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Fez is amazing! But everyone has translated the alphabet sideways. SPOILERS!

Fez is a really tremendous game! I had no idea it had so many puzzles & riddles…I thought it was just a quirky platformer puzzle game. So you should totally buy it, not read anything else approximately it, & try to figure it out yourself. You can “beat” the game without solving too much, yet it’s the rest of the game that has all the mysteries. It has a whole alphabet you need to decipher, & that’s the main reason for this post. So MAJOR SPOILERS ahead!

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272 Responses to Fez is amazing! But everyone has translated the alphabet sideways. SPOILERS!

  • have faith says:

    On UGC’s website, it has the Familiar Fez listed as a banned item in the Saharan set of items. The Fez does not have any special perks or abilities. Why would UGC ban a completely harmless hat?

  • JackReynolds says:

    I´m traveling to Morocco in a week and I just wanted to know how easy it is to eat vegetarian and if there are a variety of options? I´ll be in Tangier and Fez if that info helps at all. Also, I don´t eat fish or anything like that, so that´s out.

  • Dr Hank says:

    When a monkey dances, performs or gymnastics and wears a hat (probably a fez, yarmulky or mazel tov) and a guy plays a music or something like that, what is that called??

  • Keegan says:


    I am planning to visit Morocco this June. I already plan to visit Fez, Rabat, Marrakesh and Casablanca. Do you think that it will be worth visiting Erfoud and Ouarzazate as well?

  • Thomas Lopez says:

    would like red fez and gold coat if possible, to fit average sized monkey, for photos at Weston Super Mare.

    does any one have any tips on ensure they dont nip and can learn to take its fez of in an invting fashion ?

  • Jamal says:

    I have three coins about the size of a dime. One has what looks like a leader in uniform and I believe a fez on his head,or whatever the hat is that has a tassle on the side. Another is a 50 centiemes from France it as a liberty on the front and a leaf sprig on the back with the value on the back. The third looks like king Edward on the front and a 3 with a crown on top. And it looks like it says 1880 on the back.

    All that I’ve bee able to find for certain is the fact that all three are silver.

  • floydian8717 says:

    I arrive in Casablanca by air on June 2nd at 5:45pm local time and need to get to Fez the same day. How? Can I make it to a connecting train in time? A bus? How long does it take? Price? Recommended mode of travel?

  • nmlpc says:

    If you were buying one in Fez, Morocco?

  • Beavis says:

    I want an MMO that has the movement of WoW, the shooting of FEZ, the mage/melee/range of RS, and a stealthy side to it. It doesnt have to be medieval…I just want a game that I can free roam, enter enemy territory, and do some stealth runs and whatnot. Its been so hard to find someone to answer this. Anyone who can answer this would be MY HERO.

  • Johnky J says:

    When Fez is trying to get his green card, he sleeps over Eric’s because he is acting like he is married to Laurie. What episode is it?
    Oh yeah I want to know becasue I want to watch the part where Eric makes Ocean noises to put Fez to sleep

  • lucasg615 says:

    I wear a Fez now. Fez’ are cool.

  • stephen m says:

    There aren’t many direct flights in August (from London) and was thinking of getting a flight to a different Moroccan city (maybe Marakesh) and then getting the train to Fez. However, only going to be there for about 5 days. So, wondering whether it would be worth it – and if the trains are okay to travel on? Thanks!

  • Rishi says:

    I notice a thing about many Diehard Libertarians. Believing proponents of lassaire-fez capitalism, they want to end almost, if not every, regulation put onto business. They believe that the employer should be allowed to choose anyone he wants for the job regardless of qualification and should be allowed to refuse employments and fire others just because he feels like it.

    In a twist of irony, many Diehard Libertarians I know also literally believe that people will be Utopian-that Employers would choose workers irregardless because of race, religion, nationality, gender, and disability. That most businesses would be humane enough to give proper equality at the work place by giving wages based on productivity and not at all on race, skin color, religion, gender,etc…

    They literally believe that racism and bigotry won’t be a problem at all if many workplace regulations ended and businesses will treat everyone as equals and only work productivity and cash will be the deciding factors on how they treat workers and customers.

    In there theory cutting out all workplace regulations including those concentrated on discrimiination should allow the companies to become richer and thus open up new employments for citizens of the nation.

    I find this hilarious as hell. They want no regulations at all but expect all businesses not to discriminate and treat everyone as equals regardless of race,etc….????

    There’s already enough discrimination out there even with the current workplace regulations. Despite U.S. and the West as a whole becoming more open about other races, there still exists large cases of discrimination in which people are not promoted because of their skin color or so even though they give an outstanding job at work and other such similar discriminatory practices.

    If these regulations are cut off, there will probably be LOTS of cut wages and pensions for minorities, less concern for minorities, and even FAAAAR less jobs as as businesses will start targetting for many minorities desparate for a job (including many illegals)!

    I already seen enough racism in my day and I come from the 2000s generation of Americans. There are a number of employers who are racist but only avoid discrimination because they’d get in trouble with law and the amount of discrimination that exists today is much more shockingly higher than it should be.

    What more if regulations are cut-off???!!! Are these Diehard Libertarians nuts???!!!!!

    Of course I don’t mean to attack all Libertarians. I’m friends with more pragmatic Libertarians and even have an uncle who was a professor who’s a libertarian himself. And they all agree this approach the diehards are advocating of cutting out all workplace regulations while expecting minroities rights to be respected and no discrimination to occur as ABSOLUTELY INSANE!!!

    What do you think?

  • Pacman says:

    How old are Donna, Fez and them in the first season of that 70s show?

  • Le Pwner says:

    I mean, the cars are cute and all, but what do they have to do with a Masonic fraternity? Same thing with the fezzes; how did that originate?

  • Jason says:

    Those dudes who wear Muslim Fez hats (Muslims call the hats a “Tarbouch”) and ride around in circles in real little cars at all American parades.

    They raise a lot of money for very good charities that help sick children.

  • Ryan Z says:

    I have been searching around for games to download on my xbox 360 and fez looked really cool to me. I played the free trial but Im still unsure whether or not to download it or whether it is worth the amount of points it costs. Im also concerned if it is to complicated and to tedious of a game that it wont be fun. Also if you have recommendations for any arcade games i should try please leave a list and one more thing should i buy the walking dead telltale game or should i download it. Thank you i appreciate your time and consideration that you might take answering this question.

  • Lachlan says:

    Is the guy who plays uncle ernesto on wizard’s of waverly place the guy who played fez? it looks like it o_o btw he also voices handy manny

  • Sophia C says:

    Answer this question & tell more facts & details about Fez. Also, what happened between Fez and Tunis during the 19th century? Like what did they have or do back then?

  • easton j says:

    They are all sitting in the basement and they are thinking in their heads when Fez finds an M&M, puts it in his mouth and then puts it back because it really wasn’t an M&M. Anyone know the name of that episode?

  • unbleevable39 says:

    I read an article about a wayward cat getting past security when the Fez festival was starting, and causing problems for royalty. I’ve seen cats inside airports in Morocco, they were under my feet fighting for morsels of food that people would drop for them in outdoor restaurants and cafes. Why don’t they get them neutered so they won’t reproduce so much?

  • balinderk2000 says:

    A Fez, Tallit, Turban, Keffiyeh etc would all cover most of ones head if not it entirely.

  • Dark_LovexXx says:

    What would be the advantages and disadvantages of having Fez for the capitol?
    I’ve read it on Hespress and also a Fez blog, made me wonder. The Hespress article said that there is a school being built for the King’s son to attend and some have taken it as a hint that the capitol may be relocated there. Plus all the projects that are going on in the area.

  • The Beatles says:

    Is it a fashion item or does it hold some sort of religious significance? I know it is associated with Egypt and Tommy Cooper. I just don’t know, I really don’t. I really really need to know the answer. What if I wear a fez, and someone is upset because I don’t know what it stands for? Would it be better just to wear my bowler hat again? Somewhat less offensive maybe? And quintessentially English.

  • Erin says:

    I have two Cinnamonkies, a place for them to romance, they each have a fez and have chowed down on monkeynuts. Neither Seedos nor the store have provided banana seeds. Do I just have to keep waiting or is there something else I can do in the game to trigger their appearance?

  • jag43216 says:

    My little brother just got fez on his original white Xbox 360 and I also want to get it but I can’t spend the money. Is it possible to transfer that game onto my new Xbox slim?

  • Duke says:

    I have come a across a reference in a book to a photo by Diane Arbus of men wearing fezzes riding around in little cars in a Main Street parade.

    I’ve tried a Google image search and several websites on her photography but can’t seem to find it.

    I would be grateful if someone could post a link to this picture, if it is on the net somewhere

    Thanks in advance!

  • Bryan J says:

    What was the main influence of the Marinids on Fez and was it greater than that of the Idrisids?

  • gail C says:

    I have wanted to become a game designer for practically my whole life. Being born in the 90’s I’ve been around games since I was a child and grew up with them practically 24/7. I’ve always been jotting down notes and things on games I’ve wanted to create and with my 20th birthday rolling around the corner I was thinking it’s probably time to work on my future.

    What I would like to know, is what do I need to learn to be able to create games like “FEZ” or “Super Meat Boy” or something other than the blockbuster “Call of Duty” which takes a billion and a half people and still somehow disappoints it’s fan base.

    I recently have been trying to learn C++ and I’ve also looked into different things like Game Maker and was thinking of perhaps learning DarkBasic instead of another coding language.

    My main question is, what do I need to learn in order to create fully functional, professional games, on my own or with a small group? What kind of tools are there that I should be starting to work with?

    I am hoping to be able to look at the answers to this question and to be able to take only from it, and then go make a game.

    Now I understand that making a game takes a lot of time and so right off the bat I’m not looking for moral support or ideas or advice (unless it is good advice) on what to do instead. This is something I’ve always wanted and it keeps popping into my mind more and more, and I’ve decided to just say the hell with it and learn how to make games.

    Please help me, my future is at stake!

  • llb443 says:

    Hi, I would like to know if it is possible for my sister and me to get a train from the Rabat Agdal train station to Fez next week. I’m not familiar with Morocco but I know that Rabat has 2 train stations. Please help.

  • Matthew S says:

    What happened to the person who played ‘Fez’ on That 70’s show? Has he been in any other movies or tv shows?

  • Keaton says:

    Man: “Oh my goodness! I just hugged a Unicorn”
    Man’s friend: “Duuuude, that is so fez!”

    thoughts :D?

  • Roflcopter says:

    Valderrma you might know him as fez or handdy manny i’m doing my spanish report on him and i need about 10 things that will represent him like a tape measure( because of handy manny ) things like that plz help

  • PillowMan1234 says:

    I have two pet gerbils named Fez and Ernie. They used to be skinny, but now they are obese. I do not know what to do. They eat non-fatty gerbil food! How do I get them skinny again?
    They have a ball and a wheel, and they are fed with a healthy food!

  • RuMKilleR says:

    In the disney movie aladdin?

    Like what is that thing they use as a sort of belt, or Aladdin’s fez or the costume of the sultan?
    1 minute ago

  • John says:

    I want to buy or make a fez but do not know where to buy materials. I need to find a location near Altoona, PA. Any help is appreciated.

  • krow147 says:

    like fez, morocco, is a twin city with puebla, mexico…but why? what do they do?

  • Taylor G says:

    Local muslims have told a friend her macrame resembles work from Morocco that hasn’t been done in over a hundred years. I’m seeking information regarding islamic or moorish macrame. The closest we’ve come is the Italian lace form of macrame and some pictures of Spanish church vestments. The older Fez embroidery bears the closest resemblance to her workstyle we’ve found so far.

  • uberfailz says:

    I wan to go as the eleventh Doctor for halloween but I can’t seem to find a fez S:

  • nyyankees1123 says:

    Both people are well-travelled, polite and very respectful and sensitive to other cultures. Neither would ever be mistaken for an “Ugly American” as many non-Americans refer to some of our more boorish brethren that travel abroad.

    In addition to Marrakech, what about Casablanca, Fez & Tangiers?

  • alberto s says:

    im living in Fez Morocco and i would like to buy some furniture cheap. Is there anyone that knows where i can go to find cheap furniture, find people doing a moving sale, or just some people selling their furniture?

  • Alina Elliott says:

    Can I buy online (the does not have option to buy)? Do I have to arrive in Fez to buy? Are the trains usually full and I might not get a ticket?
    Thank you.

  • clntvrrt says:

    Because he would always say in my home country (so did fez) and they’d never say where he was from. Also he had an accent that no one knew. They have the same personalities.

  • Travoiz says:

    I am looking for personal recommendations on hostels in the following cities:
    Lisbon, Sintra, Setubal, Evora, and Fez

  • Keegan says:

    I am going to visit my husband at school in Fez. I want to make sure I wear appropriate clothing for the culture and weather. What is a common thing for the women to wear?

  • Erin says:

    Which rank in Fez is best? How much should I expect to pay for the whole car? How far is it?

    Any other details you can provide will be great.


  • kewlflame14 says:

    I was watching That 70s Show and there was a scene where you see Fez running in his tighty whiteys. Does anyone know what episode this was in? Thanks in advance

  • Denali says:

    They are so cool. I don’t think the Shriners are a bonafide religion so which religion is into wearing fezzes? Would Scientology let me wear one?

  • Alex says:

    Me and my husband go on holiday to Fez and Casablanca atleast every 3 years my eldest daughter is 13 now and looking grown up should she not go around in a mini skirts and all that on the streets? when i was younger i use to get a lotta cac and attention even when i was in trousers and a baggy t shirt…….or shud i just let her be carefree like in the U.S.A…have things become more modern since ?

  • Courtney says:

    I’m getting a 360 this week because there’s some exclusives available that I could never play on the PS3. But are there any good games on the marketplace that aren’t available on PS3? I already know fez and meat boy. Braid kinda doesn’t count because i got that on mac. Anything else though?

  • colingrillo says:

    Does anyone have an extra familliar fez spy hat in team fortress 2 that i can have? If you do add me, my steam id is Tingman

  • Balla says:

    i’m off to fez in a few days and was looking for some good tips for eating out – we’re on a budget but want to avoid bad stuff if we can

  • Duke says:

    I’m in Fez. I need high quality cosmetics. At home i wear bobbi brown, but lancome or l’oreal or something like that would be fine too. friends suggest taking the train to Rabat. Can cosmetics be found there? Is there any way to find them without leaving fez?

  • ericmreitz says:

    I currently only have access to XM online and not my radio and they are playing re plays of Ron and Fez and O & A. Is there a reason or is this just temporary?

  • EzioAuditore1459 says:

    FEZ from That ’70’s Show.. What country do you guys think he’s from? Hahaha.

  • Goe122 says:

    i never found out what country fez is from :( any help?

  • therundown2k3 says:

    I was watching a teen nick commercial, and I was wondering which song it was. It’s the one with the different characters from all the shows, in kind of a video montage. It ends with Fez doing a disco pose.

  • Bryan J says:

    I just bought a college textbook on an introduction to Arabic and I want to learn the alphabet. How hard is it to learn? How long does it take to learn?

  • everydayGuitarist says:

    Of course they may not write it perfectly, but I was wondering how long it will take them to at least have some idea of how each letter in the English alphabet is written. Can they learn it in one day, or does it take two days for them to learn just this one step? How long does it take them to learn to recite it?

    I am a beginner teacher and I am trying to learn how to teach young children the alphabet. Any tips and advice would be helpful. I am currently trying to write a lesson plan on it.

  • The Villain says:

    Coming from the regular alphabet we use in English and Spanish, it’s quite foreign to my eyes! What is the best way to learn what sounds all the letters make? I’d like to learn to write the actual language while I’m learning to speak it, and not just use the sounds translated into the alphabet I’m used to.

  • Yoshi says:

    It would be great if a person who has lived in Rabat, Casablanca or Fez could answer this for me.

  • Phillip123 says:

    I know alpha, beta and omega but I have always wondered what the others are. I’d also like to know the original symbol for these letters and if they have more or less letters than the english alphabet?

  • clntvrrt says:

    I have 17 month old twin girls and i am a widower, thus a single father. How do you start teaching your kids to read and understand the alphabet? I have seen other parents at a group i go to showing their kids letters, and the kid tells them the letter. How do i start teaching them the alphabet and how to reconise letters? i find reading difficult and i read slow, if i start them reading earlier will it be easier for them?
    When is the best age to teach kids this?

  • maskills24 says:

    Was the Greek alphabet (altered Phoenician alphabet) adopted by the Romans by force, through trade, or by some other means?

  • Wooooody says:

    In all English-speaking countries other than the USA, the last letter of the alphabet is pronounced zed. Therefore how is the alphabet song sung in, say Canada, Australia, Jamaica, or New Zealand?

  • Taylor2k says:

    Did the English alphabet evolve from the Greek alphabet? I am doing an ABC Primer for my Major and decided to have the theme of “The Evolution of the Alphabet” and unsure.

    I know the Latin alphabet which we follow in the English alphabet came from the Phonetic alphabet.
    Also, did the English alphabet evolve from anything else apart from the mentioned alphabet during the course of time?

  • apleaforbrandon says:

    Why can we almost automatically recite numbers backwards but it takes a bit of thought to do the alphabet backwards? Is it because it is mathematical? Is it because we have had more practice doing it?

  • shahedC says:

    How dangerous is driving on the roads? What’s the road etiquette? Might is right? Is it safe to park cars in most tourist spots in Marrakesh, Agadir, Essaouira, Fez etc?


  • Scott Bull says:

    I’m looking for a backstitch (single line, not Xs) alphabet. I need one about 9-10 stitches high and if it was a little fancy (or at least not plain) it would be great. I’ve been searching on-line with no luck and even checked my local Hobby Lobby for one to buy with no result. Anyone know where I can find one? Or how I can make one with PCStitch 5? (I’ve only figured out how to make cross stitch alphabets with it, not backstitch ones.) Thanks in advance!

  • Phillip123 says:

    We’re doing the alphabet countdown as freshman in high school. We need something for the letters. Please help by offering things for as many letters as you can. ^.*

  • Krazy Bob says:

    Babelfish can translate from Russian to English, but not from Cyrillic alphabet to Latin alphabet. How do you do this, and is there some sort of translator-site which does this?

  • homerliveshere says:

    I was just thinking today that it was pretty slick to put the alphabet to such a catchy tune. I wonder if it was a mom or dad or teacher, or what. It is amazing to me that almost every parent in the states sings the abc song to their kids to help them learn it. My husband comes from another country, and they don’t sing their alphabet. In fact, he thought it was odd when I first sang it to our baby.

  • Courtney says:

    why was the greek alphabet an improvement over the writing systems of the Mesopotamians, the egyptians and even the phoenicians?

  • Goe122 says:

    Every example of the alphabet I’ve found is either typed or in cursive. I want to know how to write in the “common” way, does anyone know of any examples or traceable sheets like they’d make in grade school? Thanks!

    PS – If anyone knows any good beginning russian websites, that’d be much appreciated as well.

  • unbleevable39 says:

    “How many strings of 7 lowercase letters from the English alphabet (of 26 letters) contain the letter d at least once?”

    The answer is 26^7 – 25^7, but I don’t understand why. If we _have_ to have at least one d, why is the answer not just 26^6? Please help me understand the difference between what I’m doing and what the book is doing.
    Basically why are all 7 slots still considered in the 26^7 number when we know one of slots absolutely has to be a d?

  • Flash Funk says:

    I want to find my childhood favorite alphabet book. There weren’t many words on each page, like many alphabet books, but on the left hand side were the words, and on the right hand were the pictures. Each picture featured one 3D looking letter standing on a stage and getting hurt in some weird way. I can’t remember any of the specifics, but It basically explained what happened to each letter, such as the “S got sawed” (that’s an example, not something actually out of the book, I don’t think). Please help if anyone remembers!

  • nyyankees1123 says:

    I want to make pasta for a school project that is similar to alphabet pasta, but i dont know how i should shape the pasta. should i use small cookie cutters to cut them out from a large sheet of pasta, or should i just shape the pasta using a knife? i have no idea what i should do, any contributions are welcome!
    i have to make the pasta for it to be classified as part of the project.

  • callofduty5123412 says:

    I’m getting a Cuttlebug for my birthday (yeaaah). I would like to have a full alphabet set to go with this, but money is pretty short. I’m still a bit lost as to which brands I can and can’t use. Can anyone tell me which dies are normally cheapest that work, both general shapes and specifically for alphabets. Also best places to buy them.

    Thanks all!

  • dubmecrazy3 says:

    Perception vs Con-ception: When i wuz (was) of the age 14 i
    learned that the meaning of the word Alphabet does not mean or implies in any way 26 letters but only two. What would be those two letters and why? The English Alphabet pronounces one letter for what it iz (is) not, even when you perceptionally see the letter for what it should be pronunced yet we do not pronounce it in any English word. Why iz that?

  • mmminja says:

    I know it’s the largest alphabet, but how many letters does it have?

    Also, do you know what language, that is only 90 years old, is one of the world’s youngest languages and is a blend of German, Dutch and other languages?

  • Flash Funk says:

    Since each language’s alphabet has different sounds and pronunciation, what are some languages with sounds that cant be ‘reproduced’ in the English language? Are there any?

  • colingrillo says:

    I know there are 2 main phonetic alphabets: Roman [used in languages like English and Italian] and Cyrillic[used in Russian and Bulgarian, etc]. What about Portuguese, and French? I know they have characters like the Roman Alphabet, but they have different letters, like the “ç”. Is it still considered the roman alphabet?

  • Keaton says:

    I have been told that initially the English alphabet did not contain 26 letters and been asked to find out how many. I can’t! Can you?

  • John says:

    I need to memorize the alphabet by tomorrow morning so I can take the test to get E-3. I’m a lazy dirt bag who didn’t study. Please help square me away!

  • fattiemanny says:

    According to legend, King Ramkhamhaeng, The youngest son of King Si Inthratit, the first king of Thailand, modified the Sinhala (Sri Lankan) Script to create the Thai alphabet. The first written Thai language is inscribed on a stone known to Thais as the “Ramkhamhaeng stele”. However, The Thai alphabet doesn’t look like the Sinhala alphabet. Thai alphabet looks more like the Khmer (Cambodian) alphabet. Thai was once a part of the Khmer empire during King Ramkhamhaeng’s time. Was the Thai alphabet derived from the Khmer or Sinhala alphabet?

  • PoohBearPenguin says:

    How do I find out how many ways there are to arrange the alphabet so that “car” does not appear? What about times it does appear?


  • arronwrath says:

    I want to teach my son the english and spanish alphabet, should I teach him the english alphabet and then spanish? what is the best way to do it without confusing him? he speaks english.

  • Thomas A says:

    I’ve been tryin really hard to teach my little sister the alphabet, but it’s really stressful.
    She doesn’t seem to beable to remember anything. She only knows 7 letters…

    What bugs me is that she can’t even remember the letter(s) we JUST gone over with. She just doesn’t seem to understand.

    I always end up getting frustrated and she can tell and then I feel really bad :( But it’s just ugh,

  • Clayton Cottrell says:

    The sentence Im trying to translate is arabic, but using the roman alphabet, i can’t find any translators for it, if u can translate it for me, or if u know of a website that would be great :)

  • Christopher J says:

    My little sister is 2 and she already knows her numbers to 10 and my mom wants me to start teaching her the alphabet.
    Is she too young? I don’t want her head to explode or anything…
    Ok, so I know the alphabet in sign language, could I start teaching her that, too?

  • toast says:

    There’s a private school I teach at and they don’t show the alphabet in their own native language. I was told not show the alphabet in english because they say it would confuse the children and complications would come about later on, is this true?

  • Keaton says:

    My daughter is 3.5yrs old & she knows the uppercase alphabet well but she is having a hard time matching up the lower case alphabet. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Dana G says:

    I have spent over an hour looking for downloadable flashcards for the Cambodian alphabet to no avail. Does anybody know where I could find some or have some they could e-mail me? If not, maybe you could help me find just a large copy of the alphabet, then I could cut our the letters and use them as flashcards.

  • xLittle21Yaox says:

    and what made the alphabet suddenly switch from being written from right to left, to left to right? and how did the lower case letters get added? and for what purpose?

  • Stevalicious says:

    It happened in Turkey and Korea. Turkey now uses Latin alphabet and Korea uses Hangul.
    I know Japanese has Kana (Hiragana and Katakana). But is it possible for them to use a single alphabet?

  • Caltel T says:

    I need help making a seven letter word from a four letter alphabet! any help appreciated!
    You can use any four letters in the alphabet but they must create a seven letter word. Feel free to give as many words as possible!

  • The Villain says:

    Doing Spanish HW an she asked up to write three differences for each version of the alphabet n I already wrote three things for Spanish, all i need is English and three similarities. Thanks!

  • Roflcopter says:

    I speak Hindi, as my parents are both from India and moved here to the US. How long would it take to learn the hindi alphabet and be able to read and write if I already know Hindi fluently? I speak hindi at home.

  • slipknot0129 says:

    How did they decide on alpha, foxtrot, zulu, etc to replace the alphabet letters?
    Yes but why have they picked those particular words for?

  • forahobby says:

    I was originally curious as to why the alphabet has an order at all, but I was able to find a question asking just that. Feel free to answer that as well, though.

    The main question just derived from that thought. I’m referring to the English alphabet; why are the letters in the alphabet ordered starting with “A” and ending in “Z?” I’m sure it’s based on the order other languages presented their letters, but where would that order have come from?

  • Seth says:

    Does anyone know of a good web site that will help me learn the Mandarin alphabet?

    I only speak English so it’d need to be in English, and with phonetic translations of the letters.

  • shahrukh says:

    And how would it rate in difficulty with all languages.
    (Different alphabet eg: Greek or Russian)
    And explain why it would be easiest. This question is in English so obviously it is for an English person to learn.

    I mean different alphabets as in such as Greek Chinese Japanese Russian Urdu etc etc
    Not French or Turkish.

  • Denali says:

    How many strings of n lowercase letters can be formed using the alphabet so that the letters w,x,y,z appear in a string? Assuming repeats are allowed, come up with a function that depends on n.

    I have no idea how to do this problem. An explanation would be great.

  • sakyue1993 says:

    I’m writing a newsletter for parents, and don’t know if I should include a section on “Teaching the Alphabet.” Is this something parents are pretty comfortable with, or should I give some insight on ways to make learning the alphabet more meaningful and fun?

  • JDOGG1122 says:

    I want to know the Korean alphabet but I want it to also be translated into the American alphabet
    For example : Gah, what Is the American version A? B? C? I’ve tried translation but it obviously didn’t work I just want to speak the Korean language >~<

  • simply complicated says:

    I am just wondering, what alphabet did Ferdowsi use when he wrote the Shahnameh?? I know it was all in the Persian language, but did he use the Arabic alphabet we use today, or did he use the Persian alphabet, i.e. Pahlavi alphabet that was used by the Sassanids?

  • Mark says:

    I am in college and I go to a place for the physically and intellectually disabled for Best Buddies and on my own time. A few of the residents are quite hard to speak to but they do know sign language.

    If I learn the alphabet, is there anything I need to know? Most people don’t know even that, but I feel the alphabet could be useful to spell out words. I am just wondering if there’s any other BASIC stuff I need to know. I don’t need to be completely fluent in sign.

  • diggn4richez says:

    I got assighned a project for an egyptian alphabet book i need help. PLZ!

  • Erin says:

    I came across a stunning alphabet book for kids. Each letter had an entire page and the illustration covers the page entirely, no borders or white areas. There’s a quirky poem for each letter, with lots of rhyming words. The images are magical, not naturalistic. I believe this book won awards for the illustration. If you know what I mean, please let me know! thanks:)
    I forgot to say that it’s in colour and a fairly recent book. thanks!

  • che-che says:

    I’ve tried to come up with alternate letters and whatnot (you know you have too), but they make absolutely no sense. Does the alphabet (in other languages as well) cover every sound humans can make?

  • floydian8717 says:

    They changed every other alphabet to Cyrillic, like Kazakh, Uzbek, Kyrgyz, and a whole lot of other languages… But why were Georgian and Armenian allowed to keep their original alphabets?

  • kewlflame14 says:

    Can it be translated into the English alphabet? If so, are these words and what do they mean: danya, yanyenipyamayo, da, tovarish?

  • ibjammin44 says:

    I have an online friend who lives in Athens, and her computer breaks a lot, so we’d like to send each other physical letters. She sent me the way to address an envelope to her with the words in Greek but spelled with our alphabet. But would I have to write the envelope in the Greek alphabet? It would confuse my post office, but maybe not hers. She can send me the info written in Greek. I’m not sure which one I would have to do in order to get my letter to her.

  • TommyKay says:

    When referring to languages and linguistics, what is the difference between a languages alphabet and a languages orthography system. Also does every language in the world have it’s own orthography ?

  • Marshal says:

    I am constantly doodling the alphabet and I am curious as to what the psycological meaning behind this is?

  • Maggie says:

    I wanted to listen to Opie and anthony or ron&fez and i dont see the virus on my directv guide. What happened to it?

  • Jeff says:

    My son just turned 5 and will be starting kindergarden next school year. He can say the alphabet, and he knows about 10 of letters when he sees them. I am trying flash cards….but I don’t seem to be having much luck yet. Is there a better way to teach this?

  • Jack Bauer says:

    And what they are in English, and possibly an English word for how they sound.

    I’m planning on learning Russian, and I figured the best way to start is to learn the Cyrillic alphabet.


  • Brian says:

    Every alphabet represents a different digit from 1 to 9 to make the calculation. What are they?

  • dealy says:

    I’d like to get a tattoo of our surname in an ancient alphabet, but I want it done right. Since old English alphabets aren’t the typical A-Z, I don’t want to try translating it myself! Where can I do this?

  • Flash Funk says:

    I’m thinking of getting a Rosetta Stone for Hindi, but I don’t want it to be a waste of money. This question is for you people out there that have used Rosetta Stone for languages that have a different alphabet! Please help. Thanks!

  • Sahil says:

    I’m decorating a pair of white canvas shoes inspired by the 11th Doctor. One shoe is done with quotes, the crack in the universe, a bow tie, and the fez. I already have the quotes, I need 3 things to draw for the other shoe.

    Before anyone has a rant about Tennant (10th Doctor), I already have everything planned out for his shoes.

  • kewlflame14 says:

    When I’m wearing my fez I have motivation, but when I wear my Pikachu hat I lose all self discipline.
    I like my Pikachu hat but feel I can’t wear it anymore and it will be sad and I will be too.

  • che-che says:

    I tried to download the game FEZ, But I checked and I don’t have the correct type of graphics card.

    Would it not work at all if I downloaded it, or would it just have shoddy graphics?

  • dubmecrazy3 says:

    Learn and know the Arabic alphabet. The Hebrew script. Cyrillic. Greek alphabet. But not bothering to learn the Arabic language, the Hebrew language, Russian, or Greek. Is it pointless?

  • Jeracoo L says:

    Each alphabet has a peculiar sound. Can we add more by trying to produce new sound . Can Computer do this ?

  • ScRSC says:

    I am looking for a website where i can find cute applique alphabets in a pes format for my brother machine. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

  • Mistry says:

    How is it that Latin and Germanic language have similar alphabets?

    What is the relation between Germanic language and Latin???

  • United says:

    I’m trying to learn indonesian language through internet but i’m unable to find out alphabets. I want to know how to write this language its own language like Arbi, Hebrew etc has its own textual procedures but I found no alphabets in indonesian language. Please somebody help me. Suggest me a few website where i can learn to write this language properly.

  • Moore, Ron says:

    For example a,b,c,d are some examples of english alphabets so what are the value of a,b,c,d english alphabets in jamo..?

  • dealy says:

    My dream is to move to Japan and I heard how Japan has many alphabets including just spelling out the word in Latin letters. So I was wondering which one is most commonly used like on the internet and which ones should I learn because I don’t want to be writing to my friends in like some ancient form of Japanese I wanna know which should I learn or should I just spell them out in the English/Latin Alphabet?

  • Scott W says:

    Hi. I will be in Morocco for four days next Sep./ Oct.
    Where should I spend it in Fez or Marrakesh ?
    Have you nothing better to do Ebomb ???

  • Michael K says:

    It’s easy to find online, but I’m looking to buy a fez in person. Does anyone know where I would be able to buy one?

  • Jenna says:

    for Fez hats? Check out the ads under the Best Answer! :;_ylt=Ako4IBr11aX5rVOfEDzXqDUD7RR.?qid=20070630105718AAEg3h3

    ROLFL @ what Moonlit wrote–no, I am NOT! LOL, I almost wish I was!!
    azzeddine i – I knew all that except for the pickax part lol –is my name violent now??
    Funny, I didn’t even pick the name FEZ for the city, the hat, nor the character from That 70’s Show…it has a whole other meaning 😉 LOL

  • Anny says:

    I have a bad indie game addiction, but I only have a PC. It looks so good =( Is there any word about it coming out on PC? Maybe even Steam? I’d appreciate the help.

  • Dr Dorian says:

    What country is fez from?! Hahahah

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    Have Serbs ever worn Fez hats? I know Bosnians and Albanians do as a part of their tradition, the christian ones too

    like this for example
    Serbs as in Serbians, if you couldn’t get

  • lets roll says:

    who is better/funnier?
    yup, from That 70’s Show.

  • forahobby says:

    Hint Fez is a character in that 70’s show?

  • Terrence says:

    my favorite character on that show is FEZ…he is so cute..not his looks but the way he acts….whose ur favorite?

  • Rassling Fundamentals says:

    does anyone know what fez (70’s show) says between scenes when he inhales the helium from a balloon and dances? its like in spanish. thanks!

  • mmminja says:

    but why does the alphabet run in the order that it does abcde…xyz, has it ever been said in any other order and who chose it to be in the order that it is?

  • cardskid22 says:

    Does any1 no wer Fez from that 70s show is from????

  • therundown2k3 says:

    Can someone tell me why some company dont use phontic alphabet especially theme parks?


  • Balla says:

    Can you tell me the website where all the alphabets are? The capital and lowercase ones……
    its not for me!!! its for someone else!!

  • kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    i am playing paparazzi the game and i am looking for a FEZ i dont know what that is

  • Keegan says:

    I just wonder how the English alphabet was made

  • Jack Bauer says:

    I’m really confused help me out guys!

  • slipknot0129 says:

    Anyone know where to find it?? Soft copy…

  • cardskid22 says:

    I am watching that 70’s show but I’ve never knew where Fez came from ? He never told ? if you know it guys please help me out? it would be appreciated!

  • Sir fliesalot says:

    If I recall correctly the doctor only wears the fez in one episode, I don’t think he even wore it for the whole episode. Besides it being awesome, why did it become so iconic?

  • kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    I will be catching a train from Marrakech – Fez. do they have signs up when you arrive, so that i would know i have arrived at Fez train station.

    many thanks

  • D3ZZY says:

    What are the differences between the different Japanese alphabets? I’ve been researching a bit and I have found Kanji, Katakana, and Hiragana. I think Kanji is the most common, is that right…? Could someone just explain to me what each alphabet is used for, and if I were to learn Japanese, which I would most likely study the most?
    Thanks very much :)

  • Eric says:

    This friday everyone at my school is dressing up for purim and I’m going as aladdin and I need a mini fez hat. I found one online but its gonna take too long to ship, what stores could I buy it from? I already tried aahs but they didn’t have it.

  • Ryan Dunn says:

    I know it’s a little red hat with some rope coming out od the top but what’s it used for? Does it symbolize anything?

  • Rishabh Bajpai says:

    i cant remember what episode you see fez’s room in that ’70s show
    also, if you know, where is fez from???

  • Sophia C says:

    Real name is from “That 70’s show?” Im curious, thx

  • stingerms says:

    hi does anyone know if theres a place from where i can download full archived ron and fez shows from the year 2000 from when they started on WNEW? i know has full archived shows from 2001 – on but nothing from the year 2000. Any help would be appreciated!

  • Brody S says:

    I missed what Fez’s whole name is. I’ve been wondering for a while!

  • Ramblin Spirit says:

    I thought that the fez was from turkey but my friend say it’s arabic, and Wikipedia says so too, so us he right?

  • simply complicated says:

    What does Fez mean in eanglish

  • TommyKay says:

    Its so annoying when they forget to include that on the wikapedia page

  • shahrukh says:

    I see it every time one of those characters sit down to lounge with the paper and a pipe in one of their big comfy chairs. Just curious if someone knows why.

  • diggn4richez says:

    Mustafa Kemal banned it in 1925 because Turkey was an Islamic empire which he turned into a secular republic and he felt the Fez symbolized the Ottoman Empire as well as Islam . But my question is whether it’s still banned or not .

  • kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    Heading to Europe in the Fall…looking to take 3-4 days in Morocco…which place is better…better culture, people, food, shopping, etc…

  • SKATEskum says:

    white hat with tassle looks like fez

  • Michael C says:

    I need to know how many greek ALPHABETS there is all i am finding on google is greek letters so if someone knows how many greek alphabets there are it would be great if you could help

  • Goe122 says:

    my computer fezzes at random times, viewing pdf using adobe, running macromedia flash professional 8, and going to websites with lots of flash stuff displayed like this are few thighs i noticed when it fezzes.

    when it fezzes i cant use my keyboard or mouse, only way out is unplug computer., i have reinstalled windows many times with complete wipe out of both hard drive. but it still fezzes.

    does anyone here know what can be done. please help me!

    my system info:
    System Information
    Time of this report: 4/10/2009, 15:07:33
    Machine name: DARSHAN-8E2BDC3
    Operating System: Windows XP Home Edition (5.1, Build 2600) Service Pack 2 (2600.xpsp_sp2_gdr.080814-1233)
    Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
    System Manufacturer: VIA Technologies, Inc.
    System Model: P4M266A-8235
    BIOS: Phoenix – AwardBIOS v6.00PG
    Processor: Intel(R) Celeron(R) CPU 2.80GHz
    Memory: 2016MB RAM
    Page File: 236MB used, 5722MB available
    Windows Dir: C:WINDOWS
    DirectX Version: DirectX 9.0c (4.09.0000.0904)
    DX Setup Parameters: Not found
    DxDiag Version: 5.03.2600.2180 32bit Unicode

    DxDiag Notes
    DirectX Files Tab: No problems found.
    Display Tab 1: No problems found.
    Sound Tab 1: No problems found.
    Music Tab: No problems found.
    Input Tab: No problems found.
    Network Tab: No problems found.

    DirectX Debug Levels
    Direct3D: 0/4 (n/a)
    DirectDraw: 0/4 (retail)
    DirectInput: 0/5 (n/a)
    DirectMusic: 0/5 (n/a)
    DirectPlay: 0/9 (retail)
    DirectSound: 0/5 (retail)
    DirectShow: 0/6 (retail)

    Display Devices
    Card name: RADEON 9250
    Manufacturer: ATI Technologies Inc.
    Chip type: RADEON 9250 (0x5960)
    DAC type: Internal DAC(400MHz)
    Device Key: EnumPCIVEN_1002&DEV_5960&SUBSYS_280117EE&REV_01
    Display Memory: 128.0 MB
    Current Mode: 1024 x 768 (32 bit) (60Hz)
    Monitor: Plug and Play Monitor
    Monitor Max Res: 1600,1200
    Driver Name: ati2dvag.dll
    Driver Version: 6.14.0010.6614 (English)
    DDI Version: 9 (or higher)
    Driver Attributes: Final Retail
    Driver Date/Size: 5/3/2006 17:51:00, 258048 bytes
    WHQL Logo’d: Yes
    WHQL Date Stamp: n/a
    VDD: n/a
    Mini VDD: ati2mtag.sys
    Mini VDD Date: 5/3/2006 17:50:42, 1540608 bytes
    Device Identifier: {D7B71EE2-1A20-11CF-886D-0B08A0C2CB35}
    Vendor ID: 0x1002
    Device ID: 0x5960
    SubSys ID: 0x280117EE
    Revision ID: 0x0001
    Revision ID: 0x0001
    Video Accel:
    Deinterlace Caps: n/a
    Registry: OK
    DDraw Status: Enabled
    D3D Status: Enabled
    AGP Status: Not Available
    DDraw Test Result: Not run
    D3D7 Test Result: Not run
    D3D8 Test Result: Not run
    D3D9 Test Result: Not run

    Sound Devices
    Description: C-Media Wave Device
    Default Sound Playback: Yes
    Default Voice Playback: Yes
    Hardware ID: PCIVEN_1106&DEV_3059&SUBSYS_F6141565&REV_50
    Manufacturer ID: 1
    Product ID: 100
    Type: WDM
    Driver Name: cmuda.sys
    Driver Version: 5.12.0001.0044 (English)
    Driver Attributes: Final Debug
    WHQL Logo’d: Yes
    Date and Size: 4/23/2004 15:14:04, 818496 bytes
    Other Files:
    Driver Provider: C-Media Inc.
    HW Accel Level: Full
    Cap Flags: 0xF5F
    Min/Max Sample Rate: 100, 100000
    Static/Strm HW Mix Bufs: 17, 16
    Static/Strm HW 3D Bufs: 0, 0
    HW Memory: 0
    Voice Management: No
    EAX(tm) 2.0 Listen/Src: No, No
    I3DL2(tm) Listen/Src: No, No
    Sensaura(tm) ZoomFX(tm): No
    Registry: OK
    Sound Test Result: Not run

    Sound Capture Devices
    Description: C-Media Wave Device
    Default Sound Capture: Yes
    Default Voice Capture: Yes
    Driver Name: cmuda.sys
    Driver Version: 5.12.0001.0044 (English)
    Driver Attributes: Final Debug
    Date and Size: 4/23/2004 15:14:04, 818496 bytes
    Cap Flags: 0x41
    Format Flags: 0xCC0

    DLS Version: 1.00.0016.0002
    Acceleration: n/a
    Ports: Microsoft Synthesizer, Software (Not Kernel Mode), Output, DLS, Internal, Default Port
    C-Media Wave Device, Software (Kernel Mode), Output, DLS, Internal
    Microsoft MIDI Mapper [Emulated], Hardware (Not Kernel Mode), Output, No DLS, Internal
    Microsoft GS Wavetable SW Synth [Emulated], Hardware (Not Kernel Mode), Output, No DLS, Internal
    PS/2 Devices
    + Standard 101/102-Key or Microsoft Natural PS/2 Keyboard
    + Terminal Server Keyboard Driver
    + HID-compliant mouse
    + Terminal Server Mouse Driver

    Disk & DVD/CD-ROM Drives
    Drive: C:
    Free Space: 24.8 GB
    Total Space: 39.3 GB
    File System: NTFS
    Model: HDS728040PLAT20

    Drive: D:
    Free Space: 35.1 GB
    Total Space: 39.2 GB
    File System: NTFS
    Model: Maxtor 6E040L0

    Drive: E:
    Model: HL-DT-ST DVD-ROM GDR8163B
    Driver: c:windowssystem32driverscdrom.sys, 5.01.2600.2180 (English), 8/4/2004 03:59:54, 49536 bytes

    Drive: F:
    Model: LITE-ON DVDRW SHW-1635S
    Driver: c:windowssystem32driverscdrom.sys, 5.01.2600.2180 (English), 8/4/2004 03:59:54, 49536 bytes

    System Devices
    Name: S3 Graphics ProSavageDDR (Microsoft Corporation)

    Name: VIA CPU to AGP Controller

    Name: VIA Standard PCI to ISA Bridge

    Name: VIA Standard Host Bridg

  • Rassling Fundamentals says:

    From “That 70’s show” tomorrow. I need some advice on what to wear. I know to wear a tight, striped polo shirt and tight jeans. anything else? I sort of know how to talk like him and a little what to say, i also know some about the hair. is there a good picture i can use on the internet you can find? thanks.

  • kiltakblog says:

    how did they come up with the phonetic alphabet (alpha, bravo, charlie etc.)

  • Lasagna delivery guy says:

    Is Fez bi?
    in the shows he is obsessed with girls yet he shows interest in other boys. (Naughty dream of Nurse Kelso, arguing with the gay man who sells jewelry , forgot his name)

  • Sahil says:

    I want to know if there is a chinese alphabet, and if so can you put a link to it. I want to lean chinese and want to learn the symbols. Thanks :)

  • Rishi says:

    I’m looking into alternate Alphabets, and it really interests me. My girlfriend and i have learned Quenya Tengwar, and I’m currently learning Dovakhiin, but are there any others that i could learn? Preferably fictional alphabets

  • Andre says:

    Oh yes, my 7mth old babbles but I think he remembers the letters because he repeats the alphabets (A, C, G, H, I, K &O) with excitement each time the videos are played and for which he has an attention span of about 3hours which is not same for cartoons. I really appreciate your responses. Thanks.

  • Thomas Lopez says:

    from “that 70’s show”
    I’ve always wondered

  • Willie says:

    In galilee i learnt hebrew and english in tel aviv but i been trying to learn armaic, i know a coulple of words but i want to know the alphabet and the basic words, its one of the oldest religions in the world, jesus spoke armaic.

  • balinderk2000 says:

    In the show, “that 70’s show” I know that it is supposed to stand for foreign exchange student but i thought it was Fez, i know this is a dumb question, im just curious? Thanks

  • Bryant B says:

    whats the episode where fez and hyde are playing music and a girl walks in and then they sing ” rain drops keep falling on my head”?

  • toysruslover says:

    Has anyone heard of the phoenetic alphabet.
    Each letter (A-Z) of the alphabet starts a word phoenetically.
    There is a condition that the word for each letter must NOT start with that letter.

    So you can not have A for apple
    because apple starts with letter A
    nor can you have T for two
    because two starts with letter T

    But you can have phoenetic “spelling”

    T for biting (teeth for biting)
    is allowed
    B for mutton (beef or mutton)
    is allowed
    C for Yourself (see for yourself)
    is allowed

    Apparently all manner of spelling “tricks” are allowed.

    Does anyone know the complete 26 letter phoenetic alphabet.?
    I forgot to mention.
    Each word has to be a real English word.

    D for ential
    (differential) would not be allowed
    because ential is not a word

    N for eggs is ok (hen for eggs)
    P for relief is ok (pee for relief)

  • Hannah says:

    can you give me a spanish printout? well of the alphabet

  • happyha31 says:

    Im guessing you clicked on this because you watch that 70’s show but i need to know what episode that Fez sings (i ran)

  • Jason says:

    Ok so im not even korean and im trying to learn the korean alphabet. I have nobody to help me but the internet! So i am in the writing process right now and was wondering, On korean wiki, it says

    “. Would it make sense to try to learn English using the Korean alphabet? Especially when there are no F, V, and Z sounds in Korean? Obviously Korean does not contain all the sounds of English, and in the same sense, English does not contain all the sounds of Korean. Therefore the English alphabet cannot accurately represent the sounds of Korean. If one wants to learn English, one should learn the English alphabet and its sounds. In the same sense, if one wants to learn Korean, one should learn the Korean alphabet and its sounds. ”

    So i see what it saying there BUT then i see that ㅅㅏㄹ ㅏ ㅁrepresents s a r a m, Do Korean words actually represent english letters!?!?! im going crazy

    Basically im asking WHAT RELATIONSHIP DO KOREAN AND ENGLISH HAVE before i go break something…

  • ibjammin44 says:

    i know that binary code is just a set of ones and zeroes but im just curious to know the alphabet

  • Xbox360king says:

    I want to get an XBLA game, and I’ve tried both and loved them. Which one is better and why?

  • Sonny says:

    Can the Theban alphabet be spoken aloud or is it just a written language?!

  • Heath says:

    I was thinking about it the other day, and the alphabet is a great invention. Who invented it. Someone told me it was the latin alphabet, so maybe in mexico or brazil? Does someone own the copyright cuz they could make alot of money off it since everyone uses it everyday.

  • Scott Bull says:

    why is he called fez?

    is it cause they forgot his real name?

    does it stand for Foreign Exchange Student?
    [except the s is prounonced z]

    is it a nickname for his real name?

    that’s all i could think of.

  • Orbit says:

    I have been trying to learn the Cyrillic alphabet for about 20 minutes. I know I have only been trying for 20 minutes, but it looks very difficult. I have the hang on some of it such as pronunciation but only if the word is in the roman alphabet.

    Will it get easier? By the way I’m attempting to learn Russian

  • johnkaiser 22 says:

    I have a problem here.. whereby how to calculate the number of alphabets in a text file…

    using namespace std;

    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
    int alpha[26];
    int letter_count = 0;
    char ch;
    ifstream in(“input.txt”);
    cerr << "Cannot open input file.n";
    return 1;
    // init alpha[]
    int i;
    for(i = 0; i <26; i++)
    alpha[ i ] = 0;

    ch = in.get();
    if( isalpha(ch) )
    // Count the letters
    ch = toupper(ch);
    cout << "Number of letters: " << letter_count << endl;
    for(i = 0; i < 26; i++)
    cout << (char) ('A'+ i) << ": " << alpha[ i ] << 'n';
    return 0;
    but I don't like the output it because it will display all the alphabets with/without the text file contain it….
    my question is .. what changes should I make so that the output of the program will be less than 26 since there are only 26 alphabets

  • Chester says:

    Can someone please just give me the japanese alphabet but don’t give me a website just write it down here. I have a japanese word and i need to translate it but i cant find the letters anywhere.

  • Oilers says:

    When I look up the Runic Alphabet I’ not sure which is right. Two things show up:
    1.Runic alphabet has a symbol for each letter.
    2. Each symbol of the Runic alphabet means a word or meaning.
    Which one is right?

  • Echo says:

    does anyone have any information on initial teaching alphabet?

  • Matthew David says:

    I love them both and think they’re hilarious! Who’s the king of That 70’s Show??

  • Lia-lu-li says:

    Any Flowers or Gardenning equipment that starts with each letter of the Alphabet.

  • Thomas A says:

    From the 70’s show is that a good or bad thing ?

  • Terrence says:

    Why does it go a, b ,c d ,e….. Why not B through Z with the vowels at the end a, e , i, o, u (and sometimes y)?
    Was the alphabet made first and the the vowel picked at random?
    It may sound like a stupid question but who decided the order and why?
    Please answer if you can all these questions thanks for your time.

  • Mackenzie P says:

    What languages use the 26 letter english alphabet? including those with stuff over them (I dont know what they’re called 😛 )

  • Matthew S says:

    I wonder why the Alphabet starts with the letter A… Why not Z?

  • Sir fliesalot says:

    Can someone make up a new letter in the alphabet?

  • soccermaster1 says:

    hey everyone,i’ve been looking all day about the chinese alphabet and sadly i didn’t find it.
    i’m learning chinese and i need the chinese alphabet.
    i heard that they don’t have any alphabet….is it true???
    please help!!!!!!

  • Jeanelle the Retard says:

    in the Greek alphabet I realize that for sigma there are 3 symbols instead of 2 (uppercase and lowercase) can you explain why there are 3 instead of 2 and say weather or not the third is upper or lowercase?

  • Keaton says:

    why does the alphabet letters doesn`t evolve with the language ie more or less letters .

  • mendhak says:

    Are there any c’s in the korean alphabet? if not then what Hangul letter shows up when you type in a c in google translate? and also, what does 피, 어, and 0 mean in Hangul?

  • kamikami says:

    french is the olny who has 26 letters with english language

    so english language use french alphabet??

    because french and english alphabet are the same ..
    latin ,spanish,german alphabet are clost but not the same

    so english has many about 40% or more of words who have french origine because of the normans[french] invasion ..
    so . . english language dont use exactly latin alphabet but french alphabet . .
    but by the way french alphabet come from latin alphabet

  • davemc74656 says:

    does can anyone tel alphabet to me. i english learning now.

  • Salam says:

    what is the easiest or the most simple way to study the japanese alphabet esp. the hiragana and katakana?

  • rndmaktn says:

    can you give me all the letters in the spanish alphabet, a word that starts with that letter, and than a sentence with that word in it,

  • kass9191 says:

    I want to learn the Theban Alphabet and have been looking online for a chart of the symbols for the letters. The problem is, as I continue to look online, I notice that there are many different versions of the alphabet. Some of them are very similar, but one or two letters are off, while others are completely different. Does anyone know which is the correct one and can give me a link to a chart of it?

  • Jonny says:

    I read this question here today that was asked 3 years ago and for me, it’s still not resolved. I hear people use “alphabets” most of the time, which, I believe is incorrect. I searched online and some websites use it too. So, is this really the plural of the word “alphabet” or not?
    Thank you guys for your answers. You are all correct. I actually meant…the letters of our “english alphabet.” This is one comment I heard from a parent today, “my child knows her alphabets.” Here’s another from a preschool director, “the kids will be learning their alphabets.”

  • Cupcakerum says:

    Does anyone know what alphabet the Romans used when they used Roman Numerals? Did they use the Etruscan or Euboean Greek alphabet? Or something else? I would really appriciate it if anyone could tell me! Thanks loads in advance! (^___^)

  • nasty1 says:

    what is it? i know it is the alphabet but what are the letters and what do they mean?

  • Clayton Cottrell says:

    does anyone know the little johnny alphabet joke? it goes like the teacher asks him to learn the first few letters of the alphabet and he goes home and asks his family and thay say stuff then he uses those words to answer his teacher the nect day? i heard that one and loved it but i cant remember it. if u dont know it…i love other little johnny jokes too.

  • Milk84 says:

    I know that its where words stand for letters but is there somewhere where i can get a list of what each letter is in the phonetic alphabet

  • Lasagna delivery guy says:

    When was the first english alphabet used, year and country

  • borabora5524 says:

    What is the color of NATO alphabet?

  • Keaton says:

    My teacher is making us remember the alphabet backwards and I cannot do it! I can only do ZYXWVU…… and that’s it. How can I remember better?

  • RichT says:

    Why english alphabet doesn’t have the “Ñ” letter?

    Why not include it?

  • Kaylla says:

    I started to learn Japanese and I also need to know how to write in Japanese
    I know there is Kanji the imported chinese characters there is Hiragana the japanese writing and katakana the alphabet for the sounds that dont exist in Japanese like “U”

    I need to know when and why would you mix them in a word or a sentance,
    I have a alphabet of Hiragana showing the sound of the letter but I also need the Kanji and Katakana alphabets with the sounds.
    Could you please comment on this with tips, explanations and links to them alphabets
    ill be entirely grateful (^_^)

  • Scott Bull says:

    •Discuss the evolution of the Roman alphabet. How has it changed over the years?
    •What writing systems influenced its development?
    •What socio-economic, political, and cultural forces shaped its development?

  • Pacman says:

    From the research (very little) that I did, noone knew who invented the alphabet, and it’s understandable. is it truw, that noone knows who invented the first alphabet? (not necessarily the english alphabet, but any sort of language/alphabet) Please let me know, only if you have a sure answer. Please do not answer if you are not 100% sure, as I need to know for certain. Thank you very much!

  • Oilers says:

    i want to know first three & last one alphabets meaning

  • Jonathan says:

    Hi everyone.

    The Korean Alphabet is called Hangul or Hangeul, right? Why is it said to be the only true alphabet in Asia? Are the Japanese Hiragana and Katakana not alphabets?

    And I’m confused about many consonants. They are listed with two sounds. How can you tell which sound will it be read? For example g and k, d and t, b and p

    And what good site can you recommend for learning Korean? For now I’m interested in the Korean alphabets so I can decode some Korean texts even though I don’t know the meaning. I’ll be studying the whole language much later..

    Thanks a lot in advance.

  • rashest_hippo says:

    I’m looking to buy a puzzle game for PC for my dad for Christmas, but I’m not too fond of puzzle games so I don’t really know which one to get. He likes things along the lines of Peggle and Luxor, so more like just puzzles rather than an adventure-type game that includes puzzles in it. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated :)

  • Gamer959 says:

    Hey guys just wondering what people think is the best xbox arcade puzzle game i noticed they had a lot and want to dl a few tonight just to pass time when im inbetween games
    nice i was looking at puzzle quest last night but couldnt dl the demo my thing was messin up ima check the youtube vids of it sounds good though and yeah i love rpgs lol my other question on this yahoo answers was wats the best rpgs for xbox ie turn based ie blue dragon or lost odessy

  • Michael C says:

    I love Point & Click, Puzzle, Mystery and Visual Novel games, and I would like to find another one. Here is a list of what I have already played and loved:
    Professor Layton (all)
    Ace Attorney (all)
    Time Hollow
    999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors
    Portal 2
    Ghost Trick
    Things like that… I own a Wii, Nintendo DS, Gamecube, PS3 and a Computer, if that helps. Thank you in advance!

  • zigg3ns says:

    Hi, Im looking for a few new ds games, and i need some suggestions,
    i don’t really like games like contra4 and final fantasy, etc, i don’t really like pet games either, ive got most mario games already, i do enjoy good shooting games,RPG, i don’t mind puzzle games either.

  • Rkmc says:

    What is the name of that iphone puzzle game that has a 5*4 or 5*5 grid with numbers one through five on random squares and you have to rub your fingers from 1-5 in order and also every square? any idea?

  • lcollier93sbcglobalnet says:

    Does anyone know if there are any fun puzzle/adventure games for the Wii or computer? Something like Myst? We played all four of the Myst games and we loved them. We liked the graphics, the music and we liked having to figure out how to solve the game.

  • Patrick says:

    what are some good puzzle games for the ds something that i can really get my teeth into please

  • liza says:

    Does anyone know any good puzzle games?

    What would be the best technique you would use in those?

  • Big Banger says:

    Hi. I have just completed Pandora’s Box and that game is just perfect. Are there some more good puzzle games?

  • RuMKilleR says:

    I have been looking into gettting a puzzle game for my DS. I have been playing planet puzzle league and I LOVE it but was wondering if there was a better one. I don’t really like Tetris so keep that in mind when answering.

  • Jamal says:

    it was a game i played a few years back where u had a conveyer belt type thing that brought shapes along and you had to make them fit into a grid made of triangles in anyway possible and it made a picture…there was also some tools that helped you…a hammer for destroying pieces and a magic wand that would fill in single triangle pieces…the game also had brilliant music and im kicking myself for forgetting its name!

  • Zack Faria says:

    Yes, yes, N64. It’s so old now that it’s cool again in my opinion! I really like puzzle games like Tetris and good old Dr. Mario, and Bubble Bobble from original Nintendo, if anyone remembers that! I also like Diddy Kong Racing, and MarioWorld, where you have that 360 degrees of movement, just like Zelda: Ocarina of Time, which I also like, but I prefer the bright cute world of Mario. Are there any other great puzzle games or 360 degree world games out there that anyone would like to recommend? (My least fave are sports and shooting games.) Thanks!!

  • Kristian says:

    can anyone recomend a good puzzle type of game on ds?? like touch detective, professor layton n wright ace attorney games… hehe thanks..

  • Marshal says:

    I am trying to buy a ds game for someone who has and loves ds Scrabble.

    He also like things like Mah Jong, crosswords, 11 ball, Solitaire, Hearts, Tetris, etc. I know there are a few puzzle and game based ds games, but I need to know which ones are really good.

    I bought Margo’s Word Games before and was really disappointed that everything was timed and there were no explanations for wrong answers. Anyone have any good advice?

  • ibjammin44 says:

    im lookin for good puzle games for ds.

  • MexicanDude says:

    What is the first process you go through in creating a game that has puzzles and riddles etc. I’m kind of in a creative block.

  • Miguel M says:

    I have played amnesia and penumbra, i love horror style puzzle game. amnesia scared the shit out of me, and I’m part way threw penumbra but the only remotely scary thing about it is when the music kicks in at times, but its much more engaging than amnesia, so I’m looking for a few games like it without the horror theme, something more casual, engaging, challenging, fun, and if possible a unique story. most importantly i would like a game with at least a moderate amount of playtime, nothing you can play threw in 10 minutes. thanks.
    good list but i have played most of those, and I’m looking for something similar in the sense that your in a 3d world interacting with whats around you, same engine possibly.

  • homerliveshere says:

    I’m looking for adventure/puzzle games for my iPod touch, but I can’t seem to see any that interest me. I’m looking for games where you pick up objects and have to figure out what to do with them, where you have to work your way through different places, that sort of thing. One game like this that I absolutely loved was Twisted Lands: Shadow Town, but I’ve played it quite a few times now so it’s a bit pointless to keep playing it again and again! Any game like this (or the same sort of idea, anyway) would be great. Thanks!

  • gail C says:

    i really like the traditional puzzle game,th eone when you put together all the peices of a picture,try a few website but cant find it!! pls hep me!

  • Boo Cookie says:

    What are some good online puzzle games that aren’t region blocked? I’d like to play some puzzles with a few of my friends from Europe but I’m in the United States. It doesn’t have to be free, I can go out to the store and buy the software, I don’t mind, just as long as it’s online multiplayer and not region locked. (Although, I cannot afford ones where you have to pay a fee every month to play)
    PC games please

  • Flash Funk says:

    I’m really into games like Professor Layton, Nancy Drew, and that type of mystery/puzzle games. I got a game for my birthday (Today tehe) and my parents thought it was that type of game but it turns out its more of a I Spy game. So I was hoping for some recommendations because i can’t find any of those types of game.

  • Beavis says:

    Does anyone know what this kind of strategy game is called I have seen it in newspapers next to crossword puzzles, it is also on heres an example…..

    you’re this would mean your under arrest. Thanks for the help

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again says:

    the other day i was playing thsi game on computer called bejewled and found it fun and entertaining. I was wondering if there was any good puzzle games on the PSP

  • stingerms says:

    I am looking for some good puzzle games for pc. Some hard ones that will challenge my mind..I have Intel Celeron Cpu 1.7 GHz ,1 Gb ram ,and a 64 Mb Nvidia Ge force MX/MX 400.Thank you.

  • Mistry says:

    Is there any puzzle games i can get for the psp
    No i don’t no what you mean

  • stingerms says:

    It came out sometime in the 90s. I remember having to solve puzzles like putting the correct amount of water into the vessel or turning the wheel to the proper item, etc. The puzzles weren’t the typical word or number puzzles. When you completed the puzzle you won a gem or jewel that you needed to complete the overall set. All help is greatly appreciated!!

    Thank you!

  • Benihana says:

    It was a spaced theme game… the objective was to link together lines and build a tower to reach the moon.. then the tower would have to stay in the moon for the certain amount of time without falling over or the game would end

  • Terrence says:

    Mostly for the wife she is a gamer but she likes all the casual games but they get boring for her, I cannot find any good ones with depth except maybe puzzle quest which we had on the ds where thinking of getting again on the pc but we are wondering what else is out there, oh also she loves mahjong so if there is anything like mahjong with depth please link it!

    Thanks all.
    Thanks for the myst suggestions and those games are not bad actually, very unique but me and her will probably play them together we decided on puzzle quest to she tried it first and liked it better then the first, I personally do not like it as much as the original yet but maybe I will thanks.

  • Dr Hank says:

    Does anyone know a great puzzle game like professor Layton for the PC?

  • The Dark Knight says:

    I can’t remember a game I used to play on my parent’s phone.All I remember that we can move up,down,left,or right so we can make lines to fill the screen without hitting moving enemies.We can also move on filled areas for cover.Another thing is when you cover an enemy with your line without letting them touch it will make them disappear. I guess if you fill 80 to 90 percent of the screen you will advance to the next level. The background screen is usually art or images when you complete it.So can anyone can tell me the name of this game or what type its based on(I know its a puzzle game).Any help would be appreciated.

  • uberfailz says:

    i really need a new game but i can’t seem to find one i like. i don’t really like the first person shooter war games. i’d prefer them to be more like portal. have any ideas?

  • Marlon P says:

    This is for my stepmom. She is very old fashioned and is about 55 yrs old. She loved the DS so I gave her one and its her birthda y and I want to buy her a puzzle game.

    Whats a good one? Something simple like sudoku or brainage type stuff.

    Proffesor layton would be too complicated for her as english is her 2nd language. So something really simple but also will keep her interest.
    Action adventure and rpg would be too complicated.

  • Alun J says:

    i been trying to figure out the name of this puzzle kinda game. I want to play it again.
    Okay the puzzle-like game you PROBALLY did one when you where younger, on the paper the puzzle tells you to get certain colors right? then after that you color in that certain shape. By the end of the puzzle it makes a picture

  • cardskid22 says:

    I had someone recommend me around the world in 80 days awhile back. I was wondering what other fun puzzle games people play? Hoping be something simple and easy to learn for my parents to get into since they keep beating around the world in 80 days

  • lildevilgurl152004 says:

    I am looking for some gr8 puzzle games for the nintendo ds. I would like some which are similar to touchmaster (not the second version because it isnt as good as the first), similar to professor layton and the curious village? does anyone know any games like this? ive tried mechanic master and that isnt very good.

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:


    I like to play Word Puzzle games because it’s fun and I can improve my english while playing. There are a lot of Word Puzzle games in the market but a lot of them are crap. Can someone suggest good games for Android?


  • DuckieM10 says:

    help: give me some tips and hints how to open the difficults puzzles in the game virtual villagers2:d’ lost children…… puZzLes, cheaTs, tiPS, clues anD easy way how to gather tech points, and sources of food,, it is very urgent,, need this badly,, i will choose you as the best answer if you gave this, much better if all of these things,, thank you..!! you would be the BEST ANSWER, (virtual villagers2 : the lost children)…!!

  • SKATEskum says:

    Can you tell more puzzle games that you likes , puzzle games like Limbo , braid , portal 2.

  • Taylor2k says:

    Im looking for action/interactive puzzle games that makes you think for PC, you can take Portal as an example. Money is not an issue so it doesn’t matter if your have to pay for it.


  • Vultre9 says:

    tell me some nice puzzle games to play like bloxorz at

  • Superman says:

    Are there any good puzzle games on the wii that are worth buying?
    I mean games like Super Monkey Ball, or Boom Blox
    (i have both, but i grew tired of them)

  • Sonny says:

    What are some good online puzzle games that aren’t region blocked? I’d like to play some puzzles with a few of my friends from Europe but I’m in the United States. It doesn’t have to be free, I can go out to the store and buy the software, I don’t mind, just as long as it’s online multiplayer and not region locked.

  • Brody S says:

    in java language:

  • D3ZZY says:

    I have a DSi that I got for Christmas, but I am looking for a fun game in which I can use the stylus. I recently purchased Trace Memory, but I beat it a few days ago and am in the market for a new game. Are there any good puzzle games out there that may be somewhat similar to Trace? I am considering the Professor Layton series as my next purchase. Does anyone know if it is worth the buy? Any good game recommendation would be handy. I also like games such as Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days, if that helps. Thanks!

  • davemc74656 says:

    Okay there was this computer puzzle game I used to play in the 90’s It was jungle themed with bugs is mostly what I remember and they were triangular pieces that you would rotate to connect the bugs bodies correctly and once you completed the puzzle the bugs would move and fly away? Does anyone know the name of this puzzle game been tryng to figure it out

  • rndmaktn says:

    i don’t know what should be call for Banagram maybe word game,puzzle game or board game???
    Did u know??

  • MexicanDude says:

    I usually play on Yahoo, and Gamehouse because they’re free. Do you suggest any other websites with free online games? I’m bored and looking for something different.
    Looking for recomended sites, don’t trust websites in general.

  • mmminja says:

    My son is four years old, I want to find the development of the brain of the jigsaw puzzle game for kid, but I don’t know where to download, do you have a good game website for kid?

  • sick_mick_101 says:

    I’d like some suggestion for party and puzzle games for the Nintendo wii. I like bejewled, is there anything like that for Wii?

    Also are there any other good games geared towards adults?

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