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Enjoy Your Old School Music: Moving Your LP Collection

Posted on July 18th, 2012 by

Enjoy Your Old School Music: Moving Your LP CollectionIf you still have an old turn table & LP collection, then you have already done everything you can to keep it in satisfactory condition. When you have to move, you are naturally going to be worried approximately your special collection. Well, is here to assist you make sure everything arrives to your new home safely & securely.

The first thing you have to do is obtain the right box for the job. You should use boxes that are specifically designed to move LP collections. These boxes are designed with thicker walls to prevent any warping from heat. The specialized cartons are moreover the perfect size for your vinyl records, so you won’t have to worry approximately too much extra space in your box.

The best way to pack your vinyl records is to first buy poly-sleeves. You can then take your record with its sleeve on it & take it out of the cover. Put the record with its sleeve behind the cover & slide the two into a poly-sleeve. While this make seem counter-intuitive, this method will provide the most protection. If you do not have a sleeve on your record, then your record should remain in its cover.

You should put your vinyl records in the box standing up. Vinyl records should never be laid down on top of one another. If you have any extra room in your box, fill it with crumpled packing paper. You want to make sure your records will not move around while they are in the truck. Don’t make the box too tight or else you could put additional pressure on the records.

If you are moving when it is hot outside, you should consider getting an air conditioned moving truck. While this is better for your LP collection, it is moreover better for your belongings in general. Vinyl records can become warped in very hot conditions. You wouldn’t want to go through all the trouble of packing them properly, just to have them obtain ruined by the heat.

A tip is to check your moving truck before you take off. You want to double check that the temperature in the moving truck is working properly. Don’t assume you have the right moving truck when the movers arrive. At the beginning of the day, set it to the temperature you want. Once you are on the road, make a stop along the way to reassure yourself that you have a moving truck that is working properly. If you find a problem, contact your moving company immediately.

Moving your LP collection isn’t as difficult as it may first appear. As long as you obtain the proper materials, your collection will arrive in perfect condition. If you want any other information, be sure to contact our moving specialists.

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218 Responses to Enjoy Your Old School Music: Moving Your LP Collection

  • Nathan B says:

    My LP of the album is the first pressing that came to America (label: Capitol Records). It has the Pyramids of Giza sticker on it, but is missing the 2 posters it came with. The record condition is good. The cover has little bits ripped off. The actual prism part of it is unaffected, and there are no flaws on the back of the cover. The lyrics on the inside of the cover are slightly obscured, with no other major flaws. The record came in its original protective sleeve. If there are any questions, please let it be known on the answers.

  • Gundown64 says:

    I own the Opus Clavicembalisticum vinyl on 4 2-sided LPs by Kaikhosru Shapurji Sorabji and performed by Geoffrey Douglas Madge but cannot find how much it is worth online. I do find the cd version but I have the 4 2-sided LP set and it comes in this small box with a giant booklet with notes and history about the song and Sorabji and the sheet music as background pictures inside. It is in great condition and I was just wondering how much (estimated) it might be worth. Thanks in advance.

  • Ramblin Spirit says:

    I have a large collection of vinyl LP’s and 7″/12″ singles, some of which I’ve found difficult to obtain on CD. Also I am not happy with the remastering of some of the new versions of albums I already have. I would like someone with good equipment and knowledge of the subject to transfer some of my favourite vinyl onto CD, preferably with the catalogue information so that it can be found in my iTunes library easily. Does anyone know of someone who will do this for me? I am in the UK.

  • Sahil says:

    I have a small collection of Nirvana Records that are fairly rare (some more than others). I have decided to sell most of them, where can I find out what they are worth?

  • balinderk2000 says:

    I sold my Lp collection for about $1000. I want to send them from Ohio to California. USPS? UPS? FED EX? Drive them myself, lol? Thanks!

  • Andrew S says:

    I have an old LP in great condition and Iwould like to have it as a CD. I know there are programs you can buy to do it yourself but please keep in mind you are dealing with some one who can remember where she was when hearing that Pearl Harbor was bombed. Please help. If in yellow pages under what listing?

  • ademuth93 says:

    I have made monthly payments to the original creditor whom is still accepting the payments, but my debt has been sold to a collection agency. I sent them a Cease and Desist letter indicating I am still paying the original creditor and they wrote back they are taking the pertinent actions to ensure I don’t hear from them again accompanied by a so called “Validation of Debt”. What happens now?

  • tjpimpin says:

    I’m looking to buy a new electric guitar soon, and I found a pair that are similar but are different in brand and price. The Epiphone LP Custom Les Paul Collection Guitar, Antique White; and the Gibson Les Paul in Antique White. I would like to know if theres any real big difference in them before I make my decision.

  • floydian8717 says:

    I’ve had no luck in finding a really nice book shelf to place my huge collection of books. Right now they are in boxes because I really have no where else to put them. I want an old fashion type of book shelf, not the boring basic long box you see in Walmart. Thanks

  • Scott Bull says:

    I am 25 year old and always been a music lover/ amateur music historian for my entire life. I put aside everything, besides listening to music, aside to further a more promising career. I want to take a chance.

  • Bryan J says:

    Could you tell me where i go buy vietnam vinyl records , Lp collection ?
    Thank you

  • Motordom says:

    I know LP’s are just about extinct but I was wondering if it was possible to get just my favorite songs special ordered to be put on LP. I use to like the sound of music on LP and thought it would be great to hear just my favorites from the collection I have on it. What company specializes in this?

  • nathan says:

    My system no longer works, and I would like to be able to listen to the music, since I have quite a collection of oldies. If this is possible, I would appreciate the information. Thanks in advance.

  • superdork says:

    I get this letter in the mail today from Capital management Services, LP saying that I have a debt of 300 bucks from Arrow Financial Services LLC and then previously from Oklahoma Gas and Electric Company…I have no idea what the hell whats going on??? I just turned 18 a couple months ago in July, I live with my parents so I have not turned on any services from any company, what is this? Is it a scam or something? Someone have any advice???

  • Krazy Bob says:

    My friend loves this album and has a large LP collection. I wanted to give it to him for his birthday. Does it exist?

  • Bryant B says:

    Looking through our LP collection, we discovered a 78 Record in mint condition, the title of which is SPEECH BY H.R.H.THE PRINCE OF WALES (on Armistice Night November 11th 1927) Red Label HMV with photograph of the cenotaph on it. side 1 is record 1, side 2 is record 2. We were wondering what it may be worth!

  • Keegan says:

    I want to download songs from my LP & cassette collections, to my MP3, but I don’t want to spend lots of $$$ to do it!

  • airdogspace2 says:

    Just bought a turntable today and picked up the first 5 albums for my collection to be. They appear as though they could use a little TLC though.

  • Nathan B says:

    Looking for a few new LP’s to add to my collection. Anyone know of a website that has a decent to large amount of new or used records. Thanks in advance!

  • SteveO says:

    I have collected over the years many vynil reords, and I took good care of them. Now I want to transfer selections from these Lps
    and in some cases the complete Lp into CDs. What do I have to buy in order to accomplish this, and what steps do i follow.
    Do I transfer it to my computer, make a playlist and then burn a
    CD?. How do I transfer the sound into my computer. Help, anyone?.

  • sakyue1993 says:

    My father has a large LP collection just sitting in storage. I want to sell them for him, but have no idea what each is worth. I know there are books I can buy, but ss there anywhere online I can look?

  • Disrae says:

    I have a handful of vinyls, so far, in my collection and I’ve realized something on a number of them. On various records I’ve noticed, what appear to be, a handwritten series of etched-in letters and numbers on the inner black part of the LP (just outside the label). I’ve seen them on my latest Jay-Z 12″ single, as well as my parents’ hand-me-down original “Footloose” soundtrack from 1984. What are these numbers/letters?

  • Michael C says:

    I need more money, i know of the one cheat where you quickly exit out of the store, but it doesn’t work, I’ve tried it many times. I have the sims free play but the background of the app has the easter type theme to it, I don’t know if that makes a difference? I would like to get unlimited LP and money. help?
    i have it on iPhone.

  • Salam says:

    How can I transfer music from LP records to my computer. I want to
    copy music from old phonograph records to my computer then burn them to a CD.
    Is there a device that can do that?

  • brincks26 says:

    From what i understand they aren’t really considered “albums” per se, just a collection of maybe 3 to 5 songs.

  • nmlpc says:

    My dad has a large LP collection and I would like to convert them to CD’s for him. What is the easiest way to do this?

  • Gage says:

    I have a handful of vinyls, so far, in my collection and I’ve realized something on a number of them. On various records I’ve noticed, what appear to be, a handwritten series of etched-in letters and numbers on the inner black part of the LP (just outside the label). I’ve seen them on my latest Jay-Z 12″ single, as well as my parents’ hand-me-down original “Footloose” soundtrack from 1984. What are these numbers/letters?

  • josh12rox says:

    I am selling my record collection online and want to make sure I ask for a fair price… Is there anyway I can work out what they are worth. I think some are pretty good so want to make sure I do okay for myself without pricing myself out of the market.

    Thanks for your help in advance!


  • steve says:

    I want to record my 45 and LP stereo collection onto an iPod, so I want one that will have as large a capacity as available, unless quality will suffer. Also I want to be able to download music from my Dell computer. Any suggestions?

  • ConfusionnaJob says:

    my audio collection has travelled from LP to cassettes to digital now . if i want to preserve a copy which can always be converted to something contemporary what should it be – wma, aac , wav , mp3 . because in the future ( say five years later ) the audio converters available now might not be there anymore . what format can i store it in and forget it for 5 years ?
    i am speaking of format not storage device .

  • everythingisgonnabefine says:

    I love the sound of the crackles and pops. I had some really old 45’s along with my other collection, but I think they walked away. They had the best sound because of their age. White Christmas and Dusty Sprinfields “Why do the bird’s go on singing….”

  • Ev dog says:

    I want to update my CD collection somewhat. I like recent stuff like Dr. Dre but I also like the 90’s kind of stuff like Big Daddy Kane etc.

    Can someone recommend me some more albums to put into my amazon shopping basket?!

    10 Points for best answer :)

  • Stevalicious says:

    or rarest. I haven’t been listening to hip hop for all that long (only 2 years) but i spend my money on cd’s. I would say my most prized album is The Genius-Words From The Genius original pressing. I looked on ebay for it just to see how much they’re selling for, and it’s starting at $80. I bought it at a record store a few months ago for 10 bucks. So what’s your most prized album, either cd or lp?

  • Scorch Delta-62 says:

    I really don’t have that many albums, but I want to start collection. So do you recommend any? I like artists with wordplay & good lyrical schemes.

  • brincks26 says:

    I’ve just started digitizing my old vinyl LP collection. I can get the tracks to separate WAV files easily enough using Audacity, but I’d like to be able to use CDDB or FreeDB to automatically apply file names/labels to the tracks rather than having to type them in myself. Does anyone know a good way to do this.
    Just to clarify, I don’t want to use CDDB to determine what the albums/tracks are — I already know that. I just want to apply the names already in CDDB to my digitized tracks.

  • Milk84 says:

    I’m new to technology,and would like to know how to update my 200+Cd collection to the format suitable to put it on an iPod.
    What complete equipment would I need,and what would it cost me?

  • brincks26 says:

    I have taken on the task of digitizing my album collection. I am using CakeWalk ver 5 and the current version of Audacity. It seems like there may be a difference but I haven’t really checked it out yet. Does anyone know for sure if there is a difference?

  • JDOGG1122 says:

    Use your CD collection, iPod, iTunes, or whatever else for reference if you need to. If you can’t put them in an exact ranking order that is okay. Thank you for your answer! :)
    If you can’t come up with ten albums that’s fine but please pick no more than ten.
    AFI’s The Art of Drowning is in my top ten for 2000 too. :)

  • veemodz says:

    I have collection accounts on my credit reports. I want to know if there is a way to remove them without having to wait 7 years?

  • Myles says:

    I have a few dozen LP’s, most from the 80’s but many from the 50’s – 70’s and I’m considering selling them. Where can I determine their value online? I am not willing to go to a collectible type retail store with them.

  • che-che says:

    I am sixteen and would like to start a collection of used glasses, (prescription, reading, and/or sunglasses). I understand that you have to be 18 to start your own non-profit, however what can I do, (other than just helping out another organization) to start this?

  • Jeracoo L says:

    Voluntary collection deemed impossible? Will that affect me in any way?
    I sent them a letter saying I would pay them but I havent worked in a year so their is NO WAY that I can pay them. If they are saying im refusing to pay then they are being a** holes
    Yes I have children my son is blind and I stay home to care for him and cant work. If I do get money it goes towards him paying bills living penny to penny.

  • henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    Collection is approx. 4,000 LPs in good condition.

  • Eric says:

    I am transferring my music collection from CD to MP3 and a few of my CDs are somewhat scratched or skipping. I have already paid for the rights to own these songs, so is there any way I can get a fresh recording of them? For Free? Kind of like how the government replaces damaged currency?

  • Pacman says:

    I’ve been looking through my dads record collection, and found an old 78, nd i think i can remember someone advertising 78 rpm needles. Is it true that you need a special needle to play them?

  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    My dad bought me a guitar for a random present so it’s nothing special, the problem? I DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT GUITARS OR HOW TO PLAY ONE. I have no musical talent whatsoever, so I would like to sell it, I looked it up, serial number and everything and its a “epiphone lp-100 les paul collection heritage cherryburst” so yeah how much you think i could get out of it?

  • Franklin Bluth says:

    I have an extensive LP and cassette collection and due to lack of space would like to burn CD’s from the collection but have little knowledge and limited finances , so I am not looking for top end technology , but still hope to choose a quality brand, any recommendations?

  • Erin says:

    I have been contacted by Resurgent Capital Services LP for an old Capital One account that has been taken off my credit report because it passed the 7yr mark. What’s the best course of action to take? Do I write the company and ask them to stop contacting me? Can they still take me to court? I’m not really sure if the SOL has expired or not.

  • Lucas H says:

    i have 2 LPs, and i’m planning to expand my collection.
    so where can i find a player that’s at least $100?
    maybe even one that can convert the music into a digital format..

  • United says:

    We are moving across the country in our RV and once we get to our destination we will continue to live in the RV. We are bringing our vinyl collection with us and I’m hoping there’s some solution to keep them from warping or melting. Maybe I special container I can purchase. Any advice?

  • Dom L says:

    Collection companies are notorious for listing the same collection account on your credit numerous times. This can trick the credit scoring programs into thinking you have more derogatory items than you actually do and therefore drag down your credit score. I currently have a CO that the collection agency is posting as one account on Transunion and Equifax, then posting as another account on Experian. Is this illegal? If so, who do I report this to to have it reported as the same account along all bureaus? I realize it doesn’t affect my score since its showing up only once on each bureau.

  • encyclopath says:

    I have a collection item on my credit report for $245, I have paid it already. How can I remove it from my credit report? Is it better to talk to the collection agency to remove it or directly to the credit bureau? Tnx!

  • Eric says:

    I have a few dozen LP’s, most from the 80’s but many from the 50’s – 70’s and I’m considering selling them. Where can I determine their value online? I am not willing to go to a collectible type retail store with them.

  • Zanto says:

    I have a couple of old (small) collections on my credit report that I’d like to clear up, but it just shows the name of the collection agency and a partial account number. How do I get contact and account information for these collection agencies so I can find out more information on these debts and pay them off or dispute them as needed? Would the credit reporting agencies have this information?
    Thanks for any help!


    I am expanding my lp collection and would like to start listening to them with the best sound output (speakers with bass, etc.) possible. I do not nessecarily want to transfer them to cd, like most of the ones I see now offer. I also wonder about the speaker jacks, like can I connect a turntable to my stereo (a 5 cd changer with audio jack) ?

  • kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    I made collections for the characters in my story I am writing. Can I make a collection, and put them all in there ? Or organize them somehow so they’re in one place ? Thanks !

  • Johnky J says:

    My fiance and I got in a little disagreement a little while ago about how long collections stay on a credit report.

    He says that after 7 years they will be removed from a persons credit report – whether they are paid or not.

    I disagree with that. Why would collection agencies just “give up” trying to collect money from a person and take it off a persons credit report. It doesn’t make sense to me. If collection agencies just stopped trying to collect from a person after 7 years wouldn’t a lot of people not pay their bills because it will just go away after 7 years?

    Can someone clarify this for me? Thanks!

  • Peter says:

    I’m wondering if adding a Diamond XtremeSound 7.1/24bit sound card will help in recording/converting my cd/lp collection to mp3/wav/wma? Will the quality be better for playback in my mp3 player or will it benefit just with playback through the pc?

  • Splash Log Level 2 Again says:

    Right now my gun collection right now is mostly just Eastern Block Military peices. I love them all, and have lots of fun shooting them, however none of them are terribly valuable. I do have a few slightly more valuable peices such as a Browning Challenger III, a Ruger GP100, and a Ruger P89, and a Remington 870 Express Magnum 12 Gauge. I’d like to add a few more collectable and valuable guns to my collection, but I’d like some suggestions.

  • Sahil says:

    I am really interested in analog audio (i.e. vinyl). From what I have heard, vinyl is the truest representation of the original music you can get because digital media compresses it and so on. My question is where should I start? Keep in mind I have nothing to start with, no record player etc. What do I do first?

  • mendhak says:

    I have very old coin collection from all over the world. Most of the coins are from India and belonging to British empire. Some of the coins are more then 1000 year old. Please I would like to know how to know the original current value of the coin and sell accordingly.

  • MentallyCryppled says:

    Can a collection agency hit your credit report before notifying you in writing? This stupid collection agency negatively hit my credit report without even sending me anything! I had to call them and have THEM send the stuff out!

    Is this right? How can they just hit your credit report without giving you the opportunity to dispute it?

  • Hannah says:

    I have a Dewalt DW718 compound sliding miter saw. There is a dust collection vent with an adapter piece at the end to tie into a vaccum system. When I hook my shop-vac up, its gets some of the saw dust, but quite a bit hits the throat of the saw, causing it to spring forward and sideways all over the place.

    I noticed that there is a bolt holding the dust collection tube in place. Does shifting the tube into the right position make a difference?


  • Jeremy Xargor is my gamertag says:

    I got a letter from a collection agency on jan 11 of this year and made an arrangement to pay next friday in full. It states on the letter that i have 30 days to validate that this is or is not my debt. Will they put it on your credit report before that 30 days or do they have to wait a whole month? As of yesterday there was no collection on my report from this company. Thanks

  • Dark_LovexXx says:

    i’m thinking of starting a movie collection, but i don’t know if it would make sense. do you think the dvd will soon be a dying format, or will it survive the hd shift?

  • zigg3ns says:

    I have heard that if you don’t agree to pay for something and you are charged anyway, it can’t be reported to a credit agency and affect your credit. I am thinking of things like traffic citations. Also, what does a collection agency do when it’s contacting someone about money owed, and if you were to have your credit affected, how much damage would actually get in your way in the future? I assume credit only matters when buying a car or a house- big ticket items. I have also heard the credit problem is erased after 7 years. Can someone clarify these issues for me please?

  • Roar me R says:

    What I’m trying to figure out is. If a collection agency is buying a $1,000 debt of mine from a credit card company how much do they actually pay for the debt?

  • nick s says:

    Unfortunately, I allowed 3 credit cards to become delinquent, which were then charged off and apparently sold for collection. The original creditor and the collection agencies have posted these to my credit file. These 3 accounts have turned into 6 on my credit report. Is that legal? If not, how do I resolve this situation. I want to pay these but I also want to make sure these issues are settled, too. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • xLittle21Yaox says:

    I was planning on purchasing adobe cs4 master collection, and was wondering if the was anyway that it could be installed in multiple computers? This would be helpful as I’m a media student, and could use it on my laptop as well as my desktop computer.

  • Gage says:

    What is involved in the collection of gas by water displacement, and why is it important that the water level inside and outside the gas collection tube are the same before the volume measurements are taken?

  • Gamer959 says:

    I am trying to get my credit in better shape so that I can buy a house. I made deals with a couple of collection agencies. I told them I would pay in full if they would agree to take the items off of my report. They did. However, there is a collection agency that is really being stubborn about working with me. I also told them that I would pay in full if they would take it off my report. They said that they could not do that. How can I get them to agree to take it off my credit report if I pay in full? My credit went bad when I divorced. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Scott Bull says:

    Example: If the Collection Agency is requesting a proof of residence of an address that you lived back in 1999. Is this possible?

  • happyha31 says:

    I have been contacted by a collection agency regarding a debt that I believe is beyond the SOL. In a show of good faith, and hoping they will stop any further action, I have requested verification of the account, payment history, etc. How long do they have to respond? I don’t want to be sitting on pins and needles forever.

  • Brody S says:

    I’m kind of young, but feel that I would be very successful in the debt collection business. I want to change how they treat people and I really want to be my OWN company. How can I go about setting one up? Where do I find the debt? Please help!

  • ttocs says:

    I want to start a personal blu ray collection and I began by buying Rise of the Planet of the Apes and The Lion King. But I want to round out my collection and get a staple from each genre to build on.

  • davemc74656 says:

    Once an account is sold to the collection agency, how soon does it get put on your credit report and is it possible to prevent it from happening with all agencies.

    I know it’s possible, because I’ve done it before. A few month ago I had an account go to the collection agency and I made arrangements to pay and they promised it wouldn’t go on my credit report. I’ve been monitoring my credit report, and that account hasn’t shown up. Are all agencies like this, or did I just get lucky?

  • Rassling Fundamentals says:

    every single Motown track ever released, and even some unreleased ones; one new cd in the collection comes out every month at something like £50…ridiculously expensive to complete the collection but the discussers said it was worth it

    Does anyone know the name of this collection?

  • Derek says:

    LVNV is reporting a collection account on all three of my credit reports. Not only is this account past the statute of limitations for my state, but they are also not licensed to do business in my state. I called this morning to negotiate and settle for 25% and delete the account from my credit reports. They told me that it is not their process to send me a letter stating they will delete this, but once I pay, they will request for delete. I know this is bogus and they won’t delete it after I pay, which is why I requested this in writing. I would assume they would settle this debt since legally, they can’t even collect it! I just want it off my credit report. Any suggestions?

  • D3ZZY says:

    On May 3rd Sprint will send my account to a collection agency.

    I’ll be able to pay the whole amount with the past dues too by the first week of June. I’m currently unemployed.

    How bad will this effect my credit? What are the consequences?
    I already called Sprint, the guy acted like I needed to make a payment by May 3rd or they are turning it into the collection agency. So I’m screwed.

  • Death Knight says:

    I am having trouble getting a collection agency to send me a settlement letter. They are saying I have to give them a post dated check or my account information before they will send the letter. I told them I would be willing to settle with them but all I want is the letter to say they did agree to settle for the amount they agreed to. My wife and I are tring to buy a home and we were told by our morgage person not to pay nothing until we get the letter. How can I get this collection company to send the letter without providing my account information?

  • Matthew says:

    I have a large collection of uncirculated stamps which appear to have very little value even though the stamps are up to $10.00 each. Can I use them to post items instead of trying to sell them.
    My apologies to any serious philatelists out there!

  • Moore, Ron says:

    I have a collection of 5 autographed baseballs in a case together.. Barry Bonds, Mark Mcguire, Sammy Sosa, Roger Maris, and Babe Ruth. They are all authentic and in great condition. How much approximately is this worth today?

  • Christopher J says:

    1974 Canada stamp collection is 250$. So expensive, why?

  • zaclo says:

    I want to know if there is any way to remove a collection account from my credit. I already paid the account over a year ago and it shows as paid on my credit report but i was wondering if it was possible to remove it completly so that i cant even see it on my credit. Also will it affect my credit if it is remove? If so, in a good or bad way?

  • Matthew David says:

    Collection agencies have not removed negative information from my credit file even though I PAID all my credit card debts. Now what should I do I called and told them to remove the invalid information but they won’t do it. What is the best way to have them clear out the junk from my file?

  • Smashing Pumpkins says:

    We had a collection letter for a $240 from 2003 come to our house this weekend and they claim to have notified us about this debt. This is the first time we have been contacted about this. They claim that they have already notified the credit bureaus. This is clearly a mistake but these people are so rude and difficult to deal with. What rights to we have to dispute this charge? They have provided no proof of how we owe this money, just a bill. Don’t they need to provide proof that we owe this money?
    By the way, we have pretty good credit and we are afraid that this will adversely effect our rating.

  • Beavis says:

    How do can I find what collection agency is licensed in the state LA? If they are not how do is dispute it.

  • Rkmc says:

    I am disputing a bill with a collection agency. Even though I have informed them that the bill is incorrect 3 times, they still have reported me to the 3 credit bureaus as being late. What good is it to dispute a bill if they can do whatever they want. What can I say to the collection agency so that they will remove this bill from the 3 credit bureaus? Don’t I have any rights to fight this bill? Would it be possible to take this to a small claims court? Thanks.

  • Joe T says:

    1. How long does a bill that has been reported to a collection agency stay on your credit reprort?

    2. What if you decide to settle by paying less than the original amount? Does it stay longer?
    I never said who takes it off .. I said how long does that bill stay in my credit report.

  • thinkthought says:

    I have a collection of 53 1773 nancy drew mystery books that I would like to sell as a lot on ebay or craigslist. What should the price be?

  • Armas says:

    I made a payment to a collection company for a debt a few days ago. I looked at the balance due now and it shows the same amount that was due before I made the payment. I found out that the company is charging a collection fee and a reporting fee that has to be paid off before the actual debt can be paid off. On top of it all I am being charged a payment processing fee. I think I just should have let the seven years roll by and let the debt fall off.

  • Mistry says:

    I have a collection agency saying they have a court ordered judgment from back in 2000. I have worked up until 2006 when I had a heart attack and became disabled I receive social security not SSI. Can they garnish this?

  • JimT says:

    I am being driven mad by collection agencies–for several months, I get multiple calls per day wanting to get in touch with someone who shares my last name and first initial. It is obvious tha they just go through the phone book and look for a rough match. I am on the national no-call list and shouldn’t be getting these. What to do?

  • Praveen says:

    We have been making payments through a collection agency over the last 2 years, to the tune of almost 2000. Today we got a letter saying not only did they sell the account to someone else, but they did not lower the amount at all from the payments we have made. Now the bill is over 800 more than it originally started at. We have made consistent payments monthly for 2 years and have never been late. How can this happen? We do have proof of the payments, thank goodness we paid in checks! Is this legal?

  • baldy eire says:

    I have a fairly large collection of baseball cards ranging from the 1950s-present, I don’t have any really good cards worth hundreds of dollars but i have some pretty good ones. I really want to start a collection of rookie baseball cards but I’m not really sure how I want to start it. I think it would be fun to collect a lot of old or even present rookies. I don’t want alot of nobody’s but i also dont want to look to buy anything i can’t afford. What are some good ideas on how to go about my new collection idea?

  • Malcolm Hudson says:

    I have a very extensive sportscard collection and I am wondering what is the quickest and easiest way to sell it. Most of my collection is from the late 1960’s and early 1970’s, I also have quite a bit from the early 1990’s. The collection covers all major sports MLB,NBA,NHL,NFL and CFL. For the most part all cards are in very good shape and have been well looked after for 30 plus years. I also have a collection (125+) of NHL coins from 1969.
    I am looking for any information on how to connect with potential buyers. Thank you.

  • Brian says:

    I am disputing the collection agency because they have the wrong amount since they are not deducting what I paid to the hospital (original creditor), but I am confused, did the hospital sell this debt because I am being harrassed by another agency entirely. My question is, is it legal for the collection agency to collect on a debt while the original creditor is accepting payment?

  • supernerd567 says:

    General question of what is the last collection time on Saturday, for the Royal Mail to empty the post box.
    Any information would be amazing!

  • toast says:

    I wanted to buy the fall 2010 mac Venomous Villians collection but I wanted to no how much money it is for the whole entire collection, all the makeup for all 4 villians.
    Thanks a lot =)

  • Rkmc says:

    I was left a stamp collection over 10 years ago by a family relative. I don’t know anything about stamps, but I do know there are first day of issue ingots and stamps and books and everything and I don’t want these just sitting around. Any idea where I can get a value for the stamps or sell them?

  • Gage says:

    Back in 2000 or 2001 I got a student credit account and due to financial hardship the account went to collection in 2003. From my understanding, this account is to be removed from my credit report after 7 years of it’s first deliquent date not the date it was sent to collection. Now, in 2007 the collection company is contacting me and it is pass the California’s Statue of Limitation and the 7 years mark. What should I do? What can the collection company do to me? Can this go back on my credit report even though it has been removed? Can someone please help I am confused about this whole credit report/credit collection/statue of limitation thing? Thanks. Your help and advise is greatly appreciated.

  • D3ZZY says:

    I have a collection agency that keeps checking my credit. I have NO debt with them whatsoever and there is no possible debt with them. What can I do to get the inquires to stop?


  • Kaylla says:

    I had a few collections on my credit report and they were charged off and sold to collection agencies. I never paid them either and it’s been many years. They are no longer on my credit report. I was busy paying off other bills and now it’s supposed to be their turn, but they are all gone. It says two others are scheduled for removal this March. Should I call them and offer to pay or should I just let it drop off? What do I do about the ones that are gone?

  • Jon P says:

    I am curious to know how do such debt collection agencies buy debt from credit card companies.

    I once heard a guy saying he purchased $2 million dollars worth of credit card debt for $10,000.

    He sent out some debt collection letters for people and at the end of the month he had made $30,000 .

    So how do companies buy and sell debt? Is there a platform for such a thing?
    @bdancer – Hi and thank you for your reply! It is very informative.

    Also I would like to know how and where can i purchase such debt?

  • Elijah luv says:

    I’ve just started my collection and I was wondering how do I look after them? I know that I must not stack them on top of each other and that they cant be exposed to heat or moisture. Realistically where am I suppose to store these bad boys?

    Also can someone please tell me what I should use to clean the records with? Also, how do I clean the actual player its self?

    Thanks so much.

  • nothin_nyce1 says:

    I am looking for a software that will pick the output from the cassette player or Gramaphone record player into the computer through the audio cable and save it in MP3 format. A solution that has zero investment on additional hardware inside the computer for the purpose will be highly appreciated.

    I have a priceless collection on audio cassettes. With audio cassette players and cassettes becoming obsolete, it is high time that I preserve this in some other format.

  • Flash Funk says:

    What are good items that I can collect that will be able to make me money in the future? Like things I can collect that after saving them for 20-30 years will be worth like double or I mean like just more than what I put in for the collection? Any ideas?

  • musicistabest says:

    I am at a stopping point in my gun collection and am wondering what would be good to buy next. I have a maverick 88 pump 20 gauge, Taurus pt111 pro9mm, s&w 642 hammerhead 48 special, Remington 12 auto and cmmg ar15. I’m not looking to break the bank maybe saltier p22? Any suggestions?

  • ericmreitz says:

    When I look for the Baccano DVDs, I keep finding two different things; The DVD Box Set, and the Viridian Collection. The Box Set has been out for awhile, but the Viridian Collection hasn’t come out yet. Does anyone know if there’s any difference between the two and if so, which one is a better buy?

  • Jonny says:

    I’ve just started my collection and I was wondering how do I look after them? I know that I must not stack them on top of each other and that they cant be exposed to heat or moisture. Realistically where am I suppose to store these bad boys?

    Also can someone please tell me what I should use to clean the records with? Also, how do I clean the actual player its self?

    Thanks so much.

  • stingerms says:

    For those die-hard Mimi’s lambs who have been collecting her items, CDs, DVDs, bootlegs, posters, perfumes, and other paraphernalia, which one item you consider as most precious, dearest, most difficult to let go, or won’t even think of selling it?

  • xLittle21Yaox says:

    Some how my friend and I are having a debate about owing bank money and collection agency… so we were both curious. Let’s say that you owe the bank some money and they sent it over to a collection agency. And the bank account has been registered to your home address. The collection agency has sent letters stating you owe some money… but instead of sending it to your home…. they sent it to your work place. Is that legal? If so, how can you tell them the address is wrong?

  • Salam says:

    I’m starting to buy more records but so far I only have CCR, rumors by fleetwood Mac and dark side of the moon, in your opinion what are some records that everyone should have in their collection ?

  • opurt says:

    I paid off a collection in the beginning of July it used to say uppaid but now it says Paid, does it stay on the collection part of the credit report forever or does it clear off permantly after while.

  • ouch says:

    What happens after a collection agency receives a cease and desist order? I included in the order to not contact me by phone or mail. I filed bankruptcy, so I figure that would cover it. And, I am not working now due to health issues.

  • everythingisgonnabefine says:

    I mailed a pay for delete letter to a collection agency. They didn’t reply and they updated the date of last activity on my credit report. What should I do next?

  • Michael C says:

    i am looking for an app that will catalogue my LP collection i have about 500-700 records i have found a few good ones that you can add from a data base and scan the barcode. most of my collection does not have a barcode to scan. i have heard that there is an app that you can scan the album artwork and it will add all the info for you. is there such an app i haven’t been able to find one? also it would be preferred to have this app on my iPhone.

  • lets roll says:

    I have a collection account on my credit report and I have tried contacting the collection agency but my mailed keeps getting return, also online it states that the agency was closed and the accounts where re-sold to another company. I also try to contact the collection office were it was re-sold and that too is closed. What do I do in that situation.. How do I remove that from my credit?

  • Salam says:

    If an account went to a collections agency, who sends info to the credit bureaus: the collections agency or the original organization? Each has told me that the other does it.

    If the account is payed in full not long after the account was forwarded to collections, do they still report it? They have not reported it at the moment and it’s been about a month. Also, is it better to pay the original org or the collections agency?

  • morbiusdog says:

    We are being threatened to be sent to collections because we won’t pay what they think we can afford. We have offered to pay fifty dollars a month, but they wont accept that. Can they really send us to collections even though we are paying something. Its not like we had a choice for the medical care we received.

  • mike s says:

    I have an old student loan that just went into collections. It’s already been reported on my credit and I get calls every day from the collections company wanting their money. My question is, since it’s already been reported on my credit, what more damage can be done if I don’t pay it? How will it benefit me to settle the account?
    Caren- Do you slip in your education at MIT in every conversation? LOL
    the_oracle- What is 9% of nothing?

  • easton j says:

    I got a letter from a collections company saying I needed to contact them or my current credit score, XXX, might be negatively affected. Is that legal?
    I understand that having a collections action filed against me will impact my credit score. But I thought that if a company looks up my credit score (like a credit card application), my credit can be negatively affected. So it seems like I might get hit twice here. . . since they quoted my credit score AND apparently have filed a collections claim.

  • Roflcopter says:

    I have an account in collections, and I want to pay it before they send it to my credit report. They told me they haven’t yet. But of course they want a payment right away. I am not so sure I want to pay with my debit card, or check… Should I pay with money order?

  • Daniel says:

    I received a notice from AFNI Collections stating that I owe money on an account I never had. I did not see the letter until today, it must have gotten lost in the mounds of junk mail I receive. Can I still write a letter disputing it, even though it is past the thirty days? What course of action should I take to resolve this. I have read many complaints about fraud with this company.

  • jdubdoubleu7704 says:

    If someone has a credit score of 750 and gets sent to collections what will their credit score look like? I want a numerical answer and not one of those “it stays on there 7 years” responses. I know that once you pay it off you can dispute it, how do you go about doing that?

  • Disrae says:

    Pop left Biblitz his collection of British model railroad cars and locomotives – even a layout with track and buildings and so on on a smallish piece of plywood. Some are worth quite a bit, I understand. Neither the local hobby store nor model railroad clubs seem willing or indeed competent. I’d like to get ‘er done in a hurry. Any advice?

  • joevsyou says:

    Can a collections agency, attorney,or any other parties freeze my bank account if they only had my name and mailing address (POBox) and nothing else?

    Are there sort of “asset watchers” who find people’s bank account or asset information and provide the info to those who are after?

  • che-che says:

    I’ve worked in collections over 8 years and have managed a call center for over 9 years. The thing is I’ve worked in collections over 15 years ago. I still remember it all but how do I prepare myself. I am in school re-educating myself to get out of the sales field and this job is perfect for me but, I don’t want to mess up the interview. Can some one tell me exactly what this job entails?

  • Nick says:

    I have a collections department calling my manager at my workplace and i asked them not too and I am in jeopardy of losing my job.Is this illegal for a company to do that?

  • happyha31 says:

    Collection item has been satisfied but has taken a 30 point hit on credit report. We are trying to get a mortgage..

  • ScRSC says:

    Explain how the collections and purchases schedules are related to the borrowing needs of the corporation.

  • Spider Pc says:

    haha, what ever you say, it’s not going to make me change my music taste. I am just interested in what you think. I will list my CD/LP collection. :) Could you also tell me which other music or albums by a particular artist which I haven’t got which you would recommend? Thanks x

    AC/DC – Black Ice
    Aerosmith – Nine Lives, Permanent Vacation, Pandoras Box, Greatest Hits
    Alice Cooper – Billion Dollar Babies, Hey Stoopid, Killer, Schools Out, Trash
    Beach Boys – Pet Sounds
    The Beatles – I have all of em 😉
    Billy Joel – The Stranger
    Black Sabbath – All of em 😉
    Blur – Parklife
    Bob Dylan – Saved
    The Clash – London Calling
    David Bowie – All of them :)
    The Doors – Strange Days
    Elton John – Best Of
    Hilary Duff – Dignity (I bought this when I was young)
    Iron Maiden – Fear of the Dark
    Kasabian – West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, Kasabian
    Kate Bush – The Kick Inside
    Kate Nash – Made of Bricks
    Katy Perry – One of The Boys
    Kelly Osbourne – Sleeping in The Nothing
    The Kinks – Lola vs The Powerman and the Money go round, Soap Opera, Schoolboys in Disgrace, Village Green
    Kiss- Greatest Hits
    Lady GaGa – The Fame Monster (I don’t know what possessed me into buying this – I can’t stand Gaga)
    Lily Allen – Alright, Still, It’s Not Me, It’s you
    McFly – Room on the 3rd Floor
    Meat Loaf – Bat Out of Hell
    Mott The Hoople – All The Young Dudes
    Muse – The Resistance
    New York Dolls – One Day It Will Please us to Remember Even This
    Nickleback – All The right Reasons, Dark Horse
    Oasis – (What’s The Story) Morning Glory
    Ozzy Osbourne – All of them :)
    Pink – Funhouse, I’m not dead
    Queen – A Day At The Races, A Night At The Opera, Queen II,
    Rocky Horror, Sweeney Todd, Shock Treatment, Nightmare Before Xmas Soundtrack
    Rolling Stones – Dirty Work, Exile On Main St., Greatest Hits
    Scouting For Girls – Scouting For girls
    Tom Waits – Small Change
    Velvet Underground – Loaded
    Wizzard – Wizzard Brew
    Dire Straits – Best Of
    I am ashamed of liking Nickleback, but I do.

  • xLittle21Yaox says:

    Budgeted sales in Allen Company over the next four months are given below:

    September OctoberNovember December
    Budgeted sales$100,000$160,000 $180,000$120,000

    Twenty-five percent of the company’s sales are for cash and 75% are on account. Collections for sales on account follow a stable pattern as follows: 50% of a month’s sales are collected in the month of sale, 30% are collected in the month following sale, and 15% are collected in the second month following sale. The remainder are uncollectible. Given these data, cash collections for December should be:

    a. $153,000.
    b. $138,000.
    c. $120,000.
    d. $103,500.

  • stingerms says:

    Target? Walmart? Best buy? Circuit City?

    I just need two cheap LP records. I keep seeing 20 dollar LP records, but I’m looking for something around the 10 or below dollar range, and I’m positive they exist.

    Please answer, thanks.
    Oops, sorry for posting in the wrong category lol. I’m new to yahoo answers. Thank you very much for your answer! :)

    Now I must learn to give 10 points, which I still don’t know how to do :( I’m guessing I’ll have to wait.

  • RichT says:

    I need help. Top 45’s and Lp. Thanks

  • Duke says:

    They look like FAKE defacto government– like grabbing land,
    THEN writing a Constitution– are they?

  • Praveen says:

    My husband has a large collection of old LP’s (vinyl records). He wants to confert them to digital so that we can enjoy them again.

    Can anyone recommend quality hardware that will copy his old music to digital with high quality sound?

  • kewlflame14 says:

    I have hundreds of Vinyl’s lying around that I want to listen to, the only problem is that they have bad water damage. Would anyone know how to fix this? I was told that I should use either vinegar or rubbing alcohol with a toothbrush. Any pointers?

  • mendhak says:

    Hi. How are u today??? im tryign to start a record collection and i wanted to know what albums from 40 to 50 years ago should i get. what should i look for?? Explain gold albums and records that might be worth quite abit. also are singles good to look also…Also, what is YOUR favorite album of all time.

  • henryshensbcglobalnet says:

    a bill has just recently gotten into collections. im breaking my back trying to pay off alot of debt and going broke in the process. since this collection bill was one of my bills i tried to pay off before it got into collections, should i rush to pay it off now since its already in collections? i got bigger fish to fry and since this bill has hit collections i minus well let it sit there until i can get the bigger bills out the way before they hit collections right? smart move? i will have payed off all my debt by the next two months ( ill be super broke!) and be debt free, and then i should pay off the collection bill right?

  • Marshal says:

    beethoven bicentennial collection
    choral music vol. vi

  • louisewoods1984 says:

    does anyone know a decent free home recording software? i have all the equipment, just no software. it doesnt have to be too fancy just something to record a few tracks over one another and edit time in between them so they all match up.. just for aguitar and mic.

    i dont need any special effects just whatever is simple and free

  • ibjammin44 says:

    Please and Thank you!

  • Mark says:

    I want to teach my horse english and western. She already knows english collection but how do I get her to hold down her head (like in western)? Will she get confused?

  • Jamal says:

    you know how mac comes out with these collections and they have powders with special compacts. are the pans all the same size. so if i want to change my studio fix powder pan into the collection compact, is that possible?

  • Hannah says:

    For example, how to evaluate the Communication Studies collection in the library? Quantity, quality, structure? Is there any formal ways to do the evaluation?

  • x_blind_x_gamer_x says:

    I’ve seen this on amazon:

    I want to know if it’s any better than this one:

    I also want to know if the albums on the previous collection comes with the Japanese writing and bar on them. Please answer truthfully; I am a big Led Zeppelin fan and I want to know which one is better. Thanks.

  • Agent 47 says:

    I have thousands of mp3s on my computer, mostly at 128-192kbits, and i want to play them on a hi-fi set.

    Do you think purchasing a sound card, a receiver and a 5.1 speaker priced $ 900 in total is a good idea?

    Creative Live 24 bit $60
    Marantz 301 with dolby pro logic II $200
    Paradigm CT 110 speakers $650

    FYI, the receiver and hifi is considered beginner level for audiophiles.

    Is my MP3 that good to deserve a hifi? Or should i go for a desktop 5.1 costing about $60?

  • Jack Bauer says:

    Personally id go to the police department,get guns,find a small and cool looking carrier whether civilian or military, get a Lamborghini, a sailboat and an armored truck and place them inside, and supplies and some furnishes, and spend a week reading a manual on flying it, then fly to all the cities in the world and probably find more survive….that’s if i don’t crash the first time

  • toysruslover says:

    we all have one (or a few of them).
    the question is are you brave enough to shear with the class?

    mine is maroon 5 & michael buble’… lol
    i know, i know, i know but we all have our guilty pleasures & those are mine.

    what are yours?? =)
    just member that what you like might be a guilty pleasure to others.
    i kinda like fall out boy to. lol

  • evangldbrg says:

    My brother has some collections of Calvin and Hobbes.

    I never started reading it till yesterday. Do you think that I should have my very own full collection of Calvin and Hobbes even though my brother already has some of the books? Is it a waste of money? This is because I would like to have a collection of all the books I have ever read.
    *Last week actually, not yesterday.

    So, should I? Huh?

  • Jairo says:

    about 2000 LPs

  • kiltakblog says:

    I have a credit card bill that was put into collections.
    Sent a validation letter to the collection agency. Never heard from them again.
    The debt went back to original creditor and was going to work out payment plan with them, but got a letter from another collection agency for the debt. Can they continue to collections even though original collection agency didn’t validate debt? From my understanding if they can’t validate it they can’t continue collections.
    Thanks for the info? Now i could be wrong but from what i understood is that the original credit card company doesn’t have to validate it. I thought you can only send validation letters to collection agencies? If this is true how do i get the credit card company to validate it, and if not true where do i direct my validation letter to the credit card company.
    Well the debt was sold to one agency but then it was sent back to the original agency and sent to another.

  • mendhak says:

    A few months back a company sent my compnay to collections. We paid the bill through the collection agency, I find out today that our account with the company is still in default because we never paid THEIR collection fee. I know when you send someone to collections that a percentage of what you collect goes to the collection agency. However that should not be the clients responsibility right? If the compnay decides to send you to collections because they want their money that bad its their responsibility right??? I’m trying to fight this. Please help if you are familiar with this!

  • Armas says:

    I mean, what is the only band that matters?

  • Jeffery Carlson says:

    I don’t know how much they are worth but would like some advice on much they might be.

  • addmeonxbox360myuserisfallior says:


  • Zanto says:

    Grammy awards.

  • United says:

    I have a Ramones box set ‘End of the Decade’. There were only 2500 made. It is in perfect condition with the 6 12″ singles, poster, tshirt, post cards but the box is scuffed. I don’t want to sell it but I’d like to know what it’s worth. I have had absolutly no luck finding another one for sale. Does anyone else out there have a copy? Can you help satisfy my curiosity. THANKS!

  • Kobe says:

    I know those second-hand audio shops exist but I don’t where they are.

  • mrankinmatt says:

    Is it illegal to make collection calls on Sundays and after 7 pm daily in Texas?

  • andresumoza says:

    Are there any artists or bands that you own every release of, or
    have you been searching for a few rare gems to complete your collection ?

  • Jeracoo L says:

    Hi I have a collection of older LP’s, CD’s, and cassette tapes and looking to sell them, so has any got any ideas of how much these are likely to be worth please?

  • kiltakblog says:

    Well, I have many of the LP and the must are classic music.

  • Ed D says:

    hi my dad has a lot of records ranging from the beatles to pink floyd, does any one where he can get them valued or a web site which would help
    thank u in advance..

  • Larry R says:

    My husband was sent to collections by a dentist’s office (in early April) for a bill he does not owe. We wrote a dispute letter and sent it to the collection agency. We didn’t hear anything for 5 weeks so my husband called them and the collection agency said that they faxed a copy of our dispute letter to the dentist’s office the day they received it, but had not heard anything back from him. So we waited. Now almost 2 months later, the collection agency has still not heard from the doctor. How long does the dentist have to respond to our dispute, this has been put on my husband’s credit report and they refuse to take it off….Is there somekind of time frame that the dentist has to dispute our dispute?????

  • kass9191 says:

    I know that there is a Legendary Collection with the 3 God Cards and I heard of Master Collection? Does anybody know all the collections with all the cards inside (excluding packs)? Thanks!

  • davemc74656 says:

    I’m looking at this Beatles collection:


    There is little info. When was this recorded and sold? Which albums are in the collection?

  • John says:

    I still have my Disney Lps from when I was little kid.
    My grandaughter recently found them and can’t stop listening to them. Who would have thought my grandaughter would listen to the same things I did when I was kid.
    I also have many many LPs I have been storing for many years.
    Keep them..when you get older you will listen to them again.

  • Ssshhhh Im becoming aroused says:

    The files are off a radio interview, which I have full rights allowing me to edit them, unfortunately they are a little big in size, and I need them reduced in size to enable me to put them into a pdf file, I have done it before on my computer, but have forgotten how I done it, any help would be much appreciated.

  • white man says:

    Personally i think saying ‘you might not die on impact’ is a good one…lol

  • Alun J says:

    do you still keep them? If so…have you had them appraised? Do you know the value of picture disks?

  • David says:

    and use it
    it has to play 45 records,

  • Cpt Excelsior says:

    Can a collection agency call you from 2 different States? Seems to me its illegal.
    No they are located only in 1 state.
    @ Let me steer you. I never said is it illegal for a collection agency to call you. What I said is it illegal from 2 different States. See I live in Oklahoma but the debt was in Tx and they have hired someone from the East Coast to collect. And when I google the Co. HQ and other offices it only shows in the East Coast but the Company calls from both East Coast and from Oklahoma.
    I just heard from my lawyer and it is illegal for the same collection agency to call you from 2 different States. What I am told is that the Collection has hired out a contractor to try and collect the debt. Which makes it illegal.

  • Jeracoo L says:

    i am running windows XP withan ION turntable

  • kiltakblog says:

    I currently have the Devil May Cry collection and have not gotten around to playing it.
    I want to pick up the Metal Gear Solid collection also and am just wondering your guys thoughts on all the collections.
    I also wanted to get the Silent Hill collection but it looks they ruined it.
    How are these collections and what ones are worth getting?

  • jordenkotor says:

    i have the whole collection can someone pease tell me its worth if there is any

  • ibjammin44 says:

    … do you think turntables that you can plug into laptops are a good buy?

    I’ve been studying an:

    ‘ION Audio TTUSB05 USB Turntable/Vinyl Archiver with Line Input’
    and wondering if they are any good.

    Thank you.

  • opurt says:

    I’m not saying I believe its coming or it is,but if it was what would be your choice of weapons?

  • Shay H says:

    colored:Kiss-Kiss my ass red vinyl, kiss- Detroit rock city green vinyl, Kiss- hard to belive a kiss compilation pepdulbismal pink vinyl, Kiss-kiss my ass bootleg 1985 concert neon pink vinyl, Elvis moody blues blue vinyl , Elvis gold gold vinyl, Black Sabbath-Black Sabbath clear vinyl, Rolling Stones rock n roll crcus mixed vinlyl, Rolling Stones-Far away eyes piggy pink vinlyl, Motown- pop’s we love you heart shaped red vinlyl, Picture discs: Kiss-Paul Stanly 1979 japanese solo , Kiss-Peter Criss 1979 japanese solo , Kiss-Gene simmons 1978 solo , Kiss-limted editon 1981 UK interview , Kiss- 1982 Creacheirs of the night.
    1986 kiss hotter than hell
    So that’s what i have , what do you have?

  • clntvrrt says:

    Is there a legal way?

  • nyyankees1123 says:

    why is it advised not to eat red meat during a 24 hour urine creatinine collection?

  • everydayGuitarist says:

    other than milk crates.

  • apleaforbrandon says:

    If you are making some kind of payment on medical bills can they still send you accounts to collections?!

  • norrin_shadowwolf says:

    I see a lot of questions
    talking about the new Hello Kitty collection.
    And I’m just wondering, what exactly is it?
    Like what’s included and everything?

    Thanks in advance!
    Does anyone know if the stuff
    will sell out fast?

  • ScRSC says:

    I am not in this situation at the moment and at all costs I am trying to avoid it. BUT..let’s say someone had debt turned over to a collection agency due to deliquent payments… does the collection agency attempt to settle or negotiate with the person? So for example if a person had 20,000 in debt..could that be negotiated to a lesser amount and set up on some sort of payment plan with the collection agency?

  • Adam says:

    I’m 15 and looking to build a make up collection. Earning £60 a month how do i budget a makeup collection? Thankyou x

  • Disrae says:

    I want to sell a product on Ebay and collection would be the most convenient as I will be away for quite a while. How do people pay when it is collection only – still by Paypal or Cash?

    For the seller, is it safe and have you done it?

  • Motordom says:

    How is it different from plain collections?

  • Matt says:

    Can someone tell me where I can find a horror dvd collection of the classics? Classics like from the 1920s – 1950s. Such as: The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari, Frankenstein, Nosferatu, dracula, the mummy, etc. THE ORIGINAL ONES

  • Lasagna delivery guy says:

    who oversees,regulates collection companies in california, like Joseph,Stevens and Associates ?

  • Franklin Bluth says:

    I have a collection of magic the collection cards and was just wondering what to do with them? Sell? Save? ect….

  • Dr Hank says:

    “I just recieved a letter stating my student loan has gone to a collection agency. Thought it strange since i have not heard from TGSLC (Texas Guaranteed) in almost 2 years regarding the loan. What can i do without having to pay the collection agency fees.

  • Random says:

    When teaching collection, how long should you ask a horse to stay collected before releasing?

    What’s the difference between being on the bit and collection?

    What’s the difference between collection and lifting the back?
    Are side reins actually useful? What exactly do they do?
    How does the tension in the neck let the hindquarters swing free? Wouldn’t that create tension through the whole body? I can almost understand what you mean.

  • Michael says:

    on jan 4 wachovia bank reported to the collection agency and i contacted the collection agency and they told me to pay it off and today ii paid it off how long does a collection take to show up on a credit report


    I recently got a letter from the collection agency saying I owed my chool medical center $200 plus they accrued interest of $45. and the collection agancy also filed this collection to credit report which hurts my credits a lot.
    1) can the collection angency charge me interest rate, I asked my school who did not accrue any interest, so basically the collection angency added the interest themselves.
    2) Can they file to the credit bureau to have my credits affected to force me to take care of the debt.
    3) My wife happened to give the collection angency my credit card number when they talked to her on the phone, can I have the bank to stop paying for collection angency unhil I get things straight out .

  • opurt says:

    hey guys my lecture asked me to present on this topic for my assignment, from what i see bill for collection bill, for exchange and documentary collection seems the same. can any one tell me the differences between these 3 things? or are they the same?
    im from Malaysia and im doing the chapter about international trade

  • Duke says:

    Tips on how to have a really big one like a colossal collection!!!!

  • Erin says:

    I am considering applying for a job as a Collector, what attracts me to the position is they are offering a $1000 new hire bonus and a wage of $12 to $17 /hour + bonus.

    Why I am leary of Applying:
    I fear it would be very stressful, might drive me to drinking, etc
    I have been on the receiving end of WAY TOO MANY collections calls since my unemployment ran out, so I feel I might be “too nice” because of currently being in their shoes.

    So to anyone out there who has worked in collections, please tell me what it is like, if you would do it again, and other relevant information…

  • Marlon P says:

    how can i beat collection agency in court

  • opurt says:

    I want to start a collection. I have no idea what it’s going to be, so I’m asking, what kind of collection have you heard about or what kind of collection you have?

  • PolishPokeyPimp says:

    What collection agency help us?

  • PillowMan1234 says:

    I have been trying to find some really good quality downloads for Shugo chara Character collection 2 songs, but i can’t find any. Please give me some websites where I can download Shugo chara Character collection 2 songs in MP3 format in good quality, not recorded versions.

  • supernerd567 says:

    I just bought and beat the Ratchet and Clank HD collection and I also purchased the God of War Saga and the Team ICO collection. Based on your experience and gameplay, how would you rank these other remastered collections because I’m interested in getting more and many of these I’ve never played:

    Hitman HD Trilogy
    Jak and Daxter Trilogy
    Sly Cooper Trilogy
    Splinter Cell HD Trilogy

  • evil chevy says:

    I have an old credit card bill that is in collections. It’s in my name only, but I am married. Can the collection agency come after my husband, for the debt? I intend to pay it off, but not as quick as they want me to. I don’t want them to call my husband at all, especially at work.


  • United says:

    I am doing a project and the theme is “Collection”
    I need to know what people collect. I’ll be making a storage for a collection(eg jewellery box, money), so if you have any request or suggestions, please tell me!

    1) What items do you collect?
    2) How do you store your collection?

    Please give me your definition of “collection”. Eg: Collection to me is the gathering of items that I like or need.

    Thank you!!!

  • Sriram R says:

    Is there a website where I can find the value of my old postage stamp collection for free? Sort of like an online catalogue or something? Thanks!

  • borabora5524 says:

    I have collection ($3000 rent 2004) on my file. Should I contact my original landlord or collection agency to ask if they are willing to settle the amount or make payment arrangements?

    Please advice.

  • Ryan Dunn says:

    As of June 2009, what are the upcoming MAC collections?

  • supernerd567 says:

    Whats a good CD, or collection of, which encompasses Beethoven’s compositions and work?

  • therundown2k3 says:

    Once I request proof from a collections company, and they dont do so, what happens to the account?

  • Myles says:

    like right noe there is the double dazzle collection, how long before the stop selling it?

  • opurt says:

    I want to know how collection agencies make money. I know they get a percentage of the amount they have collected from a person. But do they give the rest of the money to the bank that hired them?
    also if you know how do banks pay these agencies??

  • stephen m says:

    what are my rights in canada by harrassment from collection agencies

  • RxP DarkBox says:

    how long does the collection agency keep the debt? is it 6 months

  • Rassling Fundamentals says:

    How much is my 50 state quarter collection worth?

  • ouch says:

    how many outfits are in a normal fashion collection??

  • Samuro says:

    Richman Corp. had a beginning balance in accounts receivable of $84,800 and an ending balance of $94,400. Credit sales during the period were $633,100.

    Determine cash collections.

    What is the $Cash Collections???

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