can I do to make this burning longing go away? Can I reapply?

  • Caltel T says:

    I have shot a couple of weddings in super 8mm film, and some events in HDV. Today a friend of mine introduced me to another person as a cinematographer. She said “This is (my name) , he is a cinematographer”. Now, even though I went to film school, I worked in the lighting of sets for TV soap operas for two years I feel that the title of cinematographer is too big for me, that I need more experience in formats like super 16 or 35 not just shooting weddings but more challenging stuff. But maybe I am wrong. If you are a cinematographer what is your opinion about my doubt? Thanks for your help.

  • Brian says:

    I love cinematography and photography and I have the Nikon d3100 at the moment but am looking to upgrade. The canon 60D has interested me for some time now but any other options that you would recommend? Don”t mind of the brand.

  • Andres C says:

    And also do you have to go to regular college to go to The academy of arts in san fransisco?

  • Bryan J says:

    I know this person who, when he has to introduce himself, says “I am a filmmaker”. The thing is that he works mostly on video, not film.Is he wrong or the word filmmaker applies to either case?

  • have faith says:

    Serious question, I was on the Academy Awards for best Cinematographers and there were no girls I really want to follow that path in film but would I even be able to get a job?

  • Courtney says:

    That’s credited in films, so what’s “second-unit”?

  • Patrick says:

    Which is the least addicting out of the 3 above.

    I want the least addicting game.

    Is skyrim similar to Runescape and wow, just with better graphics?

  • Ryan Dunn says:

    Hey, I was wondering… Can a colorblind person become a cinematographer? and if so, would it make the job a lot more difficult?

    (and by colorblind, I don’t mean “everything is black and white”. I’m thinking more along the lines of getting colors confused. eg. Red and Brown, Purple and Blue.)


  • Alex says:

    I want to be a Cinematographer, and work my way up to maybe DoP or something along those lines.
    Where would I start? i.e. Gaffer, Grip, etc.

    But other than that, what would you recommend I do?
    I’m up for anything but acting. Stuntman maybe?
    Where would I get qualifications for any of these?
    I really love film, all aspects.
    Probably should add that I am only 14ish.
    In High School. Any ways I can start now? like take photography as a elective, make my own “youtube movies”, etc?

  • andresumoza says:

    How are their roles different?

  • Maggie says:

    what does it mean if someone says “use the diffusion gel itself as the light source.”

    please be absolutely thorough in your explanation. Thanx.

  • Michael says:

    please give a detailed discription of each i have a basic idea but not quite sure please help thanks

  • turg143 says:

    Can someone explain what it is about, how DP’s join, and how a few cinematographers get their start, links to biographies would be great

  • Alina Elliott says:

    Please note, I just sent out a “How do I become a Director”, because I want to know which ones easier to be, and sounds better, so no complaints about that please.

  • supernerd567 says:

    im trying to restore skyrim to vanilla but each time i reinstall the game the mods and saves are back.
    If i delete skyrim and use my skyrim disc to install it. will that work?

  • nyyankees1123 says:

    It’s obvious that you usually don’t start out as a director or cinematographer, but what are the steps? Starting from the beginning. I’m in high school, so what should I be doing to help me prep for college? I’m not thinking of going straight to NYU or anything. Probably gonna transfer or something during college. What colleges do you prefer? What comes after college? Is it worth it? Any previous experiences?

  • diggn4richez says:

    right now im just doing my general ed. at my local community college, its my second year.

  • sean says:

    Not talking about the Big one, those who shoot tv serials and small budget films…

  • LN13 says:

    In terms of tasks and such.

  • Courtney says:

    I played it, and its good. But I personaly thought if oblivion had the graphics of skyrim it would be better than skyrim. What’s your opinion

  • heavenly sword says:

    What’s “YOUR” skyrim dlc idea?

  • happyha31 says:

    iv played skyrim and its the best game ever to me right but i cant aford it so im getting oblivion what do u think and is oblivion good ?

  • Balla says:

    Alright so I got into Columbia College Hollywood for TV/Film and I want to be a camera operator for a BIG TV production studio and to film TV shows such as Glee, Meet The Browns, The Ellen DeGeneres show and Brothers & Sisters etc. The college I got accepted has degrees such as Directing, Producing, Cinematography & Editing

    The school also has classes like Introduction to TV Production etc

    So does it matter if I pick a major in Cinematography if I just want to be a camera operator for Television?


    my friends always make fun of me and they keep talking about skyrim and how good it was, i asked what it was and they said it was a type of butter.

    i googled skyrim butter but nothing comes up, is it a type of butter?

  • Michael C says:

    Can I still be a cinematographer if I major in photography in college? Will not majoring in film close off all job options in the film industry? I’d like to work in the film industry eventually, but I also love photography, and it would be easier to apply and to get into college if I apply as a photography major. What should I do?

  • Muzahid says:

    what character on the elder scrolls 5 Skyrim do you think is the best and why.

  • Salam says:

    I’m studying this at the art institute and I know that there are many careers that I can pursue with this degree, but is cinematography one of them?

  • dubmecrazy3 says:

    Is Skyrim like the combination of fallout and fable because it looks that way?
    Is it worth getting or should I get Saints Row the Third instead?

  • Agent 47 says:

    I have only had Skyrim 5 days.I think its the best Game EVER!But nobody seems to play it anymore.

  • Victoria T says:

    i have been trying to find the answer to this question for a while. i guess that i need someone to explain VERY clearly to me.

    is a cinematographer basically a cameraman?

  • cardskid22 says:

    Ok so my skyrim on xbox 360 has been freezing latly and it getting to be a pain in the a**. If I delete skyrim hearthfire will it stop the freezing. Because I’ve heard people have has freezing problems in skyrim because of hearthfire. Also if I do delite hearthfire will the save become corrupt and unplayable?
    Oh and p.s I already installed it to my hard drive.

  • Xavier Hawthorne says:

    When I bought Skyrim my computer was a dinosaur. Now that I have a bran spanking new one I wish I had the PC version.

    1) Do you think Gamestop would let me return it for the PC version?

    And I bought Dawnguard and Hearthfire so 2) Would I have to repay for those?

  • Jonathan says:

    Im doing a project for my English class and I have to interview a Cinematographer. So If you are one or know one i can interview please let me know :)

    & btw; I will interview the person over the internet

  • ttocs says:

    How many towns are in skyrim
    How do you become an assassin in skyrim
    Do you think skyrim will be game of the year or ac revelations
    What can yu ride in skyrim to make your journeys easier in skyrim
    Please let your answer be descriptive for maximum points

  • Mackenzie P says:

    Can you tell me the detailed infos between them two? thx.

  • Dana G says:

    (Sorry for overload of question marks, 20 character limit -.-)

  • addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior says:

    Solike. I’ve tried downloading the Creation kit through Steam. But i can’t since 1) I’m playing Skyrim, cider-wrapped, on my mac. 2)It’s downloaded through torrents (obviously..) so i can’t register the game.
    Solike, my question is, is there any way to download the creation kit? I can use Bootcamp to download the Windows version of Steam, and maybe download the creation kit. But i doubt that’d work. Also. Are there any sites that make me able to download Skyrim mods, besides Steam, that aren’t automatically installed when you next play skyrim?

    Also. Sorry if i posted this in the wrong category.

  • kass9191 says:

    So, I’ve played Skyrim, but I’ve never played Oblivion. My friends say that Skyrim gets repetitive, and Oblivion has a better story, but I like the atmosphere of Skyrim more. Which should i buy?

  • The Inc says:

    I just saw The Assasination of Jesse James last night.It was shot by Roger Deakins and it was one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen.But it does not look like it is all from natural light.How do they get a movie have that tone,the colour of images

  • Andre says:

    I noticed these titles next to a person’s name in the credits of the last movie I watched and I wanted to know what these titles mean and what job does an ACE and an ASC do during a film’s production?

    BQ: Please answer my other question:;_ylt=AldDVngPLujgHtTgXepkMdvsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20120430084649AAj9Ajy

  • ScRSC says:

    like skyrim not dragon age thnx
    i wud plae oblivin morowind etc bt dy hv so bad graphcz dt mak me lose intrst

    gaara – yea js like dt i.e in wch v roam around the world and do stuff no other shitty player bothering like in dragon age , js focused on 1 playa similar kind of fights and all.. jst like the witcher 2 , its like skyrim too js a bit mre complex
    i so love the idea of skyrim nyc game

  • stephen m says:

    I was thinking about buying Skyrim but I not sure so what’s your opinions about Skyrim :)

  • evangldbrg says:

    I know they are making an Elder Scrolls Online. Are they likely to make any more Skyrim games after? or maybe they will make a Skyrim online?

  • Erin says:

    I have a powerful laptop (6GB RAM, x64 Os), yet Skyrim lags loads when I play it. It seems odd, that Skyrim needs so much power to run. Any advice?

  • stephen m says:

    What do i need to max out skyrim?

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran says:

    I always called them filmers.

    but someone told me that wasnt even a word

    what is the correct term?

  • Jon P says:

    what classes should you take in high school to become a cinematographer ?

  • easton j says:

    Do cinematographers decide the camera angle of the shot or does the director decide and the cinematographer makes it hapen?

  • Joe T says:

    I need to know what are the new Skyrim DLC News? I means when this skyrim dlc xbox game coming date? What about Skyrim Dawnguard beta progress. (Actually I missed to apply that Skyrim Dawnguard Beta game) And any one know the actual price for this awesome skyrim dawnguard expansion DLC. I need all information ?

  • sarah w says:

    Is skyrim fun? Also when is skyrim going to come out?
    skyrim 6****

  • zigg3ns says:

    We all know that some people think Oblivion is better than Skyrim. I prefer to say that skyrim is as good as oblivion. But so many Elder Scrolls fans hate Skyrim? Why?

  • Seth says:

    I was wanting to play skyrim I know there is skyrim scrolls but I dont know how many and I dont know if there is more then just the skyrim scrolls like just a plan skyrim or what… I really dont know anything about it so thanks!!!!

  • Wooooody says:

    I liked Oblivion a lot, now im thinking bout getting Skyrim. What is good bout Skyrim? What sucks bout skyrim? Is it better than oblivion? Whats new in Skyrim? Is it worth it??

  • clntvrrt says:

    I was hoping to, when I finish school work in Film and Television. I am considering either one of these jobs within this industry. I have tried looking them up individually, but I can’t figure out the difference.

    Thanks in advance,

  • Daniel says:

    I want to know how to update skyrim via steam manually

  • LN13 says:

    Since the holidays are coming up, I was wondering what game I should get for the holiday, Skyrim and Dark Souls. I unfortunately can’t get both so which game is better.
    Lol already 2 mins since I put this up and I’m already have people answering it. Seems like Skyrim is ftw but I won’t choose yet

  • Ramblin Spirit says:

    I Just played Fable TLC and that was the best gaming experience ever and the storyline was incredible!!! People say Skyrim and TES (The Elderly scrolls) Storyline is better and the gaming experience is better which game is better than Fable THC TES or Skyrim or both maybe???
    Which game should I buy first? I just want a good storyline and a good gaming experience..

  • NC Baller says:

    If you downoad skyrim can you still use mods?

  • Mark says:

    Would i understand skyrim without playing oblivion?

  • nmlpc says:

    Skyrim has a lot of good quotes, but I can’t remember them…

  • The Beatles says:

    rank them.

  • Harriet W says:

    On skyrim I first became a vampire but didn’t know I would be attacked if I waited too long with it and now I know i’m a level four vampire and I know I have to feed on someone to make them stop attacking me temporarily but even with no armour on or using the vampire invisibility power I can’t seem to sneak into the city undetected. Does anyone use a special method to get into a house undetected?? Also I have the skeleton key, but I need a lockpick to actually use it, which I didn’t have when I became level four. So if anyone knows where an extra lockpick might be that is outside of cities so I won’t be mass attacked, that would help too

  • Muzahid says:

    dont say skyrim because its newer. i never played oblivion.

  • jdubdoubleu7704 says:

    In the credits of some movies, ASC is right next to the names of some people.

  • mavis24 says:

    pls help i rlly want a mmo likee skyrim (PVP)

  • Rishabh Bajpai says:

    I played dragonage origins and haven’t even tried dragonage2. Should i finish off dragonage or just get skyrim? Skyrim does look cool

  • cardskid22 says:

    Like the title. What are some good mods for starting out in Skyrim?

  • evil chevy says:

    I like games live GTA so will i like skyrim

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    Im thinking about buying skyrim because my friends told me that its a good game. Id like to kno what its about and if its worth buying.

  • JackReynolds says:

    I think Skyrim going to relese there new DLC Called Dawnguard will be release June 26th for Skyrim Xbox users. Is that right date? So what kind og mission will include with Dawnguard dlc? And anyone know details about Story, Perks, Abilities of this dlc?

  • Xedo says:

    I have enough money to buy a game for my xbox 360. I am debating on whether to get skyrim or batman arkham city. I would like to know why I should buy the game you said. I like CoD games and I have played the lord of the rings and liked it. Thanks for your opinion!

  • mike s says:

    I decided to get some mods for Skyrim so what are some good starting ones? Please tell me some good mods that are popular. It can be extra weapons/items, tweaks or extra game content or anything.

  • hank baseballs says:

    im getting married in skyrim, whos the best/hottest person that you can marry in skyrim?

  • Oilers says:

    how and where i could download the latest skyrim dlc pc version and how should i download the steam for skyrim in order 2 play the dlc, i was so very confuse on the steps 4 downloading the dlc, and is it really necessary 2 download the steam for skyrim, they say ur just going 2 change something on the notepad something like that. pls helppp

  • Denali says:

    Who knows any good cheats for Skyrim On Xbobx 360?

  • Erfan says:

    Is there a monthly fee, a one-time downloading fee, or any kind of fee involved with downloading Skyrim online to my computer and playing it?
    Yes, you can play Skyrim online.

  • kerrin marz says:

    Besides Skyrim please and give me reasons thanks!

  • Goe122 says:

    Oh Skyrim, you have my fiancé by the balls. Every hour of everyday for the past month whether working or at home, my fiancé looks at skyrim videos on YouTube to get him pumped for the big release day this Friday (November 11). I think he is having a hard time depicting what is fictional or non-fictional because sometimes he will say or act in some weird way and pretend he is a Khajiit or some other weird character. Anyhoo, as a joke, I would like to celebrate with him this big day or the eve of the big day. I was thinking of making him a “Skyrim” card or making a cake. Any ideas out there from some hardcore Elder Scroll players such as my fiancé?

  • Superman says:

    I got Skyrim today from the steam sale (woohoo!) and it’s currently downloading, so I have time to spare. I’d like to know some good mods that are basically must-haves. And, if you want, add mods that are cool but don’t take away from the lore too much.


  • SKATEskum says:

    Does Skyrim (from the Elder Scrolls series) have a capital city? If so, what is it?
    I’ve found the list on the wiki, I was just curious is it had a capital since the list doesn’t include one.

  • Lia-lu-li says:

    It was amazing the guy from skyrim looking brutal picks up his bride and carries her over his shoulder true Viking style.
    Me and my sister. Massive fans of the series of games.
    We started to toss around ideas on the new ESO game and what the fuck is going on.
    I have a theory.
    Much like the game oblivion some dark prince coming through the insane portal.
    Been allowed or summoned by the thalmor. Depending on where we are in the new game another 200 years has past and clearly there main goal is to control everything.
    What if they made some kinda deal with whoever it is or what and there coming to collect. Hense the massive wall I can only assume is between skyrim and cryodil.
    To control the population.
    And your not only fighting the thalmor for your freedom but the darkness they brought in there quest for world domination?
    I’d love to see dwemmer come back too. Find out what actually happened to them as they all just were gone like magic. Kinda like Alduin. Thoughts&ideas

  • Lia-lu-li says:

    So I’m in the process of buying a phenomenally powerful gaming laptop, mainly because I’ve just started a job offshore, and have nothing to do in the evenings. The thing is, the internet we have available out here is 3 Mbps download speed, and .3 Mbps upload speed. So I’m looking into the best of the best when it comes to single player games, and am also open to games requiring little internet. I’ve always been a first person shooter fan (CS, COD, UT, halo) but also have played Oblivion and enjoyed that, so I’m definitely gonna get Skyrim.

    Any suggestions of single player, jaw dropping graphical video games with longevity and excitement would be greatly appreciated.

  • zigg3ns says:

    I didnt like the small sizes of Skyrims cities. Oblivion had pretty impressive sized cities for its time.
    I mean Dawnstar….. Falkreath…. come on! lol
    I liked the cities far better in Oblivion but Skyrim definitely has the better caves, dungeons, and ruins.
    Well IMO of course

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    i am looking the address of new shoot off mr. Adam kimmel cinematographer

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