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“Outland” is punishing, and not in the way you think.

I beat Outland, & overall I really liked it (I’m a huge fan of Ikaruga). I almost gave up a few times, however, because some of the boss fights are frustrating. The main reason? No halfway checkpoints! Actually, that’s not even accurate, it’s that the checkpoints come before a long stretch of nothing for some inexplicable reason. It’s like putting a checkpoint before a cutscene. Let me show you.

There’s a spider boss, yet when you start the section you have to run down a hallway, then complete a quick “hit two switches” section. It might be a little tricky the first time, yet it’s no huge deal.  After that the spider drops down, & you have to run through a bunch more stuff to obtain to the real fight. It takes a minute & a half to obtain there in this video, & he’s fast:

1:30 may not sound like a lot of time, yet chances are it’s going to take you multiple tries to beat this boss.  You’re going to spend 1:30 just to obtain to the part where you die trying to figure out the patterns. It took me four or five tries, I don’t remember. It’s frustrating, more than it is actual wasted time, & it’s needless. Just add a checkpoint there!

Example two is the final boss in the game, so don’t watch the whole video if you don’t want to spoil it (watch the first 45 seconds).

Thirty seconds of climbing up a ladder, every time you restart! Then another 15 seconds for the fight to begin. Again, not a ton of actual time, yet imagine climbing that ladder ten times. If they wanted that for dramatic effect, fine, show that the first time you load the game, yet if you die or restart, have a temporary checkpoint at the top of the ladder!

I don’t mind if the game is hard. Hell, you can even make the game harder, just stop punishing me by making me replay these tedious sections!

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228 Responses to “Outland” is punishing, and not in the way you think.

  • TommyKay says:

    I need to know where there are checkpoints between arizona and california, any and all ways to go through please.

  • Cpt Excelsior says:

    What if a cell ignores the M phase checkpoint? What mistakes can occur?

  • John says:

    Their would be no reason for suspicion or anything, no alcohol no drugs, nothing. Would the cop who is at the checkpoint be allowed to search my car and check my trunk without probable cause?

  • Taylor G says:

    Last Thursday at Gatwick airport my mother-in-law had a bottle of expensive champagne confiscated from her at the security checkpoint as there can be no liquids taken through the checkpoint according to the current security regulations, after British Airways failed to inform her at check-in that any liquids, etc must be stored in your hold luggage and not in your hand luggage.

    Any ideas of how I can get this item returned to me?

  • Caltel T says:

    How many checkpoints and where are they located? Please no rude answers or mean comments. I’m just curious. Thank you!

  • RichT says:

    I accidently saved a game on minecraft 360, that I didn’t want to save. How do i delete that last checkpoint, or save point on the xbox 360 , minecraft 360 edition?

  • have faith says:

    I am not planning on taking the taxi as I would be on a budget should I arrive at the Woodlands checkpoint by train.

    What’s the cheapest and most convenient way to get to & fro Changi Airport via the Woodlands Checkpoint.

    Do I need to get some notes or currency exchanged prior to arriving at Woodlands?

    How long would it take me to Changi and back from Changi?

    Estd amount I would spend if the cheapest route was recommended?

    Thanks heaps!

  • Arminator says:

    I got a €20 PSN card past weekend and have no idea what to spend it on i’ve spent half of it on outland any suggestions?

  • MAK & CHEESE says:

    I just got the golden egg and then reached a checkpoint, so can I go to the menu, quit (it says any unsaved data will be lost), and have my golden egg in my inventory after that, or do I have to wait to die or finish the level?

  • dealy says:

    So is our 4th amendment right still active during DUI Checkpoints, or do we lose it? What can the cops do during the a checkpoint when we go through them? I live in California, and here in Bakersfield, Checkpoints are done every weekend.

  • josh12rox says:

    I am in the state of Pennsylvania on New Year’s Eve. There will certainly be checkpoints all over the place tonight. Our driver side window of our Chevy Cavalier broke a few months ago (or I should say the motor for the electric window broke). We got the window up, but it is inoperable (will not go down). When we go through a checkpoint, which we certainly will if we leave our house at all, can we be ticketed for this problem?

  • Michael K says:

    My checkpoint exam is coming up on wednesday and could anyone give me a site which has revision for general things like the inside of a plant , the human body , life processes , acids and alkalis , elements and compounds , sumthin to revise for the checkpoint exam , they told us its gonna come in general things from grade 7,8,9 thank you .

  • liza says:

    I have a Dell Inspiron E1405 and I need to reset it to settings at an earlier checkpoint time. Can someone tell me how to do this?
    Can I do that without accessing my account, such as through a different window by pressing an F# key during startup?

  • Victoria T says:

    IN little big planet when you die how do you make it so you come out of a different checkpoint?

  • John G says:

    I have windows safety checkpoint virus, and was wondering what software I should use to remove it, if by miricle some software is free, I’d appreciate it.

  • Squall Leonhart says:

    I have a a few PSN games already:
    Closure, Crysis, Journey, Trine, Castle Crashers, Infamous FoB, Outland, Beyond Good and Evil, Flower, Dead Nation, Echochrome, and Warhawk
    I am looking for a game with a really good SP campaign. I am leaning towards getting Shadow of Colossus, GTA4 or SR2 (all of which I have never played) but I can’t decide.

  • stingerms says:

    I belive it violates my 4th Admenent rights, unresonable search? I went threw one last night I wasnt drinking but yet I have to wait 15 minutes by 30 cop cars and must show my ID and answer a bunch of stupid questions and why? What did I do? I just happen to be driving down the road… I read that 11 states have banned such checkpoints because they belive it violates our US constitution as well as their own states legislature. Whats your take on them?

  • lildevilgurl152004 says:

    I’ve heard that the police are supposed to post ahead of time where they are going to do sobriety checkpoints because it could potentially make people late for work. However, I can’t seem to find it on the internet. Does anyone know where they post it?

  • Joe M says:

    I’m driving to california spring break from Austin, Texas and was planning on bringing a certain illegal plant along for the ride for myself to smoke on, but i wanted to know what the police checkpoints are like, how many there are, and if i’m a white 18 year old male, with a white 18 year old girlfriend in the car, would they search for drugs?

  • Benihana says:

    I’m going on a trip with my class this weekend, and I’m a little nervous about going through the security checkpoint. Not that I have anything to hide, but I have an earring I can’t take out, and it says if the metal detector goes off, they’ll give you a pat-down. And what about the underwire in my bra, will that set it off?

    Also, are there full body scanners at the San Fransico airport?
    Oh, and are you allowed to have razors in a carry on bag?

  • nick s says:

    I have just moved from a CBSE school to an IB school. I am in 8th Std. So I have give this thing called checkpoint exam. I have heard it has the syllabus of 6 & 7 & 8. So I have done my 6 & 7 in CBSE. It is my summer vacations now so should I study for checkpoint exam of maths and science. Is it similar to what I have studied in CBSE ?

  • tefa_96 says:

    Database Checkpoint Mechanisms anyone?

    Can anyone help me better understand the purpose of the checkpoint mechanism? …And how often should these checkpoints be performed?

    Thanks in advance!!

  • Sonny says:

    I mean a border patrol checkpoint that is well within US territory. Would you be arrested if you do not have a passport?. Like if you are traveling from San Diego to Los Angeles for example and you get stopped at a border patrol checkpoint even though you never left the US.

  • kewlflame14 says:

    Last night I went through a checkpoint unknowingly and didn’t have my id on me, so they asked me to pull to the right. Instead, I kept driving straight. No policemen followed me. But I know I couldn’t have just gotten off that easy. What is going to be my punishment?

  • diggn4richez says:

    Whats steps should I take? I live in California and all took place on California soil at their federal checkpoint in the Laguna mountains between the San Diego coast and the East San Diego County Deserts. Thanks for your detailed answer if possible. Tom

  • Matthew David says:

    If a bunch of city cops were conducting a checkpoint in a city where they were stopping people and asking for their drivers license (may I see your papers) and conducting searches on them, what would happen if 10 vans pulled up 100 armed men stepped out, surrounded the cops, put them under arrest and brought them to the county sheriff under the charge of “Felony perjury” because the cops lied under oath (of office)?

    “To protect and defend the constitution” which contains “security of person’s and their payments”.

    What in the world would the police do? Especially if that militia had 1,000 to 2,000 people in the vicinity that they could call on in an instant?
    “security of a person and their papers” – I put payments above :oP
    Wrong lily.

    In the constitution a person has a right to be secure in their persons and in their papers from unwarranted searches.

    Checkpoints simply stop everybody and search them.

    When police conduct them, they perjure their oath “To protect and defend the constitution”. As they are not protecting nor defending the constitution by breaking the rules of the constitution.
    The problem is people think the courts duty is to interpret the constitution.

    People forget that the constitution is not up for interpretation, rather the constitution is based on the intent of those who gave it to us.

    In the instance of police & checkpoints, the signers of the constitution decreed it necessary for the people to overthrow a government that has become too over bearing on the people. Something which I feel is happening today.

    Remember always, the constitution is not for YOUR or anybodies interpretation, it is the intent on which it was written that matters.

    This was a test question. Obviously you people have no idea what the intent of a militia is, nor do you understand that the power truly and solely exists in the PEOPLE of the United States.

    That goes for you too officer. Your distress call 100 years ago would have been met by a mass of militia that the police could never dream of dealing with. Too bad today…. Too much TV and not enough patriots.

  • Jose B says:

    Ik there is a number to txt and let everyone knw that there is a checkpoint ahead .. What is it

  • Motordom says:

    How would a nonfunctional cell cycle checkpoint lead to carcinogenesis

  • Andres C says:

    when you drive from Nevada to California, you have to go through some state border checkpoint. They usually just wave everyone through. Anyone have any idea what it’s about? I’ve never seen it in any other state.

  • Sergio says:

    In 1971, a checkpoint during the cell cycle was discovered in leopard frog eggs, (Rana pipiens). This checkpoint was called a maturation promoting factor, and the checkpoint’s purpose is to prevent cell division from occuring unless the DNA is normal and fully replicated, and unless there is an adequate amount of particular proteins transcribed and translated which are needed during cell division. About two decades after in the late 1980’s it was discovered that the MPF factor is composed of cyclins and cyclin-dependent kinases.

  • Courtney says:

    Everytime I turn my computer on or reboot the following entry pops up…”The procedure entry point sqlite3_wal_checkpoint could not be located in the dynamic link library SQLite3.dll

  • nmlpc says:

    A speeding 1000 kg car sees a highway patrol checkpoint 216 meters ahead and starts slowing down at a constant rate. When it passes the checkpoint 5 seconds later, its speed is 26.0 m/s

    What was the value of the coefficient of friction?

  • Sophia C says:

    In little big planet how do you come out of a different checkpoint when you die?

  • zaclo says:

    I am staying near the resort, but checking out before my last day at the park. I’m just bringing one bag for everything — including toiletries and underwear — that I’d really prefer not to have to show Security… So, I’m just wondering if I can drop off my bag in a locker before they check bags, or are all the lockers inside the security checkpoint.

  • Mathew says:

    Last night I went through a checkpoint unknowingly and didn’t have my id on me, so they asked me to pull to the right. Instead I kept driving straight. No policemen followed me. I was afraid they would take a picture and send me to jail for driving off but then I read somewhere that I do not have to participate in checkpoints. Will I be okay, or should I be worried?

  • dealy says:

    If someone is completely sober and decided to avoid a DUI checkpoint (ie: to avoid the traffic or save time) and they aren’t doing anything illegal, could they be ticketed for that?

  • Wooooody says:

    Is there a checkpoint from Phoenix to Las Vegas? If so, is there a route to get around it/them?

  • Patrick says:

    I’m organizing a trip to Berlin and we’re leaving tomorrow. I have just realized that i cannot visit the Checkpoint Charlie Museum AND the east side gallery because i don’t have enough time. Which one is better in your opinion ? Please explain your answers :) Thanks a lot in advance !

  • Sriram R says:

    when I used to work at this fast food restraunt for the late night// morning shift, around 2:30 everyone that came in the drive through was either intoxicated, or high, or both. (Everyone) that came through that drive thru.

    Is there anyway i can contact the police department to set up checkpoint with drums and cones to crackdown on these drunk drivers? they are risking the lives of others, i know its wrong, why is nothing done about it?

  • Squall Leonhart says:

    Specifically, do officers generally ask the people that pass through the checkpoints to show their license? That is, given that they are not under suspicion for an actual DUI.

  • Sonny says:

    I have made the drive from las vegas to california on the 15 freeway many times and have always hit traffic for many hours usually on sundays because of the agricultural checkpoint. Do you know if there are days or times when they don’t do the checkpoint? the drive back is unbearable!

  • lets roll says:

    I live in Juarez, and want to go visit him, is there a checkpoint in alburquerque, where Bernalillo is in, and how exactly is this jail? thanks.

  • lildevilgurl152004 says:

    At that mission that you need to save ur captured wife Ive made a terrible fucking mistake and im so fucking pissed now!!!!!! I was unseen until that terrible fucking shit mistake! So is there any way how to go back to ur last checkpoint??

  • Jeff says:

    I love Dead Rising but I need I decent checkpoint system as in the last two games it drove me mental when you ran half way across the map and then you stumbled into a boss battle and die and you have to reload your save from 40 mins, this made me want to kill someone. How does the checkpoint system work in Dead Rising: Off the Record does it fix this issue?

  • Eric says:

    If I was stopped in a dui checkpoint I would say “I want a lawyer present before I answer any questions” and “I want to leave unless I am under arrest.” My understanding is that a police officer has to allow you to leave unless he decides to arrest you. So how long can a police officer detain me after I say I want to leave a dui checkpoint under Nevada law?

  • Hayden says:

    I have a layover in SLC this weekend and was hoping I could have lunch with my sister. I would like to know if there are any restaurants that are outside the TSA checkpoint so that I don’t have to leave the airport to have lunch with her. Thanks!

  • josh12rox says:

    Be sure to include timing of the checkpoint you cite.

    And don’t be afraid to list checkpoints others have already listed if you think a different timing is appropriate, but explain the difference.

    …And don’t be afraid to be creative or unique. 😉

  • Scott Bull says:

    In cell division, explain how a defect at the G1 checkpoint can result in a tumor.

  • mavis24 says:

    I know we’re not allowed to being liquids through checkpoint at the airport, are we allowed to bring food? Last time I brought some chewy candy with no problem. Think it would be fine if I packed a lunch and brought that before I got on the plane? We’re going to be there at 9am and leaving at 10:45am and won’t be landing until 2pm (3pm landing time). What about bringing an empty water bottle to fill up once we get through checkpoint?

  • shahrukh says:

    got a ticket at a checkpoint for driving with no license. i have court in October am going to get my license this month before i have court? so what happens?
    okay i turn 18 in a week . so will it be suspended till im 21 or should everything be fine once i get my license?

    oh and i forgot to mention i had my permit already . is that any help? im going to Inglewood court ? anyone know how strict they are?

  • NC Baller says:

    While going through the security checkpoint at the airport and as one is required to take of their shoes I could not believe that the people who were wearing sandals just stepped on the floor in their bare feet. I thought they would have taken a pair of small socks to put on for this purpose. Can you imagine all the germs on the ground?
    Well Indiana Jones it’s not so much that I worry, It’s just that it was like sort of in my face at this time, a whole family in front of me was in their barefeet so I just could not help but notice.

  • x_blind_x_gamer_x says:

    I know you always have to carry ID while driving a vehicle but when you are stopped at a checkpoint do you HAVE to show ID because they also cannot pull you over just to look at your ID. Also, since they have no reason to pull me over, can they also give a ticket for lets say wearing no seatbelt. Florida BTW.

  • Andrew S says:

    Is there anyway to bypass the facebook checkpoint where you have to pick different pictures i keep failing, and is there certain amount of attempt’s before your locked out for good?

  • Dana G says:

    You know the checkpoint sheets that teachers give out at the beginning of every new topic you do in class? They outline all the things you should know after completing the unit.

    Well I’ve lost some of mine from various subjects; science especially. And I was hoping that someone might know of a website where I could find them. I’ve searched all through the Board of Studies website but they aren’t there.

    Please help.

    Thank you.


    Like getting the checkpoint and then the rest is hard becaus you keep going back to the same place.

  • Peter says:

    I have tried logging on to my account but every time I do so I have to get past the checkpoint!! It says it has sent a code to my phone but it hasn’t , pressing the re-send code button doesn’t do anything either! please help me.

  • Mc L says:

    I have the id (old style) which does not have the black bar. when i get to the checkpoint do the people slide it or just check it?? same thing when boarding a greyhound bus slide or just check it?

  • Brody S says:

    I mean the Legal way of being a refugee(not passing border illegally) , going to any US-Canada checkpoint(border patrol) and telling them that you want to be a Canadian refugee, while you have a US visitor visa.

  • Ryan Dunn says:

    I am trying to buy Angel season 5 off of ebay. There are two types: sensormatic or checkpoint; what are the differences between the two types of the same show.

  • everythingisgonnabefine says:

    I don’t have enough gold to train for expert riding skill so I want to buy a regular gryphon mount in outland because it only requires the artisan riding skill. But I wanted to know can you use it in Northrend?

  • balinderk2000 says:

    So, bascally me and my friend do recruit a friend and duengeoned all the way to 70 now i havent even completed hellfire pinnuinsula. So, two things how much gold would i make if i went ahead and did all the quest in the outlands and two should i go to northend or stay in outland for the gold?

  • Moore, Ron says:

    It says Outland and Pro-Series on the frame. It has Disc brakes. Serial number is TT4A05585 .

  • Mark M says:

    I know they come in the fires of outland. I just got one the other day and I just want to find out if they are still being made? I know what it’s worth and I really don’t want a link to a page talking about just an answer. Or if anyone is looking to buy one I will sell through paypal for $999.00

  • Matthew says:

    in wow i see lots of people riding flying mounts everywhere. but i read on some site it is only in Outland and northerend is this true?

  • Le Pwner says:

    I’m trying to buy Outland from Playstation Store, but it doesn’t appear from the Playstation store of my country. I tried setting up another country’s account, but the billing address of the credit card I can input can only be located in that country. And I don’t want to buy a playstation network card as it’s more than the game is worth. Can it be done?

  • Gundown64 says:

    I’m in Outland right now for the first time, at lvl 66. And up until now Outland has been kind of boring. But I like Nagrand and the few areas before it. And I was wondering how the questing is in Northerend, Cataclysm zones, and Pandaria?. Which one(s) do you like the most and why?.


  • Christopher J says:

    I have never seen checkpoints at state boundaries before.

    Do any other states have them?

  • Jeffery Carlson says:

    DNA damage induces cell cycle arrest, which provides time for repair of DNA and enhances cell survivial.. After synchronizing the cells, you add the ChK1 inhibitor 7-hydroxystaurosporine at G1 phase.

    Which cell cycle checkpoint can be overcome by addition of the Chk1 inhibitor?

  • lets roll says:

    in alien vs predator on xbox360 i accidently clicked restart mission on the final part :(. and now i hav to start mission again but my last check point on that was the final part. how do i get back to that checkpoint?

  • jag43216 says:

    Yeah, I know the whole “you gotta sell ‘your time invested'” and all that crap. I don’t wanna know how to “word” it, i want to know what’s the procedure once i sell it. How to I transfer the account to the other person and remove my payment information and all that crap. Also, if anybody is interested, it’s got a Twinked 41 gnome warlock, with 3/8 nemisis waiting for him, and some other goodies. also a 60 rogue with 4/8 Shadowcraft and a but-load of drops from Outland. few other 20-30 characters, all on Shadow Moon and Ysondre. I don’t play it anymore.
    OOPS… my bad. it’s 3/8 DREADMIST. rawful. not sure how I funked that up.

  • liza says:

    Well? I’m lvl74, and a orc deathknight, I’m currently in Outland and want a netherdrake bad! Please help me?

  • Moore, Ron says:

    Cant find the place to go to get to the outland. Can anyone help?

  • skychi99 says:

    I am a level 70 Blood Elf Paladin, I’m trying to get to the Blasted Lands to take the Dark Portal to the Outland. I am in Dun Morogh, and I cant find a way to get to the other side, which is the searing gorge. Please give me a link or a detailed answer, first answer gets best answer.

  • Sophia C says:

    Yes, I’m guilty of being a major player.

    62 Human Warlock
    80 Troll Priest
    65 Troll Death Knight

    It’s been so, so long since I’ve leveled in Outland. Specifically the zone “Nagrand” I’ve already done most of the elite quests there including the Ring of Blood quests.

    How do I level there? Just kill kill kill? Or are there any quests I should make sure to pick up?

    Just an update. I’m too paranoid about posting on the official site, because the last two times I’ve done so I’ve been “Keylogged”.

    Thanks again!

  • Le Pwner says:

    I bought my husband some outland smittybilt sound pods for his jeep yj but they didn’t come with directions. I’ve been looking all over online and can’t find a thing. Can anyone help me with how they install? didn’t work. It said “One of us is lost”… But thank you for trying.

  • Xbox360king says:

    For me it depends on which toon I’m playing. I loved playing in Stranglethorn Vale with my shammy because she could skin almost everything she killed. I like the mountain atmosphere and music of Loch Modan…very peaceful. I like the Hinterlands for similar reasons. I’m not a big fan of any of the Outland zones, though, I have yet to explore Netherstrom.
    Hey, Wailing Caverns IS the best sub level 20 instance. And it’s a piece of cake if your party has half a clue!

  • Marlon P says:

    Can i buy them at best buy, target, gamestop…… i need help ive been looking for them everywhere please help me out!

  • SteveO says:

    My dk is at lv 65 almost 66 and i don’t know if i should get a flying mount at lv 70 cause they’re really expensive and u can only use them in the outland unless u know cold weather flying and by the time i’m at lv 70 i’ll be in northrend do you have too wait till a higher lv too learn cold weather flying

  • Dr Hank says:

    the series comprises three books : Borderland, Outland and Shadowland. it’ll really help if they’re downloadable…. thanks !

  • blarg blarg says:

    Okay, well I use to play WoW about 2 years ago… and when I walked into StormWind I saw hundreds of people at the AH, and in the square, and near the bank. Now I’m lucky to see 30 ppl. Is everyone at outland? or…. has WoW’s population just gone down that much?

  • Bryant B says:

    I am a level 70 Def Warrior, My Profesions are Mining and Blacksmith, but neither are well developed, I can’t mine in Outland, and my blacksmithing is way behind my mining. I have 1840G right now, I do dailys Heroics and Raids every now and then? What is the quickest method for me to get gold other then buying it?

  • Scorch Delta-62 says:

    I am about to purchase a soft top manufactured by Smittybuilt / Outland Automotives and was wondering if this brand fits well. I know I should go best top or supertop but im on a budget and hope this will suffice. Any information on this would be awesome!

  • che-che says:

    I bought the proficiency/mount in outland. When i returned to azeroth i could not mount. I know i need to get a seperate skill for flying in northrend is there a similar skill for the other azeroth islands?

  • Agent 47 says:

    I have never played horde, and am now in outland. I am a herbie and would love to know what vendor sells the 20 slot i think it is.

  • Victoria T says:

    Like ive read that it is the Fires of Outland, but ive looked at some packs openings on youtube and they have been pulling them from Magtheridon packs please help

  • kewlflame14 says:

    In Sunshine he froze. In Outland and Total Recall they exploded, although I guess they were not immediately at freezing temperatures. In 2001 A Space Odyssey he survived it. What would happen to you in space?

  • norrin_shadowwolf says:

    I have:
    little big planet two
    Rachet and clank all4one
    Modern warfare 3 and, Outland
    I will be getting resident evil operation raccoon city soon, and resident evil 6 on october second, as well as resident evil 5.

    My psn is zombiabsol3
    Add me so we can playyyy!

  • Mathew says:

    i am a lvl 48 human pally now and when i get too 58 i will be going too the outland and when i get too 68 i will be going too northrend. but in the mean time where do i go too get too lvl 58?

  • Chester says:

    Many years ago I’ve read an article claiming that there is a very small and outland village in Qeshm island of Iran which is populated by poor people who are Portuguese. Actually they are remained from those Portuguese which invades south of Iran many many years ago. And these people are living in a very bad condition. Now I googled many times but I could not find anything out there, is it really true? Is there such a village in south of Iran???

  • Kristian says:

    In square miles or kilometers. Including dungeons and outland.

  • clntvrrt says:

    I remember the movie “Outland” — one of the scenes had a body that was suddenly exposed to the extreme loss in pressure and exploded violently. In “Sunshine” (released this year), two humans attempt an unprotected projection from one spacecraft to another, and one of these misses it’s target and freezes solid. Which is the correct? I see these as mutually exclusive — although in either case the mass (or pieces) would eventually freeze.

  • Gundown64 says:

    Zhumell 10x50mm, Nikon 7×50 action binocular, or Celestron Outland Lx 10×50?

    Which one do you perfer 7×50 model or the 10×50 model binoculars? Or should I get one of each model?

  • Jamal says:

    I’m downloading Outland on my PS3 and it’s taken like over 20 mins for a 1194 mb download. I’m sure before with my old hard drive it was faster, how long does it take anyone to download big files?

  • RichT says:

    I am level 68 in wow and I was wondering should I go to Northrend or stay and finish outland first?

  • Jon P says:

    I’m a new level 55 Death Knight and i was wondering if i quest in Outland (hellfire penninsula) How much XP on average would i make? I heard you get more as a DK.

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran says:

    I am a US citizen and I will be going to South Padre Island in a few days with some friends. What I want to know is what do I need (driver license, birth certificate, passport, etc.) and what the border patrols will ask at Sarita Checkpoint. Help I never been in South Texas area before this is my first time. Any help is appreciated.

  • homerliveshere says:

    It seems like you can get better gear more easily in Outland than by farming Plaguelands to get valor tokens. Is AD passe now that 60 isn’t the max. level?

  • ouch says:

    In world of warcraft how can I get to the outland if I am on the alliance

  • Jeffery Carlson says:

    If the married Canadian and American have applied to have the American move to Canada, can the American stay in Canada?

    I know it’s a maximum of 6 months to visit as a tourist, but is there a way to extend the time if you’ve applied for permanent residence?

    I believe it may depends on if the application is inland or outland, but outland seems to be the best choice for these applications.


  • callofduty5123412 says:

    I’m Looking For Instructions On How To Get To Northrend & Also The Outland From Both Horde & Alliance Areas By Either Flying, Walking, Boating, Or By Going On The Zeppelin :)

  • Praveen says:

    answers mainly in the question lol :L any1 tell me please, and if your in Outland realm and answer my question you get 50g :) so YAY for you lol

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran says:

    True or false:
    The M checkpoint in the cell cycle functions to make sure that the DNA has been copied properly

  • Alex says:

    All the flying mounts listed on WoWWiki that I looked at seem to require that you be in Northrend or Outland. Is this generally true?

    Cause if it is, that SUCKS.

  • xLittle21Yaox says:

    Just curious, before outland, who was the big bad guy of world of warcraft?

  • Tyler H says:

    how do i get from dalaran to orgrimmar? im a warrior and want to change my spec but cant because theres no warrior trainers in dalaran. -_-
    and also is there an easier way for getting from northrend to outland and other continents?

  • happyha31 says:

    I’m an American citizen, getting married to my Canadian Fiance (From Ontario) He’s going to put in for spousal sponsorship, and we will be going through the proper channels (I want to apply for P.R outland) so that I can stay with him, hoping we wont have to be separated for any length of time. I know that you must have a medical exam by special doctors as well as a back ground check for criminal history. If I’m staying in Canada, can I have the medical check and back ground check IN Canada or do I have to go back to America to have these done?

    Thank you so much for your input and time :)

  • blarg blarg says:

    He is level 65 right now. I AoE grinded from 20 to 60 but there isnt many good spots in outland, so i quest. I find the questing to be slow because it takes a long time to kill things as a frost mage. should i go fire?

  • Andre says:

    I’m level 58 trying to level my leatherworking to Outland level. I’m only a few short of what I need to level. When I go to the Auction house Rugged Leather is 230g a stack! Why?

  • Kaylla says:

    I have world of warcraft and im playing it on a dell inspiron 1525. I am getting like 5-7 frames per second in outland and naorthrend and i still get 15-20 in azeroth. Is there any way that windows 7 will boost the frame rate, even by 5-10 frames.

  • Anny says:

    I am an US citizen and am planning to get married with a Canadian citizen and stay in Canada. Depends on work, I might come back to US for work and stuff but I guess I should worry about that later.

    Below is my brief plan and question, I wonder if anyone can help confirming with me.

    First of all, I need to go to Canadian provience civil center and get a marriage license and get married in Canada.

    Then, I should come back to US continuing working and have my health checked and receive my police clearance, and have myself and wife to file outland family class visa/work permit (IMM1344), and wait until I got approved.

    One thing is that we were thinking about getting married in Hawaii or Vegas. If we do so, do we still need to go get married in Canada before applying for my visa? Would the US certificate be valid for our marriage in Canada?

    Both me and my fiancee are not rich so the financial requirement of the sponsorship is really not ideal for us, can I include my own money to meet the requirement?

    Thanks a lot for the help,

  • Jonathan says:

    I have seen many different dances in wow now and i have the same dance as i started with. I was wondering if anyone can help me with this. Also where is there a skinning trainer in outland? As i have reached skill level 300.

  • Hannah says:

    I have a job interview and I have been smokin recently and there is a chance I’ll get the job on the spot. It’s in two days so how can I clean my system Outland don’t tell me to buy some type of pull cuz that’s not happening any natural ways and no stupid answers please thank you

  • borabora5524 says:

    BRIEFLY explain how a defect at the G1 checkpoint can result in a tumor.

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    I just recently got the explorer tabard after exploring all of outland and Northrend but I never fully explored the eastern kingdoms or kalimdor but in my achievements it lists all the places I’ve discovered but honestly I hadn’t been to half of them. Is this just a new thing because of cataclysm? Or did they just give it to me?

  • tjpimpin says:

    i have a lvl 71 worgen druid, a lvl 25 goblin hunter, and im looking to start a dranai shaman. i can usually level fine until i get to outland and then i start to slow down dramatically. thanks in advance.

  • lildevilgurl152004 says:

    I just got a brand new Hp pavillion 2410us. It has 1GB Ram, 1.8Ghz, and a Geforce Go 6150(UMA) up to 287MB.
    I’m suprised to see that world of warcraft is not smooth at all! the Fps is around 12 to 20 when i am in Azeroth and around 4 to 10 when iam in outland. I tried my best to set up the best video option, but nothing worked. I even tried to increase the video card dedicated memory from the bios and it still did not work. Now i wonder if my computer sucks or if there is anything else i can do to increase the fps. Thx for your help

  • MAK & CHEESE says:

    my character fell off the edge of the outland. then my ghost fell off too. now i dont see my character and im viewing the blurry whiteness of the edge. i cant use hearthstone and i cant auto unstuck. what do i do?

  • Maggie says:

    The computers at my old high school and my university have computers open for student use, and, upon restart, deletes any new data that might have been added to the system during the usage period, probably through returning to a system checkpoint. It does this only when the computer is restarted and not simply logged off from the student’s user account.

  • toysruslover says:

    Last time i went on a trip i downloaded my name is earl season 1-2 i downloaded also a software that converts the movie file into a file that my iphone 5 takes. This experiment took over 2 days and drived my computer crazy! Now im going on another trip outland and that means i wont have internet or 3G. I want to watch another movie/serial and thats the walking dead. i already downloade d the seasons that i want but isnt there any quicker and better way to do it?

    How? I downloaded some movies and convert them with the software “Free video converter to iphone” It took over 2 days and it was like 16 moveis that is 27 minutes long. My computer fan was loud and then yes i could watch movies.

    Why? Now i want to watch movies again in the car but not making it the same way.

    Informations: Phone: Iphone 5 ipsw Computer: Acer Aspire m5690. I use windows 7. Phone memory is 16 and drived over 12 gb. computer has 73 gb left.

  • x_blind_x_gamer_x says:

    A mutation results in a cell that no longer produces a normal protein kinase for the M phase checkpoint. Which of the following would likely be the immediate result of this mutation? Can someone please explain the reason why?
    The answer is: The cell would undergo normal mitosis, but fail to enter the next G1 phase.

  • MexicanDude says:

    Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response or VIPR, is TSA’s new and exciting highway checkpoint system designed to ensure greater safety by detaining, questioning and searching American citizens who wish to travel on the highway. It is being tested and improved in Tennessee and preparing to go National soon.

    Does anyone know when we can expect to see TSA highway checkpoints Nationwide and what to expect from TSA roadblocks and checkpoints?

  • Dana G says:

    I was just curious to know if anyone has more than 100 or more movies on DVD in their collection.
    Have you updated most of them to Bluray?
    How many TV shows do you have on DVD or Bluray?

    I have over 200 movies on SD DVD and most have been updated to Bluray. Some I have and will update them to BD but not all of them because some movies are not worth updating. They are good enough quality on SD DVD. It all depends on the price too.
    The only BD I have on TV series are all the Star Trek series and movies that have been released on BD.

    The movies I am waiting for them to be released on BD are The Court Jester (1955), Forbidden Planet in R4, The Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, Showboat 1936 and 1951, Oklahoma, Invasion Of The Body Snatchers 1955, It Came From Outer Space, Outland, Key Largo (1947), Mildred Pierce, The Man With The X ray Eyes, and many more.
    The Hidden Fortress(1959) too.
    Forbidden Planet in BD and SD DVD remastered version have yet to be available in Australia.

  • evil chevy says:

    Do people have to go through specific security sections (C1/C2/C3) for specific gates or do all three security checkpoints lead to the same area?

  • colingrillo says:

    I’m making a map but with all of the new features I don’t know how I can actually set it to where you have to drive over checkpoints. Does anyone know how?

  • Motordom says:

    Mitosis stops if chromosomes are not properly aligned.

    Mitosis will not occur if DNA is damaged or not replicated.

    If DNA is damaged, apoptosis may occur.

    Malfunctions of checkpoints are not involved in the development of cancers.

    Cyclin must be present at certain stages to advance to the next stage.

  • Tyler H says:

    More importantly, how many are in the gaza strip? because I can’t seem to find any information on the number of checkpoints in the Gaza strip.. Only the West bank. Thanks.

  • jdfan says:

    We are planning to go by indio but my parents heard there are immigration checkpoints by there. In other words they wouldn’t be able to head back to los angeles.
    so are there any checkpoints by or near there and where exactly. please respond and thank you.

  • baldy eire says:

    Particularly ones like DUI Checkpoints where they demand I.D., My understanding is that it is against the 4th Amendment for them to stop you and check without reasonable suspicion of a law being broken.

  • Mak Sultan says:

    I’m driving to Albuquerque in a couple weeks from el paso and was wondering about the checkpoints. I’m wanting to take in about a gram of weed and wanted to know if there are dogs at the check points or if its easy to get through. Serious answers only.

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran says:

    Is there immigration checkpoints driving from los angeles to milwaukee?

  • vanvark83 says:

    I live in california near the los angeles area. How can you check for checkpoints online (roadblack for drunk drivers)

  • Jenna says:

    Are there any checkpoints driving along highway 1?
    I’m asking bc my husband has not yet achieved legal status though we are working on that. Please no political opinions here. I just want a straight answer.

  • SKATEskum says:

    I need to get from Houston TX to San Francisco CA, ASAP i have no idea if there is any immigration checkpoints so i rather avoid them, does anybody know whats the best way (HIGHWAYS) to get to my destination without the checkpoints?

  • jdfan says:

    Why are there checkpoints prior to DNA synthesis and prior to mitosis?

  • Matthew S says:

    When the police use roadblocks / checkpoints to catch drunk drivers – Do you believe this is an effective way to catch offenders, or do you feel it is an invasion of privacy / abuse of power akin to living in a “police state”?

  • Peter says:

    I am a Canadian citizen and very recently married my US fiancée. With the current wait times posted on CIC I’m wondering if it is better for us to apply inland or outland. Our biggest concern right now is how fast she might be able to get working.. It’s not for financial reasons but more because she just graduated and wants to put her degree to use, also to fight boredom. Who can sit around for 22 months without working these days???? I understand that if we apply inland she can apply for an open work permit once the first stage is approved. Is anyone in the same boat or has anyone RECENTLY gone through this process who may be able to give some insight into how long everything actually takes……Any advice would sure be appreciated!!! Thank you!

  • kamikami says:

    immigration, DUI or any other checkpoint…
    please don’t be rude and only answer if you know
    are there any checkpoints from Texas to Iowa?

  • xLittle21Yaox says:

    take this for example:
    @Return of Bite My Shiny Metal:
    On whose authority?
    @Mr. Goodhi:
    Can you tell me where exactly the US Supreme court has ruled that a lawful search may be made of you or your vehicle inside the US without any probable cause?
    Are you saying probable cause = everyday activity?
    Would you care to elaborate?

  • Jonathan says:

    The American Civil Liberties Union is speaking out against Border Patrol checkpoints. The ACLU says the government is abusing its power to stop and search you at checkpoints within 100-miles of the U.S land and coastal borders. That includes the Sarita and Falfurrias checkpoints north of the Valley.–Border-Patrol-Checkpoints–Unconstitutional–

  • Lia-lu-li says:

    I just really confuse which of those exams would be the best for me. Some people said that UAN SMP is much harder than the Checkpoint Exam which is made by Cambridge. I’m studying at an International School in Jakarta which is using the cambridge curicullum. This is my second year and I still don’t know either to take Checkpoint or no or I have to join UAN SMP

  • nothin_nyce1 says:

    Hello Internet,
    my son is taking the cambridge checkpoint test this fall and he is struggeling a little due to the fact that his teachers have failed so far to give all the information needed for studying correctly for this test. I’m now wondering: is there a ‘checklist’ of sorts where all the topics and knowledge that is needed is listed so that I can help work with him. We have a textbook but I’m feeling that not all of the 20 topics in there will be asked in the exams since it’s more for this year and the checkpoints are supposed to be revising the past three years, right? I’ve researched a little online but have failed to find what I’ve been looking for:/ Can anyone please help?
    Kind of a list of what things to study..

  • Kaden says:

    How is it legal to stop someone without probable cause, and give them a DUI? It seems that everyone is required to obey the law except cops. If the police have their way, they will eliminate the constitution. And why are the only people that are never held responsible for a drunk driving fatality are the bars that continued to serve alcohol to an intoxicated person. 90% of the people that leave the bar are over the legal limit.
    badge203 – Thats the point. I didn’t get caught, I was sober. I felt my rights were violated. Your lack of concern for the constitution bothers me.
    badge203 – Thats the point. I didn’t get caught, I was sober. I felt my rights were violated. Your lack of concern for the constitution bothers me.
    P.S. – There is more crime in the police department than on the streets. Get Freemasonry out, and then we can debate ethics!
    P.S. – There is more crime in the police department than on the streets. Get Freemasonry out, and then we can debate ethics!

  • Samuro says:

    Can anyone help me out, I’m not sure that are the major factors affecting passage through each major checkpoint. I know they are the G1 G2 and M phase

  • Terrence says:

    Hi does anyone know if there are going to be any roadblocks or DUI checkpoints set up in Polk County Florida this Christmas weekend 2010?
    Oh my – I should have edited my question first I guess? Sorry everybody, the reason I asked the questions was actually related to some temporary issues with my DL (Nothing to do with drinking). I was thinking about driving to my moms for Christmas on the other side of the county, but not sure if I want to risk it? No Drinking and Driving for Me – NO! NO! NO!

  • Lachlan says:

    where do i catch a boat or ferry from
    i’m lvl 61

  • Kristian says:

    I’m gonna be heading from Phoenix, AZ, to El Paso, TX, to College Station, and finally to Houston for spring break. Are there gonna be any surprise checkpoints along the way by police? What should I have on hand?

  • everythingisgonnabefine says:

    HU is coming to Sprinfield, MO tomorrow (December 8) to the Outland Ballroom for a show. I know it’s very short notice, but for anyone who is going: Do we buy the tickets at the door?

    Thanks so much :)

  • Squall Leonhart says:

    Why did they take out from the App Store checkpoints

  • Maggie says:

    what are the checkpoints for the G1 phase and the M phase? What are protein kinases? Can you give me an example of “Cyclin dependent kinases?”

  • kerrin marz says:

    My parents are planning to travel sometime this summer (probably by the end of July) and we’re going to Oregon to visit my uncle and his family, I plan to buy a Sony Playstation 3 and a Sony PSP when I go there, but I don’t plan to unbox my consoles anytime soon (Its usually hard to make things fit inside the box after I open), I plan to unbox and set up the system when I come back, will TSA open my consoles?
    The last time I traveled I had my laptop with me and they told me to leave it in a basket to be scanned and they didn’t touch my belongs with care, I got my laptop with a few scratches and the serviceTAG sticker (the one under my laptop) was half ripped, the way how they handle my laptop really pissed me off, and I don’t want that to happen to my Sony PlayStation 3 and my Sony PSP so is there a way for me to avoid having my belongs damaged by these people? It seems like they don’t care about people’s belongs, they go throwing things.. ugh!
    If the answer is NO, is there a way I can sue them, complain so they get fired or something if they mishandle my belongs again? I don’t want any scratch, marks, or stickers coming out in my Sony Playstation 3 and my Sony PSP.
    By the way I plan to carry the consoles with me inside the plane, I don’t want to have it inside my suitcase cause I know the bag handlers also likes to throw the passengers stuff without any care.
    TSA is not careful with people’s belongings at all.
    I don’t trust UPS or FedEx they also trow people’s packages if you haven’t seen the chocolate milk commercial.
    Why do these people do that to other people’s belongings? ugh! =(
    The TSA guy rubbed some thing in my laptop, it looks like water or something.. damaged the Service TAG sticker under my laptop >=O
    And Ah! I don’t want to pay the sales taxes LMFAO =P
    This other time I got an answer from this other person, he said that he goes to Portland to buy things and he never had to open anything, he said he bought a brand new laptop he didn’t have to open it at all..
    why is that? can anyone explain?

  • Ed D says:

    Nowadays trying to cross checkpoints (specifically Laredo Tx), what do the border patrols ask. Is it easy to cross with out any needs of showing anything or do they ask for proper identification.Thanks.

  • Flash Funk says:

    I heard that Outland is free for Playstation Plus members, but on PSN I couldn’t find any confirmation for this.

    Is it true that outland is free for PS+ members? or was it true before?

  • Daniel says:

    im traveling to dallas, texas from Los Angeles Ca.
    does anyone know if there are any immigration checkpoints on the way over there?
    all answers are greatly appreciated :)
    thanks in advance 😀

  • tjpimpin says:

    Can I obtain press releases of local DUI checkpoints that are scheduled for the weekend, or is there a website that lists sobriety checkpoints in most major cities.

  • Jose B says:

    my levels ranged 75
    i want to go for 90 strength 75attack and 80 ranged
    where is the best place i can train on and thats not going to hit me very high my combat is 93 and my prayer lvl is 41
    im a member so places doesnt matter , drops doesnt matter
    i want fast xp and i dont want to do a quest to enter the place.
    thank you

  • andresumoza says:

    I have a question about security at airports.

    Has this every happened to you? You are the next person in line waiting to go through the metal detector but you have to wait for a few minutes, standing there for no apparent reason other than the fact that the security personnel haven’t given you the go ahead to walk through? There doesn’t seem to be a hold up ahead of you (eg employees checking someone’s bag). Is there a reason why this happens? Are security cameras overhead examining your body/facial movements etc to determine if you look nervous and should receive a pat-down after you walk through the metal detector?

    This has happened to me numerous times in Montreal. I have wait for 3 minutes or so for the employees on the other side of the metal detector to say I can come through. I suffer from social anxiety and this situation greatly increases my anxiety.

  • norrin_shadowwolf says:

    From Wikipedia:

    The Supreme Court has also held that individuals in automobiles have a reduced expectation of privacy, because vehicles generally do not serve as residences or repositories of personal effects. Vehicles may not be randomly stopped and searched; there must be probable cause or reasonable suspicion of criminal activity. Items in “plain view” may be seized; areas that could potentially hide weapons may also be searched. With probable cause, police officers may search any area in the vehicle. They may not, however, extend the search to the vehicle’s passengers without probable cause to search those passengers.

  • Travoiz says:

    It is between those two games.

  • Jason M says:





  • Kaden says:

    I searched on th internet but i could not able to find the correct difference between cisco PIX and checkpoint firewall.pls help me.

  • Mistry says:

    I got stuck on a math problem and I was wondering if someone could help me with explaining how to find this certain checkpoint?

    x+ 3y = 6
    x+ 3 (0) = 6
    x/1 = 6/1

    x= 6 (6, 0)

    x+ 3y=6
    x (0) + 3y = 6
    3y = 6
    3y/3 = 6/3

    y= 2 (0,2)

    How to find a third ordered pair (checkpoint for x + 3y =6) ?
    The back of the book has the points (6,0) (0,2) and (-3,3) <- as the checkpoint pair. How did they derive (-3,3) from?

  • balinderk2000 says:

    A. The cell decides if it is going to proceed to the S stage.
    B. The cell ensures that its DNA has been copied correctly.
    C. The cell pauses to conserve resources.
    D. The cell ensures that mitosis and cytokinesis occurred without any mistakes.
    E. None of the above.

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    A. The new cells enter into G1.
    B. The cell ensures that its DNA has been copied correctly.
    C. The cell pauses to conserve resources.
    D. None of the above.
    E. The cell decides if it will proceed to the S stage.

  • jordenkotor says:

    What happens at a DUI checkpoint?

    Do they ask for certain pieces of information? LIke drivers license, registration, insurance.

    Do they just check you out to see if you’re sober and clean and let you move along?

  • nick s says:

    I’ll start:

    Color of Pomegranates
    Last Year at Marienbad
    2001: A Space Odyssey

    Such obvious choices, help me film snobs!

  • Jose B says:

    My friends and I want to go clubbing this weekend. We are 18, and we want a club that plays good hip-hop music, and is not just a cheap, dirty place. Any suggestions?

  • jdfan says:

    I just forgot.

  • MAK & CHEESE says:

    What exactly is the outland?
    who lives there?
    how do you get there?
    what is it for?

  • ademuth93 says:

    The city I live in has posted that the police department will be conducting DUI checkpoints for a period of 90 days. I thought DUI checkpoints were against the fourth amendment or am i wrong?
    *Fourth Amendment of the Constitution of the United States forbids the unreasonable search or seizure of U.S. citizens.

    The Supreme Court of the United States has held that “stopping an automobile and detaining its occupants [at a roadblock] constitute a ‘seizure’” of the person and will be unreasonable under the Fourth Amendment if not based on an articulable and reasonable suspicion that the laws are being violated.

  • jordenkotor says:

    what does the word check point mean? can you give me an example? thanks!! :)

  • RxP DarkBox says:

    What are the rules on Police Checkpoint, Can you share what is right and what is not, so that if I got caught in a checkpoint I know If I am on the right track or not. Its better if a Policeman could answer my question. Thanks in Advance..

  • hank baseballs says:

    What happens during the mitosis checkpoint?
    A. The cell decides if it is going to proceed to the S stage.
    B. The cell ensures that its DNA has been copied correctly.
    C. The cell pauses to conserve resources.
    D. The cell ensures that mitosis and cytokinesis occurred without any mistakes. E. None of the above.

  • Milk84 says:

    Several people ask why Palestinians are restricted from travelling in Israel.
    Could what’s listed below be why?

    Please note: I have listed ONLY civilian deaths and not even all of those.


    May 27 – Oshri Oz, aged 36, killed when a Kassam Rocket landed on his car in Sderot. Hamas claimed responsibility.

    May 21 – 32 year old Shirel Friedman, of Sderot, killed when a Kassam rocket hit her car near town shopping centre.

    Nov 19 – 29 year old Ido Zoldan, killed by gunshots when terrorists fired from a passing car. Fatah Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades claimed responsibility ‘as act of protest against the peace conference in Annapolis’.

    Feb 25 – body of Erez Levanon, aged 42, killed by multiple stabbings, found north of Halhul. Several groups claimed responsibility.

    Jan 29 – 3 people killed in suicide bombing in bakery in Eilat. Victims were: Emi Haim Elmaliah – aged 32. Michael Ben Sa’adon, aged 27, and Israel Zamalloa, aged 26.
    ISLAMIC JIHAD took responsibility.

    Yaakov Yaakobov, aged 43, of Sderot, died after day long battle by doctors to save him, after he was hit by Kassam rocket fired by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza.

    Nov 15 – Fatima Slutsker, 57, of Sderot, killed by Kassam rocket fired into the town by Palestinian terrorists in Gaza.

    August 10 – 24 year old Italian Angelo Frammartino, stabbed to death by Arab knifeman while walking in Jerusalem.

    July 27 – Burnt body of Dr Daniel Yaakobi, aged 59, doctor, found in trunk of his car near Qalqilya. Fatah al-Aqsa Martyr’s Brigade claimed responsibility.

    June 25 – 18 year old student Eliyahu Asheri, kidnapped by terrorists from the Popular Resistnace Committees while hitchiking.
    EDIT DANN – they are often listed, that’s why I’m trying to show there is suffering all round. And when Palestinians die it’s because they are carrying out these attacks. The Israelis dying are CIVILIANS.

    June 11 – Marwan Abed Shweika, 35, killed and two other Israeli Arabs wounded in a shooting attack in Jerusalem.

    April 17 – ELEVEN people killed and over 60 wounded in suicide bombing during Passover holiday, at Rosh Ha’ir restaurant. ISLAMIC JIHAD claimed responsibility. Youngest victim: 16 year old Daniel Wultz
    March 30 – Suicide bomber disguised himself as an Orthodox yeshiva student = detonated his bomb in a car at Kedumim. Killed: Rafi Halevy, 63, and his wife Helena, 58.

    March 1 – 48 year old Eldar Abir, killed when two Palestinians shot him at point blank rage at gas station near Migdalim. Fatah al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade took responsbility.
    BRANDON – these are only a tiny number of the CIVILIANS killed by Palestinian terrorists.
    Feb 5 – Kinneret Ben Shalom Hajbi, 58: stabbed to death by Palestinian terrorist while travelling on number 51 taxi service in Tel Aviv. Five passengers also hurt.

    Dec 16: Yosef Shok, aged 35, killed in shooting attack while driving home. Islamic Jihad and Fatah al-Aqsa claimed joint responsibility.
    SHANTI – just trying to show people that Israelis are suffering terribly also. If I don’t put names and details, they will claim it is not true as no info etc.
    Hi ‘h’ – I realise, I truly do, that for those Palestinians who genuinely want peace, it must be horrible with the checkpoints etc. But as ‘moneymaker’ says, if only they would somehow get rid of the terrorists among them, the Israelis would not have to take such precautions. I have 34 sheets filled with details of the murders of Israeli civilians – and just as many sheets full of deaths of young Israeli soldiers. Israelis and peace loving Palestinians DO have a big thing in common – they all want the Palestinian terrorists to stop! I will indeed look at your links – thank you :)
    ‘h’ – I just want to address what you say about Palestinian patients, and students being unable to move freely. I think it’s because there have been cases, one recently, where a terrorist actually disguised himself as an orthodox Jew, managed to get through and then detonated his bomb, killing people. You can appreciate that the Israeli policy has to be: take no chances. Also, the Israelis don’t ‘take revenge’. They are just taking precautions.
    MIMI – firstly, it is not for me to list the Palestinian deaths, when there are so many other people already doing that. Secondly, I know precisely what the rockets do, I spent two hours today reading up about the Israelis killed by these rockets. As for the people needing health care – may I remind you that everyone told Israel to leave Gaza, so she did! Yet still she is the one who must provide health care for the people now launching rockets??? Why are Egypt and Lebanon and Jordan not being asked to help with healthcare???

    You seem to want it all: to be able to deny Israel’s right to exist, to slander her people left, right and centre, to justify terrorism against her AND THEN to cry when Israel places the safety of her citizens ABOVE the wellbeing of the Palestinians!!! It’s madness.
    MIMI – Israel don’t ‘occupy’ Gaza, they are not there, it’s run by Hamas – remember? Yet still from Gaza the rockets rain down on Sderot.

    And actually, the opposite of what you say is true. Israel WAS forced to defend herself when SEVEN Arab armies attacked her in 1948. That’s how she got the extra land, when she was defending herself and trying to push back her attackers. At least have the decency not to twist history.
    WORLDLUV – the Palestinian deaths have been listed several times, most recently today, in the Politics section. As for your assertion about the media, I can only speak for where I live, in the UK. The reason I was shocked to read of these Israeli deaths is because most of them were NEVER reported on TV here. And believe me, I would have remembered.
    Have you ever lived in Israel itself? Have you ever seen the body of a teenaged girl that has been stabbed to death by Palestinian terrorists? Spoken to her mother? No? Then don’t you start lecturing Israel about her security needs and what she ‘should’ be doing. Israel’s number one duty is the same as ALL other countries: to protect her citizens. Name me ONE nation on earth that would put up with these deaths and NOT take the same security measures. Oh, and let’s not forget, as these rockets keep falling on Sderot, the Israelis are giving Gaza FREE water, fuel, electricity.
    WORLDLUV – the Palestinian deaths have been listed several times, most recently today, in the Politics section. As for your assertion about the media, I can only speak for where I live, in the UK. The reason I was shocked to read of these Israeli deaths is because most of them were NEVER reported on TV here. And believe me, I would have remembered.
    Have you ever lived in Israel itself? Have you ever seen the body of a teenaged girl that has been stabbed to death by Palestinian terrorists? Spoken to her mother? No? Then don’t you start lecturing Israel about her security needs and what she ‘should’ be doing. Israel’s number one duty is the same as ALL other countries: to protect her citizens. Name me ONE nation on earth that would put up with these deaths and NOT take the same security measures. Oh, and let’s not forget, as these rockets keep falling on Sderot, the Israelis are giving Gaza FREE water, fuel, electricity.
    WORLDLUV – it’s the other way round. The Palestinians are restricted because of terrorism, not the reverse. Even before Israel was created, back in the 1920s, the Palestinian Arabs formed mobs and attacked Jews living there. And if it’s purely because they are now ‘oppressed’ – why are they not also attacking Lebanon and Egypt where they are kept in terrible camps? Israel gave back Gaza as asked – why didn’t it decrease violence?
    WORLDLUV – yes, I can indeed cite what happened to the Jews at the hands of Arab mobs back in the 1920s in Hebron and Jerusalem. Did you not know that the Jews had to flee Hebron completely because of the violence?

    Tomorrow I will post something specifically about this – that OK? I think it deserves a post of its’ own. You are right in that prior to the events I refer to, the Jews and Arabs DID live very peacefully together, especially in Hebron! So if we’ve all done it once, let’s hope we can do it again :)
    Look out for my post, it will be up in the afternoon.
    M.I. – couldn’t you come up with anything better than just calling me ‘racist’? Anyone who has seen more of my posts knows what utter drivel that is. It’s amazing that whenever someone defends Israel or merely, as I have done, notes the Israeli victims, they are suddenly ‘racist’ BUT when someone does the same for the Palestinians, they are totally justified. Double standard.
    I have stated time and again that ALL death is terrible, whether it be Israeli OR Palestinian. Also I have stated over and over that I wish the Palestinians to get their own state, and that they have suffered terribly – though not at the hands of Israel.
    Do I support Israel? Yes, of course. Does that make me racist? Of course not! Nice try to discredit me though – I think people here are too smart to fall for that old rubbish, though.

  • Xavier Hawthorne says:

    If I went through security checkpoint C2 at Newark, once through, could I walk to concourses C1 & C3?
    Please help – Thanks

  • Kobe says:

    I’m a lvl 67 night elf mage and i already have the gryphon mount. I’ve heard that you can buy other flying mounts in Outland as long as your exalted with that city. Could someone please tell me places in Outland that sell flying mounts and where to get them, thanks.

  • Jonathan says:

    I saw on an episode of Dexter where the police stop traffic for mandatory DNA swabs, much like police checkpoints for drunk drivers on holiday weekends. Is that for real? Has anybody ever seen, heard about or taken part in an DNA police checkpoint?

  • nothin_nyce1 says:

    I will NOT be drinking at all. I will be smoking marijuana, but will stop an hour before I drive through the checkpoint. I can easily drive 100% okay (have done so countless times in the past), and my eyes will not be bloodshot.

    Will I get stopped / checked / caught?

    Keep in mind, my car smells fine, does not have any drugs inside of it, and I smell fine as well.

    Please give honest opinions, I smoke because of depression + anxiety, not socially or recreationally.

    Have a great, relaxing and prosperous New Years!


  • kiltakblog says:

    The state of Nevada does-but does Oregon?

  • Michael K says:

    Im an alliance druid and i need to level up my riding skill to 225 to use this rocket mount i have. Where do i go to do this???

  • sethburger says:

    driving from boston to california is there any checkpoints and what do they ask for

  • Christopher J says:

    Making our roads safer or violation of our rights?
    The priviledge to drive answer is interesting. I was pulled over a few years ago and had the ticket dismissed for no probable cause. So how is it that you cannot be pulled over without good reason but can be detained at a checkpoint and a flashlight shined in your car and eyes?
    Um Vice I never signed any such form in my state.
    Wow this is my top answer so far as far as being nazi like….
    Checkpoints are valid exercise of the police power of the government to ensure safety


  • ericmreitz says:

    I own a Northface Surge Two backpack and was wondering if I have my computer in a polyurethane incase case that it would be checkpoint friendly laptop bag. The case would be in the section of my backpack specifically for laptops. I read the guidelines, but they are too specific to know exactly what they are talking about.

  • Anny says:

    without a zeppelin! or teleport master! please answer,is really important! first good answer = best answer

  • mr flibble says:

    I have been wanting to buy Outland, but never had chance to. I finally got a hold of 1600 MS points to spend, BUT another awesome looking game was released, Bastion. Bastion is 400 more points than Outland, but it doesn’t matter since I have 1600 MS points. (Bastion=1200 and Outland=800)
    I want the opinion of people who have played these games to let me know which one I should get? Don’t weigh in the factor that I should buy Outland because it’s cheaper, I don’t care if it’s cheaper, I care if it’s any good compared to Bastion. Thank you in advanced. :)
    I forgot to mention, I checked out the demos for both of them since I’m trying to decide which one to get. They are both good, but I want to know which one I will have a better time playing in the long run.

  • Michael K says:

    Well, I have lots of chars including a lvl 54 hunter. I just wanted to know what outland is like…..

    Is it much better than azaroth?
    What makes it fun, the quests?
    Are there many differances?
    Do u find a lot of rares and epics?

    And also…,.

    Can u manage easly at lvl 58?
    Can u manage on your own?
    How easy is it to find a groop?
    How long does it take to lvl to 70?

    And would u suggest aldor or scrire?

    I just want to know all about it… And sorry about my spelling.

  • mrankinmatt says:

    I’m trying out for color guard and i had to leave tryouts early today and they were going over “checkpoints” for color guard. It was like different ways to hold the flag or something. What are they? And where can i find out about them online?

  • Kevin says:

    Can be negative or positive.. but give a reason?

    If you don’t know what a DWI or DUI checkpoint is, it’s basically a stop at a certain point where police officers will check cars to see if the driver is drunk or intoxicated.

  • ibjammin44 says:

    Hello, I am Canadian with a girlfriend in the United States, who is a citizen there. We are planning on getting married in Canada. shortly after, I would apply to sponsor her for permanent residency in Canada. Can I do this with her staying with me in Canada? The marriage is and will not be for the purpose of her gaining residency in Canada.
    One more thing, if you have done anything like this, how long did the sponsoring process take? Thanks for all your answers!

  • Chester says:


  • sethburger says:

    How can a police agency set up a safety checkpoint and stop all vehicles that happen to be passing through that area?

    The US Constitution protects Americans from unlawful search, and a recent Supreme Court decision held that a person walking down the street does not have to tell the police his or her name as long as they are not reasonably suspected of something.

    So how does it follow that a governmental agency, being the police force, can stop a lawfully travelling vehicle at a random checkpoint, witout any cause or suspicion?

    I believe the Supreme Court has decided that these checkpoints are legal, but I would like to know in layman’s terms how being stopped by law enforcement when a person has committed no crime and is not reasonably suspected of anything can be legal?

    Please don’t tell me it is legal because the SCOTUS has ruled on it. The Supreme Court has been wrong countless times in US history… I want to know how the SCOTUS determined the legality in these cases.

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    I have 800 MS Points and am having a hard time deciding whether to buy Outland or SoTN.

    Any advice or games feedback is very welcome, I like RPGs like Skyrim, etc. and both games look great!

  • isk8at818 says:

    dont know if i can without BC just to have a look. also, i’d like to be equipped with dreamwalker raiment when im lvl 60, is it hard to get??

  • Cole says:

    around my lvl or places and everytime i dungeon, people dont do the quests or help and its impossible to do dungeoning by urself. soo does any 1 hav any options tht i could go with to lvl up quickly to 60.??
    ty bro totally forgot about tht

  • altair says:

    I’m only a level 75 troll mage and i have my basic flying mount (60% on land and 60% in air) and i want to get my northrend flying and my epic flier… but i only have 50g at the moment lol. i heard doing the daily’s in outlands is quickest way to make money but i can’t find any of the daily’s. can someone help me, maybe give me some coords? or if anyone else knows some great money making tips could you plz share? thank you all very much.

  • Benihana says:

    Thinking of starting new character in World of Warcraft realm “Outland.” Should or shouldn’t I do it? I’ve got some exp with Wow.

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    Okay so I have asked a question about the berlin wall and that helped but know Im stuck on finding something on Checkpiont Charlie. Ive been researching in the library for 6 days with books and a computer but I can not find a good fact about checkpiont charlie. Please help this research project is due April 7th!

  • lildevilgurl152004 says:

    I fall in galaxy in outland .I am spirit and cant move. Cant use heartstone since I am spirit .. I tried relog but not working :(

    What to do ?

  • kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    alright im new to the DK and i jus completed the “DK Quests” from Ebon Hold place and finished the final quest which leads to Stormwind City. upon completing these quests im which only got me to level 58.

    but now i dont know where am i suppose to go questing. i think im suppose to head to the Outlands? how do i get there?


  • henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    What are some really food movies about space…but nothing too corny..something thats more on the realistic side…like the movie Contact with jodi foster! any reccomendations?

  • Echo says:

    …are Israeli guards as stringent leaving as they are coming into Isreal?

  • Gage says:

    I wasn’t big on leveling cooking until now when I wanted the Winter Veil achievement. I decided I will continue to level it to 400. My next training is at 375, I’m at 325 and all my recipes are green.

    I remember doing quests in the Outlands that gave you cooking recipes as a reward. Is there a way I can purchase it from a vendor? I checked the auction house already. Or is there a trainer to give you more recipes? The one in Dalaran don’t have any more recipes until 375.

  • Lasagna delivery guy says:

    Just found out that Breathead has OUTLAND comic strip but I’m not finding it online to read. Does anyone know where I can find it? Thanks

  • Ramblin Spirit says:

    i’ve tried online sites an all local sporting goods stores to avail are they still being made?
    its a 3d whitetail fawn decoy used for predator or possibly bear hunting

  • RxP DarkBox says:

    1)how can i go from azeroth to outland?
    2)Is it better to go first to danaral city to get the fly mount and then use shattrah’s portal?
    3)the first area i ll go is hellfire peninsula?

  • stealspartansbcglobalnet says:

    On Dec. 8, 2008 in Springfield, MO Hollywood Undead is playing @ the Outland Ballroom. From what I understand, the tickets are $12 General admission. I’ve searched the web, trying to find the # for the venue so I could find out if you order the tickets ahead of time, or buy the tickets at the door.

    PS: I’ve found 3 different numbers and all of them are always “busy”.

    Is anyone else going to the show who can tell me how you get the tickets?

  • encyclopath says:

    from the lore, it seems like it is a planet that the draenei flew away from

    is it a planet? the sky looks like its cosmic like but im not sure i don’t really understand the lore lol. please explain

  • mmminja says:

    There are a bunch of BP checkpoints on highways down here, pretty close to the border. Note they aren’t actually on the border, just within 100 miles or so. There are all the videos on you tube of some stupid kid saying “Am I being detained?” and just generally being an asshat to the officer.
    Are they actually illegal? Has there been a court case about this or anything? It seems as though it does violate the 4th Amendment if people are being detained, but it hasn’t been shut down yet so maybe there’s something I don’t know?

    Overall I think its a good program and support it.

  • mr flibble says:

    Once we are married, what are our steps, timeline, costs to allow her to live and work in canada?

  • MAK & CHEESE says:

    I’m a lvl 40 Pally and I don’t know where to go lvl my skinning past 300.
    The bar is full and the usual place I go in Goldshire isn’t working.
    So, anyone know?

    All help greatly appreciated.

  • homerliveshere says:

    I saw Michigan ruled against this because of the 4th amendment but the US court reversed it or something? Anyone have information on this? Does Michigan have them, or is it up to the state? Where abouts are they in Michigan?


  • veemodz says:

    yes, there are legendary weapns in outland.

  • nick s says:

    what was the name of the first song in the book of elli?

  • Zack Faria says:

    I need a list of movies that have some reference to astronomical science.

    Also, please list 5 f the astronomical references..whether it’s aliens (life on other planets), exploding stars, 7 planets, etc

    Thanks!!! your help is really appreciated!

  • louisewoods1984 says:

    i hear alot that outland is the best place to farm gear during the lvl 60 – 70 bracket. But i cant seem to find the quests that gives gears as rewards. i am a lvl 60 rogue. thanks in advance

  • Elijah luv says:

    The Xbox Deal of the Week is these two games for 400 Microsoft Points each. I can’t decide which one one to get.

  • Thomas Lopez says:

    Hi, Barbara:o)
    Actually talking to people, face-to-face, is such a thankless chore, Ulqui:o(
    Brother MoorToo! I thought we might have lost you to the Outland:o( Pleased, that’s not the case:o)
    Brother MoorToo! I thought we might have lost you to the Outland:o( Pleased, that’s not the case:o)
    Please excuse the redundancy….I’ve seemed to have developed the dreaded Y!A nervous twitch.

  • RichT says:

    Once I get married in Canada, can I come back to US to wait for work permit? Most of the people would like to stay with their spouse and so am I; however, I don’t want to put more weight on my wife’s shoulder in order to sponsor me so I would still like to work and earn some money in the US before I get to work in Canada. Is it possible? Or I need to stay in Canada to receive my work permit?

  • Lachlan says:

    i always heartstone to stromwind when i want to leave outland and these leaves without the hearhstone 4 more important things. is there a way to leave outland without heartstoning?

  • MAK & CHEESE says:

    Alrite, so I have a little bit of spending money for ebay for some decent deals I guess. I just want to know a list of cool games that you can think of, for Xbox 360.
    thanks and id really appreciate the feedback.

  • Thomas A says:

    I am trying to decide which of these games to get first on PSN. They all seem to be amazing platformer games, and I’m having a tough time deciding which to get first.


  • sam N says:

    I have 800 MSP.
    The 2 Games i’m looking at are Outland and Yu-Gi-Oh 5 D’s.
    The first thing I want to know is, what is the replay value?
    How long is the storyline?
    Are either of these worth the buy or should I look into another game?

  • Jairo says:

    I have 20 euros left on my psn card & im willing to buy a game from the PS store… The thing is i cant choose between the trilogy of Prince of percia and the recently released Outland !!!
    Ps:they’re both 19,99 € now on the store :)
    I was wrong :( i just checked out the prices n i found that Outland is only 9,99 € …. Im on a real dilemma here LMAO lol

  • Wooooody says:

    Tell me why

  • Matthew David says:

    i live in norway and i dont know where to buy some manga books

  • skillz says:

    Ok so first of all I live in California. I haven’t been through many checkpoints and the ones I have been through, I don’t remember if they where on the weekends. So is there checkpoints during the week? Maybe only Fridays? Thanks.

  • Bryan J says:

    Hey, in World of Warcraft, do all characters go to Outland at Lvl 58? Or are the alternatives to it to avoid repetition? Do they all go to Blasted Lands?

  • Mr SoLo DoLo says:

    On a Saturday, in August. Just making sure cause I have a very early morning flight (5:30) and I don’t want to get there at like 4 only to discover the checkpoint isn’t open. So if anyone could tell me what time the security checkpoint opens at Savannah/Hilton Head International airpoirt, that would be wonderful. I couldn’t find it online anywhere.

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