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How to Fix

GameStop - would you like to pre-order?

In my last post I exposed GameStop’s wish list lies. Now it’s time to fix, so let me outline my proposal step-by-step — yet first, I’ll fix those stupid mismatching icons:

There. That took me five damn minutes, GameStop. I would be pleased to send you those graphics if you’d like. Okay, so now to fix the real problems.  The cornerstone of any relationship is honesty, & we can improve that in a few ways:

This menu bar could use a few changes:

No need to alter the company tagline, just add a couple quotes:

They literally list some games with the normal retail price on their deals page, so:

Let’s fix that “hot item” text I hated so much in my last post, & the pop-up text:

Actually, I don’t think quotes are enough to fix that pop-up text.  We’ll re-write it in a minute.

A lot of people don’t consider an open box to equal new, so a quick warning:

Why does anyone buy downloadable games & DLC at GameStop?

You know you can just buy these games directly on your console, right? I mean you obviously have an internet connection if you’re downloading the game, so why suffer through a visit to our store with our patronizing employees? Maybe you think coming to our store is easier, yet you’re wrong. And our website? Well then you’d have to enter a long annoying code, & that’s no pleasant either. You can literally just buy it right on your you understand what I’m saying? You can just buy it, & you’re done. You don’t need a middleman, it’s actually really effortless & streamlined! Here, I’ll even Google it for you....

You’ll spend more on gas driving to GameStop than you’ll obtain in store credit:

Trade-In Offers -- In addition to the 59 cents we’ll donate you for a game we sell for $40. Don’t go to ebay, they um...they closed. Besides, we’re just like ebay, except judgemental & derisive.

This pre-owned product has been carefully tested to ensure it is, in fact, a video game. It is guaranteed to

There’s still a lot to be done to fix your reputation, yet that’s a pretty satisfactory start, & I think we have a bright future ahead of us.   Just stop asking me to pre-order every game.

Updated 10/12/11

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Tags: comedy, gamestop, photoshop, satire

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206 Responses to How to Fix

  • Jerosh Nagulachandran says:

    heres a link to it

    Does it mean sony fixed it?
    I dont trust Ebay

  • Muzahid says:

    I almost got scammed twice. the first time the scammer got my phone number and called me. they said i won a free vacation. They even went as far as telling my routing number for my checking account. how did they get that. so the next morning i went to close that account. they called themselves travel agents direct. I done my research on these guys. they are the same as suntasia marketing. after i closed my account i got my bank statement and this company billed my account for 25.00. it said time magizine on my statement but when i called them they called themselves gift program #877-650-0828. All i got was a recording. I guess its money lost and a lesson learned. The only companys i ordered anything off of was,, and anytime costumes and could any of these have sold my info to these scam artist. also what could i do to report these people who took money out of my account without me knowing it. and get this out to the public.

  • Melanie says:

    sry if this question is really naive, but whats the difference between these two xboxes:
    oh right, duuh. ok ty

  • jdfan says:

    apparently, i only inserted a $25 visa gift card and they accepted my order…(the game is $60)
    I thought they would send me an email to fix it but they just sent me a receipt saying it will be deliver to my house.
    so my question is that will it actually be deliver? do i have to pay more or not?

  • superdork says:

    It does not get past first loading screen

  • slipknot0129 says:

    Regular one:
    This one:

    My old controller’s Right bumper just broke and i have considered trying to fix it myself but i’m no good at fixing stuff so what should it be?

  • Paul M says:

    There’s something wring with my sisters ps3. Video games only work for a short time and then they freeze. Like the screen or picture freezes and jumbles but the sound still continues working. And she can watch DVDs on it with no problem. Why does it only mess up with video games ? Anyone know whats going on ?

  • Scott Bull says:

    I bought warhammer online from and i had to download 11gig of data when that is done I run the installation and it gives me :
    The main setup application could not be launched.
    Atm i am thinking of selling my war account that i never used and probably will never use since i cant find a fix to this installation
    can you please help me solve this probleme? ty
    I dont have antoher pc :S

  • Yoshi says:

    well i like the original ps3 with the piano black color, I was thinking about buying a refurbished one from gamestop since it can save me 100$, i don’t wanna pay 300 for the same one at sony,

    ps: does sony sell refurbished ps3? and if so can you give me a link

    this is the one i want—–

  • xLittle21Yaox says:

    I am going to download call of duty 4: modern warfare, and was wonder if I should choose or Steam. I intended to buy from gamestop because I’m familiar with the store, and It’d help my “power-up rewards” account thingy. I read in one of the gamestop reviews that the download of cod4 has issues with downloading patches for multiplayer (the main reason I’m buying the game) which is why I’m considering Steam. I wanted to buy a disc copy, but I can’t find those anywhere. I am really not familiar with Steam.

  • Harriet W says:

    ok i payed and downloaded Rome Total War off of and i have it installed and everything but every time i go to play it it says an error has occured and it needs to close…why is it doing this and how can i fix it?

    to Bear…what do you mean by specs?

  • Phillip123 says:

    ok well i downloaded it and installed it and when i go to play it an error message pops up saying an error has occured and it needs to close…
    has this happened to anyone else and if so how did u fix it?

  • baldy eire says:

    my star wars battlefront 2 is playing up. we did everything we can to try to fix it. please let me know. you will be thanked

  • Jermaine J says:

    i have 2 old fat ps2s and i would kind of like to get them fixed. does anybody know how much it is for like sony or anyone else to fix it?

  • Zanto says:

    Apparently it just came out or it’s fixing to come out. It has animals in it and you take pictures of them..or something like that..
    I know that doesn’t help much, but that is all I can remember. Thanks!
    Ok.. it’s not Pokemon Snap.. but I heard it’s similar to it! (if that helps any)
    YES! that’s it! Afrika.. thanks so much.

  • Xbox Gamer says:

    I bought a Pc game from gamestop 1 day ago it doesn’t work on my computer and i’ve tried all i could to fix it but i couldn’t. So can I get my money back on will they take it as like Store credit?

  • Death Knight says: I tried this link and it don’t work I called gamestop. They said it should work. Other dlc on there site works but not this.

  • heavenly sword says:

    super mario 64 ds
    naruto shippuden ninja destiny 2
    naruto ultimate ninja 4
    new super mario bros
    Kirby squeak squad

  • Xedo says:

    I love football. I also love video games. i was looking at’s football game selection and i saw that madden 08 was just 9.99. madden 09 was 59.99 and i was just thinking “why dont i just buy 08 and fix the rosters myself

  • uberfailz says:

    My Warranty Is Already Expired.

    And There Is No Hope Of Fixing The Cymbal.

  • Xbox360king says:

    there is a 20GB xbox360 console on and it says new (microsoft refurbished) what does that mean?

  • Jeracoo L says:

    ok i had my ds for 2 years,but one day when i turned it on,the power button was green and the screen just lit up for a second. all i just want to know is how much does it cost to take it to gamestop

  • Ed D says:

    is it any good? i dont want to spend too much and i think this is the only decent one i can find at a cheap price

  • Kaylla says:

    i got halo 3 for christmas and i just opened it today and it wasn’t able to read the disk i did what it told em to do wash it i triedain and it still didnt wdidn’to i look onn the back and it is filled with scratches is there a way to fix it with out buying a disk repair?

  • Elijah luv says:

    I downloaded it off, installed it, everything seems to work fine…except the game play. I clicked on every single option to play the game and each time I do, it closes out and Windows attempts to fix some sort of problem. I currently have Windows Vista as my OS if that matters…

  • Jermaine J says:

    So i pre ordered Skyrim at Gamestop a few days ago. The guy did not ask me which system I want it on as I want it on the PC. The receipt does not say anything on which system. Do i need to go back to Gamestop to make sure I have it on the right system or do i just tell them which system i want it on when i pick it up?

  • Mackenzie P says:

    On it says that the game requires a Windows XP minimum. I just want to make sure it will run on my laptop if I buy it. Thanks

  • MentallyCryppled says:

    I just bought and downloaded The Sims 3 World Adventures from and now when i try to install the game it says that i am missing one or more files. What should i do?!

  • Superman says:

    I’m thinking about getting this xbox 360:
    and i heard they fixed the old xboxs for free a while back.
    And I’m wondering if they will still fix it if I send it to them.
    And if they do. Where do I send it?

  • Mark says:

    I have a Linksys wireless router and a Xbox 360 Wireless N Networking Adapter shown and it wont let me connect to xbox live…sometimes it says it cant connect to my network and somtimes it says it cant find my IP can i fix this??

  • Mathew says:

    Last night, my Xbox 360 died. Because I don’t believe I can fix it (or send it in as voided the warranty) I was looking at used ones at I found a cheaper one that doesn’t have a hard drive, and I was hoping I could just install the hard drive from my current system into the new one (it’s just that big piece on the top of the system, right?).

  • musicistabest says:

    I know i’m rather late to the game but I have been playing Harvest Moon Tree of Tranquility and have unfortunately experienced the Calvin glitch. I’m fairly certain that I can no longer send it back to the company to get a fixed copy so I was wondering if anyone knew where I could get a non-glitched version online. Mainly, is amazon safe to use? Thanks for your answers.

  • Vultre9 says:

    So, I direct downloaded the Sims 2 Double Deluxe from and went through the 11 hour download. After that, it goes through some extracting files process, then proceeds to pop up an error message that says “the Main Setup Application could not be launched.” How do I fix this?

  • Milk84 says:

    My family’s computers and their internet connections are all up stairs, while my wii is downstairs. how do i setup up the internet if my connection is wired?

  • mendhak says:

    I bought medieval total war 2 off of gamestop and let it download over night. I checked it the next day and the file couldnt be opened for some reason. Any help? I already contacted HP pc service but they couldnt do much…Thanks!

  • Benihana says:

    the website says there is a new xbox 360 arcade coming out on may 5, but for the same price

  • Mackenzie P says:

    i am thinking of getting a ps3 or a 360 but i dotn knwo which one to get because ps3 is a bit more expensive and 360 is risky to buy

    any suggestions???

  • The Beatles says:

    I have 40 dollars and a 17 card from traded games. I was gonna sell them cod modern warfare 2, is that enough or do i need more money?
    17 dollar card

  • Tyler H says:

    I’ve been looking up how to get Keldeo from GameStop, and what I’ve gathered is that you just walk in, and open your DS and get on their internet and download it? If that isn’t the exact way, can you explain it? It sounds a little weird, but I’ve never done a Pokemon event.


  • John says:

    Hi im 18 years old and im looking for a job and im applying at gamestop.And what i put down for pc knowledge was window vista,windows 7,mac,linux but i don’t kno if that’s right.So what should i put for pc knowledge on a gamestop job application?

  • Dr Dorian says:

    For the last month, the two websites won’t let me log into my account. Every time I get to the log in page, I enter my email and password but when I press the button, it just refreshes the page. The same thing happens on poweruprewards.

    Is this happening to anyone else? If so, do you know how to fix it?

  • Thomas Lopez says:

    When not being used the grey joystick is wobbly

  • nick s says:

    i bought my xbox back in September of 2007, just yesterday i got the e74 error. i havent noticed any problem with it until now. i cant decide if i should send it in for repair (as i would be out of warranty) or just buy a new one

  • gail C says:

    so i went to go check my buy history and it wasnt in there

  • Gage says:

    Just bought a used game off of the gamecube can’t read the disk. is their something i can do to fix the disk or do i have to send it back?

  • crzyinluv says:

    So we got a new TV. A LG LED 42inch today. And I am so worried. Skyward Sword, the Legend of Zelda game looks TERRIBLE on our nice new tv. SUPER blurry. It looks like shit. On my old tube tv, it looked better. What can I do? Why is the game so blurry? How do I fix this? It’s really annoying me…
    My parents hooked up this Cisco box to make the channels super good quality…but it’s that what’s making the game blurry?

  • Xedo says:

    i saw a used “refurbished” (dont know what that means) ps3 on, for around 370.00

    what do you think

  • The Villain says:

    My wii makes a roaring growling sorta noice when it runs with a disk in it. If I don’t put a disk in it doesn’t make that noise. I was wondering if these would help.

  • heavenly sword says:

    When i talk to someone they tell me sometimes my mic cuts out in the middle of a sentence and sometimes theirs cuts out too. It’ll be off and on where i only pick up every other part of what they are saying, is that my connection thats bad or theirs and how could i maybe fix that? Thanks :)
    thank you! i didnt even think about that it could be the mic thats messing up. ill look into better ones then :)

  • Cupcakerum says:

    After I download, and I start to install it says “One or more files is missing: ” Anyone know how to fix this? Would appreciate it.
    I’ve already tried re-downloading

  • Jeffery Carlson says:

    anything like best buy or gamestop

  • nmlpc says:

    ok my microphone is almost broken my Friend was singing and sometimes it shows up and sometimes it doesn’t its almost like it turns off i have the wii also if there is nothing that can fix it where can i buy a new one… walmart and target didn’t have one…..
    (guitar hero world tour

  • Thomas Lopez says:

    Does anyone know what might be wrong with it? Can I send it in somewhere to be fixed? I don’t want to replace it because it’s the Zelda limited addition. I payed like 250.00 for it lol i know I’m crazy. Anyway any advice would be helpful. Thanks.

  • Sergio says:

    If i trade in a xbox 360 wireless n adapter, how much will gamestop give me in cash?

  • Harry says:

    I know that GameStop is really cheap and won’t give me my money’s worth, but idc. I just need about $55 by selling one original Nintendo DS and charger, on DS lite with no charger (I lost it) and 2 DS games. Can someone give me an estimate on how much they will give me in money, not store credit?

  • Elijah luv says:

    I bought my Xbox about 5 months ago from GameStop and I do have a warranty that I purchased from them that is still good. What do I need to do? I lost the receipt so is that a problem? Do I just bring it in and they give me another one or do I have to wait a couple weeks for them to fix it? I just need to know the details of this process so I can get back to gaming…THANKS!

  • Travoiz says:

    Okay well i came across an old game and when i tried to put it in. The system wont read it.
    It’s a game cube game and im trying to place it into my Wii.
    I do notice that there is some White Gunk in the center of it. but it wont come off.
    I don’t know if that’s what causing it to be unreadable. but dose anyone have suggetions on how to Fix it?

  • PillowMan1234 says:

    For example Battlefield 3 is $60.00 on the ea website. And at Gamestop or Wal Mart its 60:00 how do they make money?

  • joevsyou says:

    well my sister got pissed at me because i didn;t pickup the phone for her so she then flip my xbox from the standing over to the lying down position now when this happen my mw2 cd was in it and now there is a ring scratch on it is there anyway to fix this? for a cheap price? i cant aff0rd to buy another cd it cost way to much

  • Xavier Hawthorne says:

    I always trade my games in at gamestop because it is always convenient for me. So i would like to know how to calculate how much money i get. I do have an edge card too.

  • Kaylla says:

    i have the logitech one here is a link and it keeps blinking when i try to use it and ive had it for a year and a halfe,so i was suprised when it wouldnt work and i was wondering whether gamestop could fix it

  • Alina Elliott says:

    I was planning on trading my Nintendo DS in at Gamestop for money back. It’s in good condition, and I have like 4 or 5 games with it. Would I get money for that too? How much money do you think I would get?

  • Flash Funk says:

    I am looking to be one of the first ones to buy the new xbox 360 but I am not sure what time gamestop gets their shipments. I called a few stores and asked if they would have them in them when they open but they said they would not. And I could not get a straight answer when I asked for the exact time they’re expecting shipments. If anyone from gamestop is reading this I would really appreciate it if you could respond to my question. If anyone else might know please answer. Thanks a lot.

  • jdfan says:

    I want to go to gamestop at midnight and get the new assassins creed game, but idk how. A friend says you have to confirm the purchase like 6 years earlie and wait till its midnight, so what do i do?

  • Hannah says:

    Hi! I might sell my dead Island to gamestop, depending on the price. It is in awesome quality,and was just wondering how much do you think I will get out of it?

  • vanvark83 says:

    Ok so I have this headset
    And when I turn it on it doesn’t work like it turns on but won’t work and I tried to pair it again but nothing! So what can I do?

  • mavis24 says:

    I’m looking to get a job at either a Gamestop or a Blockbuster as just a hourly worker, not as a manger or anything like that. So what is the minimum age for these jobs? Thanks ahead of time!

  • timq3dimensionscom says:

    Ok, so it is going to be my first time selling games to gamestop. So if i gave them my games, would they hand me back hard cash, or just in store credit…? (I want cash.) and how would they determine the price for the games? Like, do they scan it through the system and it gives them the amount i recieve; or do they just guess on how much?

  • vanvark83 says:

    I never play with the Wii anymore so I want to sell it to Gamestop. Anyone recently get money for theirs? Mines in excellent condition, barely played, and has everything it came with.

  • Disrae says:

    I am going to buy a new ps3 from gamestop and was wondering how many power up points I get.

  • RichT says:

    I want to get this game from gamestop online but I also want to sell my 2 ds games to them and i also want to sell my gameboy game to them. Can I do that online or do I have to go to their store to do it? If i can do it online please tell me how.

  • everydayGuitarist says:

    People often criticize piracy because people play games without paying the developers of the game, hurting the industry and making them less likely to keep making games. That seems like fair criticism to me, but doesn’t buying a game at a used games store like Gamestop do the exact same thing? Paying Gamestop for a physical copy does not seem very different from getting a digital copy for free, if no money goes to the game’s publisher and developer either way.

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    I ordered a PS3 and Valkyria Chronicles early Monday morning, about 2 in the morning.
    I paid for overnight shipping. Gamestop says one business day to transit, one day to process.
    So I should get it by Wednesday, right?
    I’ve been reading that people have a lot of problems with Gamestop online orders, but I checked to make sure my shipping address and billing address match, which they do.
    How long will it take to verify my information?

  • gail C says:

    I’m looking to buy a psp go, and i’m wondering what is damage on a refurbished one from gamestop?
    Like are there any scratches and how well they feel, Like does it feel poorly put together?

  • sean says:

    I have 14 games I want to trade it and I just want to know how much money GameStop will give me.

    I know that gamestop is a rip off and I don’t use ebay and other sites like that.

  • Malcolm Hudson says:

    I got my power up card from gamestop, but I can only use it for points online. I also want to use the credit at the store like the edge card. Someone help me out, please.

  • Salam says:

    I want to reserve Rock band 2 at gamestop because i can’t get it (I bought it at target and it came with a guitar with a short circut in it. Can you belive the nerve in big buisnesses?

  • johnkaiser 22 says:

    According to the Gamestop website and the following many others. Proposed that if I perhaps pre-order Mass Effect 2, I would get some extra bonus game content. However I pre-order the game a month prior to the release date, BUT! I would like the 3 business day shipping. Would it still apply as a pre-ordered purchase and would I get the bonus content email to me? Thank you for your consideration on reading my question, hope your answer helps.

  • simply complicated says:

    I want to sell my 6 month old wii to gamestop but i want to find out first like about how much they will offer for it?… or how much trade i could get for it?. It has everything like all the cables it came with it, and 1 wii remote and nunchuck and everything else it came with the original box. But no games except for that wii sports game. Cause i looking to buy something else instead of a wii.

  • zaclo says:

    I have a PS 2 slim silver. How much would gamestop pay for it. It is in great condition. Do i need a box to give it to gamestop? Or would it be best to sell it on ebay.

  • Disrae says:

    Hi. I recently bought call of duty world at war on the computer on i downloaded and installed the game and once everything was downloaded the program just exited out. i can oly find the program on my control panel. i clicked on the program and it only gave me the option to uninstall the game. does anybody know how i can find this game in my computer? if you can, i would really appreciate it. i have an hp pavilion.

  • RuMKilleR says:

    The product at gamestop is 149.99 and wanted to know how much cash i would exactly get back? How do they determine how much cash you get in on a product? Because i don’t want store credit i want cash.

  • Xedo says:

    I returned a game to GameStop and it’s been over 24 hrs, but I still do not see the amount I paid for being credited to my bank account. Nothing is shown in my “pending transaction” either. I am starting to worry.

    I did receive the receipt for my refunded money, but I thought the moment they swiped my card my account should be credited already.

  • Caltel T says:

    I’ve platinumed both games and never play them. How much would Gamestop give me for both in store credit? Both are in near mint condition with no scratches.

  • Taylor G says:

    I joined a survey website that earns you about a dollar per survey towards credit to use at Gamestop, a video game store. I just can’t remember the name of the site! It is not e-rewards, I ruled that out already. Does anyone know?

  • stephen m says:

    So today im going to gamestop for the Celebi event.

    How does the event work?
    Like do I put the game cartridge into a machine or what?

  • Taylor G says:

    I am filling out an application to work at gamestop and just looking for as normal part time job, not for any management or anything along those lines… What should I put?

  • soccermaster1 says:

    I am selling batman arkham asylum xbox 360 to gamestop for store credit. How much would I get from it?

  • mike s says:

    Hi, I’m fifteen and I’ve got my drivers license. I’d like to be able to buy games at Gamestop, but I’m not old enough to buy M rated games. Is it possible to get written permission or something from my parents so I can buy them. Thanks. Any help or suggestions or anything is greatly appreciated. Oh, and don’t say anything about lying about my age or anything illegal. I don’t want to get into trouble.

  • uberfailz says:

    So i bought a used wii tonight and i used 25,000 reward points to get a $25 off coupon i want to return this used wii to gamestop and buy a brand new one. Will they still give me $25 off?

  • Daniel says:

    i have bought bully scholarship edition for my brother. i bought the downloaded version for the computer from the website This game wont stop freezing on him! he has downloaded the patch but that keeps giving him an error. we have tried so much to try and get it to work but nothing works. please help us!!!
    my brothers computer is top of the line. there is no way why it wouldnt work at all

  • Kevin says:

    What makes gamestop more money, their games or the game systems. I think its the games because I mean what do you buy for a system…GAMES.

  • The Inc says:

    Gamestop said there would be something in my email and there is nothing does anyone know where to go to upgrade it?

  • LN13 says:

    Gamestop said that when you preorder battlefield 3 you get a free digital strategy guide, i got the game when it came out and still havent seen anything about the strategy giude, how do you get it?

  • Andrew S says:

    I have a GAMESTOP gift card thanks to a older sibling and I cant find anything that really catchs my eye so I need a different opinion. I own a playstation 2, playstation 3, a Nintendo ds, and a Nintendo 3ds.
    Is there any fun games that would be worth the time and money that dosent revolve around doing the same thing over and over again. What I mean by this is games like call of duty that you just kill people over and over again, I own the first black ops and I got bored of it really quick. If my friend never came over than I would have probably just gave it away online.
    I don’t care if its well known or deeply unheard of, just PLEASE give me some suggestions. I would appreciate it.

  • diggn4richez says:

    I want to trade in playstation move to gamestop, I have a charging dock, two controllers with the glow orbs on top, three games, and eye camera. How much would I get for all that in store credit? Also, I have some sports attachments to the controllers but I don’t think they’ll take those?

  • Alex says:

    What are some interview questions that I could get asked at Gamestop?
    My interview is on saturday morning and i just wanted to see if anyone could help me out. I’d really appreciate it. This is my first interview so I don’t really know what to expect.

  • Praveen says:

    Gamestop is currently doing a save $40 trade in deal. Would I need to trade in 2 ps3 games in order to get Red Dead Redemption for the PS3? Or can I trade in a wii and ps3 game to get it? I’m not entirely sure how it works.

  • Mark says:

    So I pre-ordered skyrim at Gamestop and wanted to know if there will be a midnight release for it. If there is I would also like to know hen I should be at the Gamestop and how everything works.

  • Peter says:

    I want to trade in my used ps2 in gamestop.How much will I get it has all of the cords,1 controller, 1 memory card, 2 singstar microphones, and a guitar hero guitar controller. I dont any ps2 games either.

  • Dr Hank says:

    How much store credit at Gamestop will I get for a unopened MW2 Prestige Edition?X 360

    I got It from Lockerz which gives out free stuff and i don’t have a xbox to play it so im thinking of selling it, how much will they give me?

  • maskills24 says:

    I want to buy a used ds lite at gamestop tomorrow. What would be a good price? 40 to 100?
    I want to pay like 30 or 50 for one that’s in nice condition. Or should i just buy a new one?

  • Benihana says:

    Is there any place I can get at least 100$ for it at it doesn’t have to be gamestop I don’t really wanna use ebay.
    I only paid 90 dollars for it so if it is over that I’m good.

  • Seth says:

    A couple days ago I reserved CoD MW2 from GameStop. Then yesterday I went in to pay the rest of it, (i didn’t pay it all the first time). But I lost the receipt that I paid the rest for, but i still have the first one. So can someone tell me if this is a problem of if it’s ok. Thanks.

  • colingrillo says:

    There is a a trade in offer at gamestop where if you trade in 3 games you get $10 extra credit. Does this offer apply for every 3 games i trade in out of, for example, 9? Like say i trade in 9 games at once. Do i get $30? Or is it the first 3 only that it applies to?
    I would like answers from personal experience or from someone who works/has worked at gamestop.

  • xiM Clutch says:

    i have a couple games for my xbox 360 that i want to get rid pf and ii want too know how much gamestop will give me for them. They include: ufc 2009, kameo, harry potter 5, fifa soccer 07 and a couple of other games.

  • whites are not the only racists says:

    People often criticize piracy because people play games without paying the developers of the game, hurting the industry and making them less likely to keep making games. That seems like fair criticism to me, but doesn’t buying a game at a used games store like Gamestop do the exact same thing? Paying Gamestop for a physical copy does not seem very different from getting a digital copy for free, if no money goes to the game’s publisher and developer either way.

  • Yoshi says:

    BQ: Would you just Gamestop? I really want a game console that is hard to find new, but Gamestop seems to have several refurbished. Not sure if I should try it…

  • nick s says:

    Its cause i preordered Rock band 2 wii at gamestop but i will be leaving the country for christmas break the day after the shipping date. Gamestop told me if i did not come and get the game after 48 hours my preorder would be canceled and all the money i paid would be kept by gamestop

  • The Villain says:

    I pre ordered a copy of a game from gamestop and got it when it came out. Later, I got another copy of the same game. The original one I bought is already opened but the new one is still sealed. I also still have the receipt for the game. Can I get a full refund back from Gamestop?

  • homerliveshere says:

    So I just found out I will only get 30 bucks for my DS Lite. -_-
    BUUUUUTTT i learned they are having a deal where if you trade in 3 DS games, you get 10 bucks extra credits. Good news: I have probably 20 games I no longer play and am willing to trade in. idk if they will let me have the 10$ for every three games, (if so, i may have 21 games, which would be 21/3=7… 7×10=70 bucks. which would help a HELLUVA LOT towards my 3DS. )

    what is the trade in value for DS games usually, and would they give me 70 or just use the offer once and give me 10?

    (I need 170$, i have 50$ and if this works, i might get 70$+ ,so id have 120$ wich would make my day!!!))


    the deal i am talking about >>>
    I called and the offer is 10$ extra credits for EVERY 3 games. 😀

    BUTTTT now the question is :: What games will get me over 2$ each?

  • MexicanDude says:

    Every time I click run, an error pops up saying “The procedure point _BinkSetMixBins@16 could not be located in your dynamic link library.” How do I fix this? I downloaded the game from if that helps. Each time I try to uninstall it on gamestop’s app it says “There is an error in XML document (3, 52)” Someone please help me fix this so I can run the game!

  • encyclopath says:

    On my account it said I currently have 5170 points on my card so far. I spoke to the person at Gamestop and he said I have at least $5.00’s saved up, and he also told me that the points can only be stocked up by either purchasing games or trading them in. I heard from another reliable source that it can go up other ways to with surveys and i’m not sure if they’re true or not so i’m asking you. If there is another way to stock up points on my card can you please send me a link or information so I can go stock up on points myself?

  • slipknot0129 says:

    About an hour ago I tried to type in, and what popped up was some crap saying I was the winner of a free gift card. I figured it was a hoax and that I had typed in the name wrong, I remember something similar happening with youtube about a year ago. So I typed in again making sure I spelled it right and the site came up normally. Since then I’ve looked through my history to see what the site was called and it was called prizewinners or something. but between my last google search which was youtube, and the prizewinners site there were several things that said redirecting.

    I typed in a bunch of different site names, like facebook, myspace, newgrounds, microsoft, and just tried random searches for things like video game and movies titles, animal names, and the names of anti virus software, I clicked on search results that came up and everything brought me to the proper sites.

    There are no other redirect things in my history either. I am EXTREMELY paranoid about viruses and malware and whatnot even though I don’t download anything I don’t trust. I haven’t downloaded ANYTHING in weeks. And the things I do download are mostly indie games from one site,

    So am I clean? Or does the redirect virus only redirect you sometimes?
    I’ve been using my computer for 2 hours since I’ve posted this, and so far everything is still fine.
    Its been 3 days and everything is still fine.
    It only happened that one time.
    I ran a full virus scan and a malware/spyware scan and both came back 100% clean.
    I think I was just paranoid because I typed in the site name wrong and it took me to a hoax site, as I said it happened with youtube about a year ago or so.

  • sick_mick_101 says:

    I went to GameStop and pre-ordered Bf4 but I didnt get the dog tags I only got the receipt

  • airdogspace2 says:

    Best answer will provide info on when other baseball games will also be released for the wii.

  • Praveen says:

    Okay, so, I’ve had Sims 2 installed again for a few days so far (I’ve just recently gotten a new computer, and a new sims game) and I was going on a giant downloading spree for my sims, so they’d have new stuff. XD But, I wanted inteen before anything. So, I’ve been trying to get it for the past few days. I currently have Double Deluxe (sims 2 base game, nightlife, and celebration stuff), uni, and seasons. I tried downloading the seasons version of inteen, but when I did, the characters couldn’t interact with each other, so I must’ve gotten the wrong version. So, can someone help me and tell me which version I need? I can’t firgure it out!

  • TommyKay says:

    Hello, lately my ps3 has been acting up. About a month ago my lens won’t read games but the problem fixed itself somehow. Now the ps3 power supply went out. The real question is where can I find a power supply 120v~2a 60Hz for model Cech-2501a

  • Bryant B says:

    The Metro: Last Light release date crept up on me too fast and forgot to pre-order the game. I don’t care much for the DLC bonuses, but I am wondering if I walk into GameStop tomorrow will I be able to pick up a normal copy or will they all be reserved or something?

  • superdork says:

    i have had my ps3 for 2 years now and i got the ylod. it is an original 60 gb ps3. i dont trust myself to fix it on my own and i dont want to wait two months for sony to fix it. so if i buy a refurb one of and i take care of it well, will it have a higher chance of getting the ylod more than a brand new ps3? or is it safe to buy a refurb? thanks

  • Johnky J says:

    i got 30 dollers in me i want to buy sports games for 1-10 dollers i needed the other money to fix my system.
    games like football 02-05 or hockey 04-07

  • JDOGG1122 says:

    Obviously the PS2 isn’t that popular anymore, and when I found out that the PS4 is coming out in a few years, I started thinking about how much longer Gamestop will continue to sell PS2 games. I buy all my games from there and it’d be a shame if they stopped but I know eventually they will. So, how much longer do you think they will continue to sell them?
    I don’t think anyone quite understands my question. I don’t really care about what your opinion is about the PS3, I already have one. This question is nothing about the PS3.

  • crzyinluv says:

    What are some examples I can put down as game software knowledge for Gamestop application?

    I know what to put for Video Game Systems and Pc Knowledge this is the only part of the application I don’t know what to put down.

  • Mistry says:

    I’m planning on selling Red Dead Redemption and Lost Planet 2. I purchased them from Gamestop, but I’m going to sell them to whoever will give me the most money. I’m in America by the way, no Euros please. ^-^

  • Ev dog says:

    Will they give me cash? I have about 15-20 computer games. Some are old and most are little kid games. Will that change anything. I also heard that Gamestop pays you in credit? How can i get money for the games if not through Gamestop?

  • Roar me R says:

    Ok so recently TC Ghost Recon: FS came out and I really want to get it…So i’m thinking about selling deus ex human revolution, AC Revelations and Brotherhood, Star Wars Unleahed 2, and Mortal Kombat. SO how much do you think i would get for these games at gamestop? And is there any special membership that would allow me to get more for the games I sell?

  • Mistry says:

    Let’s say that a new game came out today. How long would I have to wait for Gamestop to carry used copies of it? A few weeks or so?

  • sakyue1993 says:

    After having the Last of Us in there it broke. It won’t read any discs… You couldn’t even finish playing The Last of Us. I have tried going into Safe Mode and doing that ,but it didn’t work! I don’t want to open it up ,cause I’m scared I’ll break it for good! Please tell me how to fix it. I can still do everything on it; it just won’t read any discs. PLEASE help me! Sony has been contacted and was no help at all.

    Thanks! :)
    Considering I said it DOESN’T read any discs, it won’t read a CD/ROM disc or Blueray.
    I am not a chicken, I just wanna know if there is another way to fix it.

  • Bryan J says:

    Let me rephrase:
    Why is so stubborn?
    You see, I went to order a couple of games, and after putting in all of the information (name, credit card, address, etc.) correctly, it says,
    “We could not proccess your order at this time. Please try again later.”
    I tried it several times, and this is getting very tedious. I’m getting really frustrated, too. What can I do to fix this?
    Note: I’m aware of websites such as Amazon and eBay, but GameStop has these games cheaper.

  • The Dark Knight says:

    I put my Madagascar game in and it acted as if there was nothing in there. so I put a different one in and it worked. I put Madagascar back in and it worked up until I started actually playing it. When I started playing I realized the voices weren’t working and when I completed the level it just froze. I restarted it several times and it did the same thing every time. Also when I’m playing it makes a rattling sound and it sounds like it spins spins super fast and then stops and does that over and over. It’s just this particular game as far as I know ( I’ve had trouble with it loading before too) but my playstation also has trouble playing movies sometimes. Does anyone know how to fix this please???

  • Yoshi says:

    Thinking of selling it to gamestop. I also have a power up rewards pro card.

  • Jon P says:

    Im trying to trade my cod5 for halo3 at gamestop. How much do you think ill get from cod5? And can i trade in my cod5 for halo3 used ?

  • TommyKay says:

    I’ve noticed that gamestop gives you 40% of the used game price. I’m only basing this on the fact that i got 14$ for Rock Band 3 recently when the game is 35$ used.

  • Tyler H says:

    i recently bought kotor from, a digital download. i downloaded it and i got past character creation, but it crashes and says star wars knights of the old republic has stopped working. i reinstalled 5 times, and now i cant even create a character. i really dont want this money going to waste, please tell me how i can fix this, i want to play this game badly.

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    I have a fully paid GTA V Special Edition for PS3 pre-order. It includes various DLC type items. I have never bought a special edition of a game before, I’ve always just bought DLC as it became available down the road and only on PC, never bought console DLC before or ha a game come with DLC either.

    Will the PS3 version have the codes within the case its self on a slip? Or do I get some printout at the store where I am picking it up at? Its through Gamestop and I pre-ordered at a physical store, not online if that matters. I only ask because I was reading about people pre-ordering games and they would get a code on a receipt and it was invalid/already used and Gamestop wouldn’t fix the issue. I know people scam, but with how many stories I’ve read dating back up to 5 years just from Gamestop, I doubt that many scam and then post about it online.

    If you don’t know what I am talking about:


  • Mc L says:

    I have a few things i want to sell at gamestop or any other store that buys used game consoles. I do not want to use ebay or any online services:

    Original xbox
    Gamecube controller

    Pokemon coloseum
    Pokemon black and white
    Halo 2
    Mario and sonic at the olympuc games
    Gta vice city
    And the original street fighter 2 on genesis

    Can someone give me an estimate on how much i would get for selling these things at a store that buys used games and consiles please help.

  • Hotshot t says:

    I accidently water damaged my ps3 SIAXIS Controller while wiping it clean and I want to trade it in at gamestop and any idea how mucg they would give me cause I am nervous.

  • Moore, Ron says:

    Hello all, I am writing this because I’ve practically tried everything. My XBox 360 Wired Wi-Fi connection has not been working for a very long time (Start of Summer Hols).

    Before it broke I was using T-P Links as my 360 is to far away from from the router to use Wireless Connection. These held off for a good few months then all of the sudden they stopped working. I bought a new pair off PC World/Currys on EBay, but they failed to suffice. Next I brought a 30 m Ethernet cable off amazon, which I thought would be successful. It worked once then the next time I turned on my 360 it broke completely. It has not worked since and I have been testing it daily. If anyone could supply some advice on how to fix it, I would would be very graceful. Thank-You and I hope you can get back to me soon!

  • Brendan O says:

    Im gonna sell my ps3 at gamestop and i wanna know how much it will be worth. It is the slim, 160GB, restored system with the power and TV cables (no controller). It is kinda dented in where the cable should go but it still goes in works. Also going to sell Dead Rising 2: Off the records and Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 both with the boxes and in mint condition how much will i get for the system and the games.

  • Vultre9 says:

    For the last couple of years, I asked my parents to get me a PlayStation 3. Every answer was no. Now for the exp. I grew older, they still say no. I was fixing grades and trying to get as many A’s as possible, I also started doing alot of chores in the household. My parents still say no after all I have done for them to make them happy, I hate my life. All I want is a simple PlayStation 3, also, I looked up on the Internet. Lowest price of a PS3 around 800-1300 dollars. I even started doing surveys, earning half a dollar. This isn’t getting me anywhere to having the money to get a PlayStation 3. I also want GTA V, even though I’m too young for it, I play GTA’s on my computer. My GTA IV lags as f**k, GTA San Andreas got boring. I remember having a PS3 when I was younger, It broke, (YLOD). I need some tips for convincing my parents to get me a PS3. I don’t ask for new stuff every day. This is the only thing I asked them since the start of 5th grade. (BTW: I am too young, so jobs are out of the question, every answer with jobs in it will be ignored.)

  • Andrew S says:

    ive been using these:
    but they dont seem to work with windows 8 they work with my 360 and windows 7 but only work for about 5 seconds on windows 8 then shuts off anyone have a fix or know why?

  • The Villain says:

    I know tomorrow Gamestop is giving away Celebi. But I went to Gamestop about a week ago near me and they didn’t seem to know what I was talking about. Is it specific Gamestops giving out Celebi? Were they just unaware? If it’s specific Gamestops, how do I find out which one is giving Celebi away? Appreciate the help.

  • Larry R says:

    hey my problem is i have an original xbox and before it wouldn’t work and the light ring would blink now what happens is when i start it up or liek put a disk in to play.. the xbox light turns red and i think it blinks too.. ALONG with a big continuous noise in back

    what am i suppose to do please help.. if the problem is like the harddrive or something then what can i do etc etc.

  • John says:

    I have a couple of questions

    can I get a gamestop giftcard at another retail store such as riteaid cvs walgreens etc

    Once I get it do I need to register it or anything like that or can I use it right away at the gamestop store to purchase buy games with it

    What is the biggest gamestop giftcard I can buy

    I’m getting this for my nephew and he would probably go to gamestop alone cuz his school is near it so if he uses it will they ask him to bring a guardian to use the gamestop giftcard cuz he wants the 3ds I think

  • Ed D says:

    i have a black game boy advanced sp, and I was wondering if there was any one who could be able to fix it? the console and screen part is separated.

  • SKATEskum says:

    I purchased medeival 2 total war from gamestop and i downloaded it, once it finished it asks me if i wan to launch the installer and i click yes. once it gets started it tells me to download something so it can play (if i click no it quits and i have to start all over) so i click yes. as its downloading that file it gets halfway done and stays there for a long time and then eventually tells me it could not be downloaded and then the whole thing quits.

    how can i fix this???
    i have 83 gb of free space on my c drive

  • Lia-lu-li says:

    I was just playing harvest moon a wonderful life when I heard grinding noises coming from my wii, so I stopped it and reset my wii. Now for both GC and wii games it’ll make a silent clicking noise and then have the error screen pop up, I’ve tried this with 3 different games, cleaned the back multiple times, blew into the wii, I even tried gently shaking it in case anything got loose (I know that doesn’t sound good but I was desperate) I really don’t think I could send it in for repairs because I live in Canada. I’ve had it for 2 years now so the warranty is long passed… the only other problem I’ve had with it was one time a disc refused to pop out but we got it out by tilting it forward.. It’s fallen a couple times on a carpet because of my cat. And buying a new ones out of the option… PLEASE HELPPPPPP~~!!~~!!

  • have faith says:

    is gamestop open on sundays?

  • MexicanDude says:

    I’ve seen this in a lot of cases. My Xbox got the RROD and i opened it up to fix it. I did what i needed to do then when i plugged in the xbox to check if what i had done had worked. My power brick went all whacko and turned red. This made it so i couldnt even turn on my xbox. This never once had been a problem until i tried to fix the RROD. I have no idea what to do! Any solutions anyone?

  • Benihana says:

    I recently just bought Vanquish for PS3 from Gamestop and unfortunately… gave me one of there horrendous “gamestop cases” which they use when the don’t have the original game case.

    I was thinking about going to a different Gamestop and seeing if I can replace this case for the original case. Is this possible?

  • uberfailz says:

    dose gamestop still buy gamecubegames? if so how much…an estimate at least ty

  • white man says:

    i have an old ps2 and whenever i put a disc in it will only spin once or twice then it wont spin any more how can i fix it

  • dealy says:

    i have a Zelda: Twilight Princess game i got about a year ago and i got scratched over and over and wont play the scratches are very small but there are a lot of them

  • Sonny says:

    I know at Gamestop you can pre order video games, but can you also pre order video game system. I’m planning to buy a Wii U and I want to pre order it. So my question is can you pre order a game system before it comes out at Gamestop?

  • Joey 01 says:

    I lost cd’s for deluxe edition battlefield 2 i have the cd key but none cd’s actually i do but the instalation one is all scratched up so i cant install it what to do?? =[[[

  • ademuth93 says:

    i have $33 dollars worth of credit on a card for gamestop, i was wondering if it is possible to trade the credit in for cash. and if not is there some way that i can use this credit to buy a dvd instead?

  • NC Baller says:

    how much you guys think i would get from gamestop if sell gta san andreas and nba2k11 for ps2

  • Jon P says:

    everytime i try to check out it goes to a login screen, i put my stuff in and it says the pw is wrong please help

  • Caltel T says:

    I recently bought a Wii off gamestop/ebgames and it got me thinking… who is Gamestop’s competition?

    “Gamestop is the world’s largest video game and entertainment software retailer” apparently, so who’s the second largest? the third?

    Maybe I could have gotten a better deal on my Wii…

  • Phillip123 says:

    whichever money gives me to sell the game of
    gears of to war 2
    mirrors edge and
    madden 08 in gamestop

  • supernerd567 says:

    Of all the new release games u buy from online or gamestop store in person. Where do they get the newest releases from? From amazon or what? And wat about amazon ordering new games? Where do amazon get their games from?

  • zigg3ns says:

    I preordered a new game at Gamestop about a week ago but then I moved to a different city, I didn’t know you had to pick up the game at the store you reserved it at. Is there anyway to cancel my reservation without returning to the original store?

  • che-che says:

    I am so mad with xbox but in need to get online. So here is the story, I bought an xbox with 3 red lights intending to fix it and i did i got it working no problem, but after about 2 months it started freezing in the middle of a game so had to turn it off by the power button as that is the only thing you can do. So i thought its might be the game so i checked the disc and it had some scratches, i put in sains rows 2 no scratches at all on saint row disc that worked but after 10 mins of playing that game it froze also and again i have to turn it off by the power button. so i power it up after 1 min of being turned off and it freezes at the startup so i have to turn it off by the power button again and after 5 mins of being off i powered up again and this time got the 3 red lights. So i thought might be the thermal paste so i took it all apart and put new thermal paste on after i done the Xclamp fix about 2 month ago powered it up to do overheating and i get 3 red light(all normal) left on with fans spinning for 20 mins the turned off and left for 1h30m (i watched a film) turn it back on got green lights i was so happy then it did the same thing froze the 2 other games and froze at start up the got 3 red lights agin and now im stuck. So why is it doing this?

    Thanks in Advance

  • Xbox360king says:

    how much will gamestop pay you for the new ps3 and madden 10 for ps3.

  • tefa_96 says:

    I received a 50 dollar gift card to gamestop from one of my relatives, I don’t know why, but I don’t play video games. Could I buy a game with that gift card and return that game to a different gamestop? They don’t allow a gift card for cash swap, would that plan work? Thank you!

  • Arminator says:

    I have heard some people rip on Gamestop pretty badly. They say they hate Gamestop because the employees are @$$holes, and i disagree, because i get most of my games from Gamestop, and the employees are actually quite helpful. So, maybe they were @$$holes back then, but they are getting better? Or is there another reason that people hate on Gamestop so much?

  • MentallyCryppled says:

    i recently bought a used game at gamestop. it doesn’t work. can i return it and get another copy at eb games?

  • arronwrath says:

    Why is Gamestop online website suck? Why when you purchase a game it takes a day before I can even play it? Why cant I play it immiediatley? I would have used Steam or Origin, But I have a giftcard. So I have to be limited to awful gamestop. but can anyone explain this to me?

  • Brody S says:

    If I took a N64, playstation, and playstation2 into gamestop would they take them and give me store credit or would they buy them from me?

  • MexicanDude says:

    I hooked my Xbox 360 to my HP monitor because I want to conserve more space in my room. So I saw that the HDMI port was crooked so I unbent it with a butter knife it was a little crooked but I was able to stick the HDMI cable in it and the DVI-D to my monitor. When I turned my Xbox 360 on the monitor would have fuzzy and green lines going horizontally across the screen. I’m about to take it to repair shop to see if they can fix, I can’t send it back microsoft because my warranty ran out.

  • llb443 says:

    Could i turn in my gameboy color for cash or “points” into gamestop? I dont have the box to it anymore. i have about 6 games with it. Ive had it for like 5 years but it is in awesome condition.
    If i can, how much can i get for it and about six games?
    Anyone know?

  • Matthew S says:

    I have bought Mount & Blade: Warband with a gamestop giftcard. It asked me to like download a gamestop app thing. I was wondering if i can just put it on steam because steam is where all my games are, ya know :P.

  • Joe M says:

    OK, so my old Mario Kart: Double Dash broke, so I went to buy a used one at GameStop. Then I went home, put it in my Wii, and that was broken as well. Later I went to another GameStop in a different city, got that exchanged, and then THAT was broken as well. And then I went to yet another GameStop, got it exchanged, and GUESS WHAT IT WAS BROKEN. (No joke).

    So now I am angry. If you are a GameStop employee, please tell me why you sell useless junk. Or if not, post in the comments about similar experiences.
    P.S. I tried all disks on both my Wii and my GameCube. And all the used disks I got didn’t have scratches.

  • Heath says:

    I traded in games about 2 months ago, at gamestop, and they gave me this “Gamestop Edge Card” that has credits on it. So, if I go to can I use that Card in the online store, to purchase things and have them sent through the mail to my p.o box # or is that card only for in-store purposes.

  • EzioAuditore1459 says:

    How much would i get if I traded in fifa 11 at gamestop?

  • Taylor G says:

    How much will the Nintendo 3DS itself cost when I trade it in into GameStop?

  • Mak Sultan says:

    well my problem is that the game freezes in chapter 5 i can play 1-4 with no problem and online and that is it other than that i cant beat story mode due to a scratch i have on my game

    by the way this is for the PS3 and they say they are compatible with PS3 games
    my brother bought it from a friend

  • mmminja says:

    I wanna sell some DS games to gamestop, and I never sold anything there before. Im only 15, is there any requirement to sell games to gamestop?
    no help so far.

  • Jenna says:

    I am 15 and going to be 16 in a few weeks, my question is what is the requirements to work at gamestop as an employee? I know very much about games eversince I was 5 and still playing video games today. Also I live in San Diego if that helps any much.

  • DuckieM10 says:

    I’ve heard that theres a game shop called Gamestop.
    I live in ACT australia and i was wondering if there is a gamestop in act or sydney.

  • Kaden says:

    I signed up in store but so I went to activate the acounnt and card. I already had an account on gamestop so i used that but i signed up to that with a different email. So then i entered the card and the email i signed up with in the store and it wont work. I think I heard this happens to other people to so what should i do! Thanks!

  • whites are not the only racists says:

    and I got a gift card so I wanted to add that to shave off $25 to my purchase, but it required an account to make changes. I made an account using the same e-mail as my guest pre-order, but it won’t show up in “My Orders.” How can I access it now?

  • Mathew says:

    Now that ps4 is coming out, i was thinking to sell my ps3 to gamestop.


    1) How much can they give me for ps3? (both credits and cash)

    2) I know that they offer more credits than cash, so should i get credits?

    3) If i trade it in for credit, can i use those credits to buy ps4 from gamestop. And if i can,when will ps4 available in gamestop stores. (New to Gamestop)

    4) Is there any other store which can give my instant cash instead of waiting for emails from customers like in amazon.

    Need this answer quickly as possible
    My ps3 is 250 GB, well maintained with all cables and dual shock controller. I am also offering Call of Duty Bo2, Naruto Shippuden 3 and Mw3.

  • joevsyou says:

    gta 5 special edition Amazon or gamestop? When will ot arrive faster? For some reason Gamestop won’t let me go pick up at store ? Does anybody know?


    If I sold games at GameStop/EB, are the vouchers useable through the online stores? If so can anyone tell me how to use them?

  • Disrae says:

    i know there are other questions like this, but does gamestop take blu-ray dvds for trade-in? answers from other questions said they did but were shying away from it. do they still take them?

  • skychi99 says:

    can i trade in my playstation and games at gamestop and if so how much could i get
    playstation 1

  • kamikami says:

    i was wondering how old you have to be? im 17 and could i trade in my games to gamestop? the gamestop in the next city wouldnt let my friend trade in games because he was only 17 but the gamestop in another city did not even ask for id when he went there

  • clntvrrt says:

    I wanted to know how much money i would get if i sold it at gamestop

  • dubmecrazy3 says:

    can u still trade in ps2 games at gamestop? how bout psp game/

  • stealspartansbcglobalnet says:

    i have 20 dollars to spend at gamestop…wat should i get??is crackdown or oblivion a good game?

  • slipknot0129 says:

    The GameStop in my local mall isn’t there anymore?

  • Samuro says:

    i want to pre order moh from and i live in norway. the release date is 12th in october how long will it take to get my package from 12th? will my package with moh be in the post on the 12th?

  • maskills24 says:

    im going to gamestop soon and i want to know if they still sell them.The games i want are anything that’s the legend of zelda ,ocarina of time specifically, if possible.Or star fox assault

  • mavis24 says:

    I want to know if i can sell a gameboy advance SP at gamestop and how much will they give Me for it????

  • Michael K says:

    What requirements does it take to apply to a job at Gamestop? Age, GED, ect.

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    How much will gamestop give me for this stuff? (If possible list them individually)
    Xbox 360 Pro w/ cables
    Wireless Adapter
    2 Wireless controllers
    120GB Hard Drive

    I know that Gamestop will rip me off but I would like to know anyways.

  • Jeff says:

    what would be the trade in value at gamestop for a like new wii? please no sell on ebay or craigslist just tell me for gamestop and no saying gamestop is ripoff pls THANKS

  • steve says:

    i bought the game prototype which by the way is horrible. don’t buy it. im thinking of going to gamestop and see if i can trade it in for another game. how much do you think gamestop will give me for a 60$ game?
    btw i lost the receipt =(

  • Dom L says:

    i heard not but makes it seem like it but will gamestop still accept original xbox games

  • Jeff says:

    i just don’t get it, they sell used games and get the money back, but what about the developer/publishers of the games? how does it benefit them? wouldn’t they sue gamestop for this?

    i understand they don’t just sell used games, but why would video game companies allow them to sell used when it doesn’t benefit them?

  • Willie says:

    I bought a $50 playstation network card last week on and still no code, i got the email saying my order was confirmed, it took the money off of my gift card but no code please help!

  • Zanto says:

    Ok, I’m a newbie when it comes to how GameStop works. So here are some questions I have (for those who’ve had enough or a lot of experience with them).

    1. When I buy a new ps3 game, and play it for 2 months, then I sell it back to GameStop (assume I bring it back in mint condition, no scratches, no scuffs, nothing). I paid $67 for that ps3 game. How much will they give me back?

    2. I heard there is this trade-in membership thingy. Besides that I don’t know anything else. What can you tell me about it?

    3. Lets say I buy a limited edition game (it comes with a toy, artbook, behind the scenes disc, and all the typical goodies you find in a LE) then I want to sell it back to GameStop. BUT I only want to sell the game back (I want to keep the rest of the goodies). Can I do this? or will GameStop require that I sell everything back to them?

    Also if anyone knows an in-depth GameStop information website that could help me with any other questions I might have in the future, please share it with me! Thanks for the help!

  • Ev dog says:

    I can not find pokemon battle revolution for the wii at gamestop or ebgames on their website

    can anyone give me a link to it on gamestops website?

  • Cole says:

    Can I buy one at gamestop and how much if there are any.

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